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Thread: I'm not an alien.

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    I'm not an alien.

    I am schizophrenic. I lost everything including my fiancée and my home place in Hungary and was instituonalized both in Hungary and in Russia quite a few times, last time for 3 months straight. Now I'm on medicine which makes me frankly apathetic and living with my mom in Russia without a job, money, possessions, and the woman I loved (who now has a dog with her new boyfriend, good for them I suppose). Oh, and I'd sold my Playstation 4 Pro when I was still in Hungary, so don't have that either.

    I play Skyrim and read SF books on my Kindle.

    I was fine until I smoked 10 grams of weed over 2 years ago. Then I literally went crazy, convinced that this entire reality is an AI simulation (I still think that tbh) and thought that I am something akin to Doctor Who who came back in time from the future to reveal that this is a sim so that we can have a world of plenty. That bit was probably delusional.

    It was a hard time for my family and friends. My life has changed entirely from living-the-dream with my fiancée and my PS4 Pro (heh) as a freelance writer to living with my mom in a different country (I had no savings) on a disability pension. And I haven't written any fiction in more than a year.

    Hopefully things will pick up. It's up to me, really.

    Hello Massassi. How do you do?
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    Welcome back. Hope things get better for you. Own it and it likely will.

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    Thanks, Wookie06.

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    I'm sorry to read this about your current situation. You've survived everything, though, so that must count for something. Not that long ago, I actually mentioned you on our Massassi Discord server. I've been kind of hoping for you to return, and I think I've even expected you to at some point. I didn't expect it to be precipitated by such circumstances, though. Welcome back, at any rate.

    In the interest of transparency, I have to say that I wasn't completely favorable toward you on the Discord server. I said that back when I wanted you unbanned and you returned on that occasion, you brought what I called your indignance along with you, and that for this reason I was wrong to want you unbanned.

    Having said that, I'm genuinely glad to have you back. I was always fascinated by you, and I can say that I don't hold a shred of animosity toward you. It's not like I'd have a personal reason to, anyway. Besides, I try not to take this online space too seriously, so even if I had had a problem with you in the past, it would be simple for me to start with a clean slate once again.

    I hope you'll get to live the good life again, but maybe you could stay on Massassi on the side!

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    yo what up

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    Hello again [D6]Koobie - The Herald of FGR. Wish I had a project in need of voice acting to cheer you up but as it stands, such things are no more and never will be again. Boh!

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