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Thread: What's everyone up to these days:

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    (Still) On 13 week vacation


    What's everyone up to these days:

    Hello all, it's been a while since I've been here.

    What's everyone getting up to these days? I assume FGR is still saying Americans are nuts and Wookie06 is still a Republican troll. Is Jon`C still around being smarter than everyone else? Is Kroko around being... well... Kroko?

    I'll get started: I somehow got married, bought a house, bought a car, and have a semi-stable job that I only kind of hate. So that's going pretty well.

    How ya'll doing these days?
    >>untie shoes

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    I'm still waiting for someone to give me 6 million bux to fund my Eternity Project (which turns 20 years old this year, crikey)

    (Sure, in these 20 years everyone else has already made the Eternity Project twice, but still!)

    And yes, Kroko is still Kroko.

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    These are the Glory Days of Massassi. You got back just in time to see the PEAK, baby.

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    Most of us are on a discord

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    The real question is how are you Antony? I've wondered about you and hoped for the best. Yes, I'm still considered the Republican troll. Hop on discord and harass me when I pop in there if you like. Great to see you back!

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    Yep, I just showed he was a troll in the Discord last night.

    Nice to see ya Antony!

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    Congratulations on your marriage. May your first child be a masculine child.

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    ... I hope you're not planning to make the mistake of having children, Antony?

    If so, I'm gonna have to dig up the rowboat

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    i'm still Satan

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