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Thread: Has been taken down?

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    An Insightful Genius (whatever the snot that is)
    Yeah, I'd be all for that. I still have a little way to go (though I did get JkGfxMod compatibility sorted out, so that's good). I'll start up my own thread for the topic soon.

    For what it's worth, part of what kept me from finishing in 2018 was I wanted to do things as "correctly" as possible, which is to say, don't redistribute modified copyrighted work (i.e. no pre-patched executables), only supply patches and custom files, automate said patching so it's user friendly, etc. And setting all that up was a pain and I ran out of time and interest. It's a bit more involved than just a patched JK executable.

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    For a good time, call 555-3985
    Quote Originally Posted by Quib Mask View Post
    With still in traction, where would be a hospitable place to upload something Jedi Knight related? I never got around to releasing my JK 2018 project, and got that old JK itch recently, did a little more tinkering, and am hoping to actually get a JK 2022 out the door.

    I'm going to have to reverse-engineer quite a bit of what I did to JK's executable in the past to be able to have a full changelog, but stuff I've done this month is:
    - fixed a memory leak in Aureal 3D sound code
    - made 3D Sound able to be toggled without restart
    - fixed a crash in jkSetForceSpeed()
    - activated COG extension's hotkey message (if there was ever a public release that did this, I couldn't find it)
    - activated COG extension's hotkey filtering for discrete keypresses (but not continuous keypresses)
    - added ZeqMacaw's sync thing limit patch
    - implemented some OpenJKDF2 QOL_IMPROVEMENTS:
    -- better game speed if over 100 fps
    -- waggle scaled to framerate
    -- smoother singleplayer airborne player physics
    -- adjustable internal logic tick rate / frame time (vanilla is ~48 fps)

    Mostly have had a good time revisiting my suite of weapon/item/force power COGs.

    Unfortunately it's not currently compatible with JkGfxMod due to modern Windows compatibility fixes I did in 2018, at the very least the use of IDirect3DViewport3_Clear2 to fix ZBuffer clearing which JkGfxMod doesn't support. So, obviously I'll want to get something figured out for that.

    Thanks for keeping this site up and running.

    If you wanted I could set you up with an editor account on, if you know wordpress at all you could make a page up there and upload what ever you want till Brian's editing pages are ready.

    Plus I would want your files anyway for the JKArchive that we have as well haha but if you are interested just shoot me a PM and I we can get that started.
    (JKLE_Cougar) from JK MP Community

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    An Insightful Genius (whatever the snot that is)
    I don't currently have an interest in setting up any sort of webpage for the project myself; I'm swamped enough just getting files organized and planning a distribution mechanism (include unmodified redistributable files, extract specific files from redistributable packages then patch and move the files, verify and patch existing files, etc.), and making a changelog (of sorts) so the end user even knows what they're getting.

    I've started a thread in the Massassi Editing forum that I intend to get fleshed out. I think the project's now feature complete, so it's just a matter of getting things packaged up for distribution (well, and getting things properly documented).

    When I got JkGfxMod compatibility sorted out, I finally tried out JKNUP and (most of) EMJK, and spent more time than I should admit playing just to experience the glowing projectiles and lightsabers. Well, and wishing there was a sane way to automate displacement map creation.


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