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Thread: Corona Virus

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    Corona Virus

    I almost bought some Coronas but then I remembered I dont really drink lately and also that there is this Corona virus going around. Anyone here had someone in their area drink Corona and come down with it? Also I thought Corona was a Mexican beer and not Chinese?
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    Corona is beer?

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    Did you drink enough of it to make this thread?

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    There's also a Corona Light. Corona Light.

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    This virus reminds me of the time in November 2019 when I got the seasonal flu shot for the first time ever in my life. Not because of anything related to any kind of a flu (of course, it helped that I got the shot for free), but because one of my coworkers who got the shot the year before got like a brief one-day-long bout of fever after getting the shot.

    And since those shots were given out on a Thursday, I thought "hey, I want this Friday off" so I decided to get the shot as well.

    Result: Aside from 1.5 days of a common cold in late December 2019 (so 1.5 months after getting the shot), I haven't gotten sick at all. In any way. And I didn't get that Friday off either.


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