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Thread: How do you get your news?

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    How do you get your news?

    I used to be a Fox News junkie and since our last move and ditching cable my consumption of that network has dropped by over 99%. As a talk radio junkie my sources for years have been then main conservative shows but other than catching a few minutes a day in the vehicle, when I do, I don't consume their podcasts like I used to. Primarily now that would be down to Beck and Levin but, like I said, I barely get a fraction of their content now. That's by choice. Even though I like their product I just don't make time to listen.

    I only mention that to say that whether or not you agree with those voices or sources, they did discuss current events and so I used to be always aware of what was going on. I was usually stunned when others had no clue. Well, now the shoe is on my foot.

    I have tons of news sources followed on Facebook but Facebook doesn't show you that stuff in your news feed unless you specifically tell it to show you these things first. Last time I did this, you could set up to 25 things to show up first. The problem was then I didn't see much or anything from friends or family. The other problem was my news feed was super depressing because it was all the bad **** going on. So I removed them from showing first. Now I see days old posts from people and not a single post from a newsy source I follow.

    Google News on my phone doesn't help because it shows me asinine links to offhanded things I've searched for before it shows any real news.

    I was thinking about using twitter and I scrubbed my follows down to ten but I just clicked on Fox News and they don't even seem to reliably use it anymore so that made me wonder about what other news sources do and whether it's even worth trying to get into the routine of using Twitter to follow current events if it's not going to be reliable.

    Have any of you found an efficient way to stay informed? What sources or apps do you use?
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    I've got an RSS reader filled to the brim with several news sites, webcomics and even some forums. Very often, when something doesn't have an RSS feed (like Twitter) there is some kind of service providing a feed. I recently even contributed a feed to
    I use tt-rss on my server as a reader. That way I can read my feeds just about everywhere.
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    I was going to mention that I used to use a widget called Simple RSS Reader but it stop displaying anything. But that was awhile ago and I hadn't thought to try it on this phone to see if it works now. I hadn't thought about Wikipedia's news but that is a pretty good one for big global news. I've heard of ycombinator but don't know anything about it but it looks interesting. Breitbart went to hell after he died and went full retard in 2016. I have no idea how they are now.

    I just no there is a problem when I only know about big news stories because memes start popping up. I would completely drop Facebook for censoring my feed if it weren't for how easy they make it to keep up with family and friends that are distant.

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    Well the good news is my old widget seems to be working fine on this phone. Currently I have CNN, fox, and hacker news. I'd do Wikipedia In The News but I can't find an RSS for it. I think even the biased sources I have will cover most big events. Now I just have to get back into the habit of checking out again.

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    Interesting, the Wikipedia current events portal indeed has no RSS feed.

    FYI, hacker news is mostly what people in Silicon Valley think is news. Actually, I think memeorandum is the most extensive and up to date aggregation of mainstream press (including both left and right -leaning publications), and it has an RSS feed. It also has a cool feature where you can travel in time to any date. The only problem is that it is highly US-centric and mostly only covers politics, which is kind of a disaster if you ask me. There was this one high ranking US diplomat who gave an interview where he said he mostly read the Financial Times and Der Spiegel to get his news.

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    Memeorandum seems interesting but I don't find any RSS there either. Fortunately I found techmeme which does have one. I know years ago when this topic came up (was I responsible for that one too?) Mother Jones and Christian Science Monitor came up. Personally, and especially since Facebook doesn't seem to like news content, I prefer to keep it to sources that publish via RSS.

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    heh, Mother Jones is a progressive site btw

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    Oh I know. I was just mentioning it. Iirc you mentioned how you were originally turned off by the name of the Christian Science Monitor. Someone did anyway.

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    I used to subscribe to the Monitor, so it wasn't the name. I probably mentioned it, though, because I was paying to their 2 page weekly briefing in 2013 or so. Back then I saw them as a sort of objective, middle of the road publication that was less US-centric than other outlets. Then I got busy with life and actually forgot about them completely.

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    Unwitting troll accomplice
    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Jones View Post
    heh, Mother Jones is a progressive site btw
    it used to be
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    It's Stuart, Martha Stuart
    I think there's a need to consume proper journalism. Unfortunately, I'm not totally sure where to find it.

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    I'm actually not even that worried about "proper journalism". Just as long as I can get a legitimate headline, I can dig into it myself after that. But too often the headline is something about how Twitter schools so-and-so for whatever their dumb tweet is. I still haven't found ideal RSS feeds but the cool thing about the widget I'm using is I can have as many of them as I want so I can have different ones for different categories. I need to find at least one that just serves big important headlines without mundane ones.

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    Being a foreigner I'm not exactly familiar with it, but has Fox News or anything similar ever actually just reported news? I really dislike 24-hour rolling news channels in general, but most of what I've seen of US news channels over the years just seems to be pundits pontificating?

    Anyway, I follow a handful of news sites Twitter accounts and read the linked articles. Mostly on the Guardian cause I'm a big lefty.

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    They do but pretty much all American news networks are full of more filler than anything else. I have still not found efficient news sources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wookie06 View Post
    have still not found efficient news sources.
    Unironically: Twitter.

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