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Thread: Webpage creation gig

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    Webpage creation gig

    An acquaintance of mine has asked for my help in creating a website for a business he and somebody else has started. This is not really in my wheelhouse but he came to me because I am known for various graphic design projects, photography, and for helping with setting up things like google forms, etc.

    So, unless I'm just going to completely turn him away, I was thinking an option might be to use one of those services, Wix comes to mind. I've not used one before but I know they offer services such as e-retailer options that they want.

    Do you have any advice on this topic? I can just dig into the various options on my own but I know that some of you have done this sort of thing.
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    My personal experience in e-commerce is decades out of date at this point. However, if one wanted to set up an online store I would consider a place like Shopify. After due diligence and research of course. I just know that as a customer their sites are easy to use.

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