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Thread: Endruium: VR Lightsaber game.

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    Endruium: VR Lightsaber game.

    So for the past few years my late friend and I had been working on a UE4 game for the HTC Vive back when it was new. He came down with a spot of Cancer just before Beatsaber released. About 2 years into our development. Reviews said Beatsaber was "as close to Starwars as you can get in VR right now" which was really heartbreaking because we were so close to beating them to the punch. Beating them to the saber?
    Anyway, Lymphoma got the better of him and I had to finish the code on my own with a team of individuals to help with the assets and game design.
    It's been on Steam for a couple months but I wanted to show it off here because Massassi is my old home. So if anyone wants to put on a headset and pickup a pair of Plasma Blades, check it out on Steam, the demo lets you get pretty far.
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    Oh man, sorry 'bout what happened to your friend! If I had a VR set, I'd check this one out

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    Thanks Niku, it was definitely world-crashing but my team and I are proud to share our project with the world in his memory. He always wanted a legacy, and even if we don't ever break 1,000 sales he contributed a lot to something that can be enjoyed by people all over the world. He'd like that.
    you can get more with a kind word and a 2x4 than you can with just a kind word

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    Sorry about your friend. The game does look really cool, hope it's successful.

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