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Thread: Star Wars: Squadron

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    Star Wars: Squadron

    Looks like I'll have to buy a VR headset. The first few bits of information about EAs new spacefighter was released.

    Looks like they are at least incorparating some of the spacesim-controls. You have at least the ability to control the shield/laser/engine powers. But I guess they won't support the whole range of freedom from the old sims. Should be hard to fit everything on a console controller.

    If this will be at least a little bit as good as X-Wing and TIE Fighter I will really have to consider buying a VR headset. Anybody got any money lying around?
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    Developed by Motive Montreal (which previously contributed to both Battlefront II and Anthem)...

    Another welcome improvement: cross-platform support, with multiplayer supported between players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Squadrons will also be compatible with VR headsets on PC and the PlayStation 4 for players who want even more immersion.
    I'm so not interested. My son asked for Battlefront (eh, one or two?) and I bought it for him. He had to sign up for a playstation account and then also sign up for an ea account and then do some song and dance to link them together (and of course lie about his age and input a fake birthday). I don't understand why people put up with this nonsense. The only point of that is so they can track everything you do during the game right? Or maybe "lock" the game to a specific account?

    Remember when you could just press the multiplayer tab and look at a list of servers and then just join one? Those were the days.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    5 vs 5? Ehhhh.

    Is this repurposed from BFII's space combat. I mean, it's the same developers that made the lackluster SP campaign, if I recall.

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    That video says nothing about what gameplay is like.

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    The gameplay trailer was released yesterday:

    What I don't like is that they did not make the cockpits look like they did in the old games. And I don't like these multi-stage battles. Hopefully we'll have enough freedom to tackle objectives in our own way.

    But at least they're keeping the TIE Fighters shieldless. I wonder how they'll tackle balance. The usual way was to give the Empire greater numbers. But that wouldn't work in a 5v5 situation. Perhaps they get more AI pilots or so.
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    And why would the Empire call the Alliance "The New Republic"? They would always be Rebels to them. Especially if this is set shortly after ROTJ.
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    Went through that phase already with having to set my kid up an account with a fake age so he could play online. Now he's fourteen and I'm the one lying about my age! Anyway I actually liked bf2 single player. Pessimisticly optimistic about this new thing. Already said what I said on discord but, basically, their diverse portrayal of the Empire feels way off but, hey, hopefully it's good.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Impi View Post
    The gameplay trailer was released yesterday
    Are they trying to make it similiar like Rocket League in a sense?

    I guess the Squadron series is the last of the SW staples to resurrect with Fallen Order taking over Jedi Knight. Maybe Podracing is next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECHOMAN View Post
    Maybe Podracing is next.
    I looked at it on Steam a little while back, was wondering how it'd handle on my HOTAS+P setup; man that game has not aged well, visually.
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    Oh, you need the Expansion Pak.

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    They've actually announced a remaster of Racer a while ago.
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    Looks like more inspiration from the X-Wing games is more present than I first expected. Ships can be brought to a dead stop, full maneuverability, and charging up a pip in Engine, Weapons, and Shields fully allows an overcharge bonus for each system which could make gameplay interesting.

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    They've talked about the ability to dump energy from one system into another as well, like how we could drain our lasers for a quick shield boost. I hope the matchmaking is done well though, hearing how stark the differences can be in player levels (assuming that's based on player/craft level, and not just "lol, u suck").
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    I started playing X-Wing Alliance again. XWAUpgrade makes it even possible to play the game in VR now. Awesome stuff.
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    That's pretty cool. I've been watching xwaup for years now although I don't believe I've ever tried to install any of it. I was trying to play through all of the titles in order but I need to make some physical changes to my setup and I just have a few things that are higher priority right now.

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    I wanted to play them in order as well. But then I got stuck on Tour II, Mission 10 in X-Wing (have been stuck there for a few years, actually) because the stupid Rebel allies keep dying too fast. So I said, **** it, and installed Alliance to see where it's currently at, graphically. Now I'm stuck there on Mission 6 because the stupid Rebel allies keep dying too fast.

    I should just play TIE Fighter. That game was perfect.
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