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    I get frequently overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have. I have donated lots of stuff but I still have tons. It's been a long time since I've been on an effective eBay selling spree. I have some old Army uniforms listed and they've been trickling away at a slow pace and not at prices that are making me any significant money.

    The other day I got tired of some boxes of toys that were taking up space in my garage so I unpacked them into a basement room. Most of these things aren't really giving me much enjoyment anymore but as I've found out MIB Star Wars toys from the Hasbro era aren't really worth much. There's some old X-Men figures, mostly Wolverine, and some pretty cool Micro Machines.

    I have a bunch of old games, I even have my still functioning old Windows 95 PC. Then there's books, lots of old Star Wars books. Many of these old books and games I've never finished. Boxes of comics as well among other things. Hell, I figured the other day that I actually still own half of the vehicles that I've ever owned! Although I've only owned ten. First two were teenage cars, one I gave to our daughter, I've traded one and wrecked another. The other five I still have.

    Even paperwork seems to pile up and I'm often dumbfounded what to do with this stuff. Certain things seem like I should keep them but then I almost never have any need to refer back to them.

    How have you dealt with clutter in your life?
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    On the topic of Army surpluss gear, as your wife I'll have you know this will be the very last time you ever hear me remind you to get rid of that darn vacuum cleaner!
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    Lol, I was trolling there! I was hoping someone would give me an opening to use my line about my first wife being Panamanian.

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    (You might also want to see if there are any security updates to that Windows 95 machine!)

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    Oh, it's fully updated!

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    One of the many annoying things last year regarding my parents' move from their quite a large apartment to a significantly (at least over 60%) smaller one was that for a lot of the "extra" stuff, the easiest solution was simply to throw most of it away (including my TODOA and NIHILUM computers - in retrospect I should have saved at least the ATX case and the PSU from the NIHILUM one, but alas).

    Mostly because a lot of the stuff were really basic mid-2000s Dell/Acer computers (though in hindsight, I should have at least removed the hard drives just in case there were some files that should have been retained for perpetuity) and other stuff that wouldn't have gotten sold for anything "worthwhile" (or, if anything, would have gotten stored in my place instead where they'd have more or less taken up most of my quite limited remaining space)... Stuff like A3 Brother printers (most of them lacking any cables) and whatnot.

    ... So OF COURSE later on one of the old computers that I decided to be thrown away, a Toshiba T3200 (which at the time barely went for 80 € or something in that range) is going for pretty nice sums these days.

    (And yes, I didn't even check if the machine worked at the time, so maybe it was already broken. That said, there still is the "FGR eBay Curse", i.e. when other sellers selling the same stuff as I am get more money for their auctions)

    Another one of the other machines that was thrown away was a "Pacific Computers" one (can't remember the exact brand name anymore), which looked really old (early 1980s possibly) and at the time yielded absolutely no Google or eBay search results whatsoever - thus, in the process of the rather stressful move, making me "deduce" that it wasn't worth anything.

    (I won't be surprised if one of these days one will pop up on eBay and get sold for like 10 000 dollars- would be a part of the CURSE as well)

    SO THANKS TO ALL THAT, my current policy with downsizing my own stuff is more or less "okay I don't want this stuff anymore, should I try selling--- meh, I'll just throw it away" - except in the case of electronics when I'll at least try to sell them somehow first.

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