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Thread: what is the fastest way to learn programming?

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    what is the fastest way to learn programming?

    1. fire and water create flow
    2. water = ice
    3. fire = death^death
    4. ice = nothing

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    I once knew a guy who was a pro-grammer. He was basically a human kitchen scale, because if you were cooking by volume you could put ingredients in his hand and he would know the exact grammage for any amount of every item you could think of.

    I imagine the fastest way to be a pro grammer is to pick things up with a specific hand that acts as your zeroed out scale, guess the weight of the item, then weigh it with an accurate kitchen scale, then pick the item up again, and repeat this step for as long as it takes to be as accurate as the scale with your vast index of material weight and quantity experience.

    Not really related but once I wanted to be a baresta so I figured I needed to be an expert on everything coffee, so I took a Java class, and you have no idea how confused I was when I went through that entire semester without seeing a single coffee bean. But I got a useful course book that explained Java code, and also followed tutorials on youtube that familiarized myself with the programming language in action and felt that if I'd kept it up I would have been able to learn it pretty quickly.

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    Thank you so much for weighting in, Phantom-Seraph.
    There used to be an old Soviet motorcycle called Java.

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    Design is art, psychology and empathy with purpose

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    The most important "rule" to not ****ing up is to curate your experience

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    Every little thing is happening at the same time

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    By the look of your posts it looks like you'd be into Brain****
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    holy ****

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    Listening to Artctic Monkeys

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    Thanks for the link, Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Jones View Post
    By the look of your posts it looks like you'd be into Brain****
    i non-ironically loved that

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    And thanks to the famed Massassi swear filter I had to use a URL-shortening service just to show you guys the Wikipedia page!

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    That swear filter is what we owe the universe to

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    It's Stuart, Martha Stuart
    That swear filter must never die.

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    i would love for Jon'C to weight in on this one

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