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Thread: Kyle Katarn Canon Movie/TV Show?

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    Kyle Katarn Canon Movie/TV Show?

    Real or fake? Random trash news site leads me to believe the latter, and Rogue One undoing one of Kyle Katarn's biggest plot points makes it also harder for me to think it has any validity. The only thing I can assume is that perhaps they forget the whole Death Star plans thing and just start him around the JK era mainly for the sole purpose of having a grittier Jedi hero in the same vain as the Mandalorian TV show. I could also see them leaning on this as a way to bridge content between ROTJ and TFA since they can have some of his involvement with Luke and the New Jedi Order stuff going on, and then the deaged CGI Mark Hamill can be in the background, rather than the focus. All of this taking place before little Kylo's Jedi trainee genocide, of course.

    The more likely theory is all of this is fake and irrelevant to discuss in the first place, though.
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    Fake. Shia Lebeouf will only be playing the role of Kyle Katarn for the HD reshoots of JK's FMV cutscenes for the upcoming multi-platform Jedi Knight Remastered release.

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    we got this covered is by far the least reliable source for anything

    they should change their name to we made this **** up

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    The only proper Kyle Katarn film would look like this:

    And I already made it, so I think we're good.

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