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Thread: Anyone want old game CD/DVDs?

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    Anyone want old game CD/DVDs?

    I have a bunch of old computer games that I won't play ever again (or I've bought them on Steam and don't need the CDs anymore). Does anybody want these? I'd rather not separate and send a bunch of mailings, prefer to just box them up in one box and mail them somewhere.
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    I'd ask for UT2004 but my current build doesn't have a CD drive. Plus I've got games up to my ears in my steam library :/

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    I was hoping somebody else would say they would want them but when I was on mobile I didn't even know you attached the picture. I think most of us will be in the same boat on this. There's some stuff that looks interesting though but who knows what kind of hassle they might pose to get running. Then there's the time aspect. I would say donate them to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army or something. Maddeningly I think that's what I did with some PS1 games I can't find anywhere.
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    Hmm, looks familiar somehow. I wonder if---

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    More Ovaltine Please
    I'll take them! How much do you want for all of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SithGhost View Post
    I'll take them! How much do you want for all of them?
    If you’re in the USA, free, just pm me your name and mailing address. Otherwise let me know the country and I’ll check shipping costs.

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