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Thread: The JKGR Thread (/changelog)

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    2021-06-01 <a>
    * Implemented drafting.

    2021-06-05 <a>
    * Tweaked car handling slightly, sideways turning should be more accurate.

    2021-06-06 <a>
    * Added new car: Opel Tigra (91 in total).
    * Tweaked properties for some car models.
    * Updated car models: Renault Clio, Peugeot 206, Volkswagen Golf, Aston Martin DB6, Ford GT90.
    * Fixed an issue that caused all cars to spawn as Porsche 996 if starting a game at exactly 0 seconds of system time.

    2021-06-07 <a>
    * Added new car: Audi A4 (92 in total).
    * Fixed minor issues with models: Volkswagen Golf, Aston Martin DB6.

    2021-06-08 <a>
    * Changed Pagani Zonda Cinque engine sound for a more accurate one sampled from NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered.
    * Changed incorrect V10 Ferrari F50 engine sound for a more accurate V12 sound.

    2021-06-10 <a>
    * Added new car: Suzuki CERVO MODE '90 (93 in total).
    * Tweaked properties for some car models.

    2021-06-12 <a>
    * Tweaked car rarities.
    * Rescaled/tweaked decor car models.

    2021-06-20 <a>
    * Fixed crashing caused by one specific NPC model.

    2021-06-30 <a>
    * Updated VW Lupo model.

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    2021-07-02 <a>
    * Fixed Bugatti Veyron exhaust position.
    * Fixed skill interface/modify skill bar functionality.
    * Fixed weather in Dreamland level.

    2021-07-07 <a>
    * Tweaked various car data.
    * Added new car: Toyota Yaris '99 (94 in total).
    * Updated Opel Tigra and Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) models, added extras colors.

    2021-07-08 <a>
    * Fixed minor issues with Nissan March textures.

    2021-07-13 <a>
    * Tweaked car physics, reduced understeering.
    * Changed performance for Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza WRC cars, tweaked stats for various others.
    * Fixed minor texture issue with Opel Tigra model.
    * Changed soundtrack.

    2021-07-16 <a>
    * Expanded maximum car model limit.
    * Added new cars: Toyota Celica, Suzuki Pikes Peak Escudo, Nissan SKYLINE 2000GT-R '71 (97 in total).
    * Updated textures and materials for various cars.
    * Tweaked some visual effects.

    2021-07-17 <a>
    * Updated textures and materials for various cars.
    * Worked on experimental improved driver AI.

    2021-07-18 <a>
    * Worked on experimental improved driver AI.
    * Added new cars: Daihatsu MOVE CX, Daihatsu Mira TR-XX (99 in total).

    2021-07-19 <a>
    * Added new car: Porsche Carrera GT (Model WIP) (100 in total).

    2021-07-27 <a>
    * Worked on Porsche Carrera GT model.

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    2021-08-03 <a>
    * Tweaked Porsche 991 (996) Carrera 4S model, replaced engine sound.
    * Added new car: Porsche 911 (996) Turbo S (101 in total).
    * Fixed animation for when switching to in-car camera while turning.

    2021-08-09 <a>
    * Player will no longer obtain a gun when starting a new level/episode.

    2021-08-12 <a>
    * Added new car: Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 '69, Nissan Pulsar VZ-R '97 (103 in total).
    * Tweaked car jumping physics, made smoother and fixed some issues.
    * Tweaked some car performance settings.
    * Fixed reading of car default values.
    * Cars may now be replaced in-game.
    * Made a level for testing different car models.
    * Changed car physics. Cars will now handle differently based on whether they are F/R/4 wheel drive.
    * Implemented retractable spoilers for some car models.

    2021-08-13 <a>
    * Tweaked car physics.
    * Tweaked some car data.

    2021-08-14 <a>
    * Tweaked daytime lighting.
    * Updated McLaren F1 model.
    * Tweaked FWD/4WD handling.
    * Fixed a minor issue with jumps and steering.
    * Tweaked Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4S and Turbo S models.
    * Updated McLaren F1 LM model, split into different car (104 in total).

    2021-08-15 <a>
    * Implemented supercharger sounds.
    * Improved turbocharger functionality, implemented turbo lag. Will now affect car acceleration curve.
    * Updated Jaguar XKR and Aston Martin DB7 models, added extra colors.
    * Added new car: Dodge Viper RT/10 (105 in total).

    2021-08-16 <a>
    * Tweaked turbo effectiveness.
    * Added new car: Audi TT Quattro (106 in total).
    * Fixed an issue with Lister Storm model.
    * Updated Mazda RX-7 model, added extra color.

    2021-08-17 <a>
    * Added new car: Lancia Stratos '73 (107 in total).

    2021-08-18 <a>
    * Updated traffic car physics.
    * Fixed AI car turbo behavior.
    * Updated RUF RCT model, added extra colors.
    * Evolving to Rank 1 will now require a Crystal of Darkness, obtained from completing the Trials.

    2021-08-19 <a>
    * [Experimental] Tweaked car physics, RWD cars should now be easier to drift and harder to spin.
    * Parked cars will now use the same models as drivable cars, may spawn/despawn after some time.
    * Tweaked McLaren F1 textures.
    * Worked on city level.
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    I think you should make a ModDB page for this mod now that is down
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikumubeki View Post
    I think you should make a ModDB page for this mod now that is down
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    2021-09-04 <a>
    * Improved rear tire grip for McLaren F1 standard and LM models.
    * Tweaked city light effects, fixed airplane lights.

    2021-09-13 <a>
    * [Experimental] Traffic cars and airplanes will now have sprite effects for light flares.

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    2021-10-06 <a>
    * Changed soundtrack.
    * Reduced excessive damage dealt by Magic Blow and Magic Swipe (Warlock) skills.

    2021-10-08 <a>
    * Tweaked traffic car code, attempted to optimize performance.
    * Fixed issue with hunted monster XP distribution.
    * Fixed incorrect requirements for evolving to Rank 1 (previously required 10 Crystal of Darkness, should be 1).

    2021-10-10 <a>
    * Slightly nerfed turbo boost (from 0.25 to 0.2).
    * Fixed an issue with AI cars.
    * Improved bot Skill use AI, fixed issue which caused them to often treat other bots/players as regular monsters.
    * Fixed issue with stat calculation if something caused them to go below 0 (most notably through Arrest skill).

    2021-10-11 <a>
    * Fixed Fiat Punto POV offset.
    * Fixed buff/debuff transfers.
    * Decreased base success rate for the following skills:
    - Sever Magic: 80% -> 70%
    - Steal Blessings: 110% -> 80%
    - Transfer Curse: 110% -> 100%
    * Reduced base DoT for the following effects:
    - Curse of Death: 22 -> 20

    2021-10-12 <a>
    * Fixed minor issues with Olympiad Games queueing. Player's position in queue will now be announced.
    * Tweaked Olympiad Games matching and scoring.
    * Boosted duration of various negative status effects.
    * Tweaked some UI strings.

    2021-10-13 <a>
    * Decreased rate of car durability burnup.
    * Decreased impact of ramps on car performance.
    * Adjusted health and damage levels for some monsters.
    * Fixed monster stats in Tower of Seal level.
    * Updated monster nametags in Trials level.

    2021-10-16 <a>
    * Tracker Shot skill will now only remove one buff from affected target (previously was 3), reduced base probabilty from 80% to 70%.

    2021-10-18 <a>
    * Tweaked duration and cooldown for various buff skills.
    * Fixed monster base attack power.
    * Tweaked Body Smash skill. Fixed timing issues, drop will now happen much more suddenly.
    * Reduced base physical strength for Wizard classes from 0.7 to 0.6.

    2021-10-20 <a>
    * Replaced Porsche 911 sounds.
    * Implemented car weight transfer and lift under/oversteer.
    * Car stiffness will now affect car performance by limiting weight transfer.
    * Limited exaggerated visible car weight transfer.
    * Fixed minor issues with Body Smash skill.
    * Fixed Tower of Seal monster respawn times.
    * Implemented knockdown rolls and knockback modifiers.
    * Damage parries will now act as rolls. If an attack is parried, all its associated effects (debuffs, knockdown/knockback) will also be blocked.
    * Debuffs may now throw also throw a parry roll. If parried, a debuff will be blocked regardless of any other roll.
    * Certain attacks may now be made non-parriable.
    * Parries will now only be attempted once per skill.
    * Fixed minor issues with Sweep Attack and Power Smash skills.
    * [Experimental] Decreased monster attack power by 40%, HP level by 36%. Increased defenses by 58%.
    * Tweaked AI skill usage.

    2021-10-21 <a>
    * Increased base damage for Spirit Cannon skill from 99 to 120, added Spirit Crusher effect to affected targets. Increased cooldown from 16 to 30 seconds, casting time from 1.4 to 1.5 seconds.
    * Reimplemented direct attacks to HP/MP/STA.
    * "Spirit Crusher" effect renamed to "Shattered Spirit". Now has the extra effect of periodic MP/STA burnup.
    * Fixed Bending/Uncontrollable Bending skill effects.
    * DoT effects can no longer kill.
    * Starfall skill can no longer be interrupted after triggered.
    * Optimized skill interruption.
    * Implemented weight transfer and lift under/oversteer for AI cars.

    2021-10-22 <a>
    * Fixed Ford GT90 brake lights.
    * Tweaked McLaren F1 textures.
    * Updated Plymouth GTX model, added extra color.
    * Tweaked car physics. Reduced impact of car stiffness in weight transfer.
    * Reduced car camera swaying by 67% for a more sim-like approach.
    * Fixed bot actions after knockdown.

    2021-10-25 <a>
    * Recalculated car ratings.
    * Tweaked performance for some cars.
    * Stamina will no longer be consumed if attempting to sprint while driving.
    * Changed some car engine sounds.

    2021-10-26 <a>
    * Tweaked car physics.
    * Pressing Sprint hotkey while driving will now toggle cruise mode.
    * Added extra color for Mazda RX-7.

    2021-10-27 <a>
    * Tweaked stats for some equipment. Armor types may now give off extra modifiers.
    * Damage dealt through damage mirror can no longer kill, tweaked DoT damage calculation.
    * Tweaked Grand Olympiad matching. PvP flags will now be set automatically for combatants and will be removed upon exiting the arena.
    * Fixed player actions after knockdown plus some other minor issues regarding player/bot knockdown.
    * Removed unecessary variables in car code, replaced with direct static.jkl references.
    * Tweaked car dashboard, will now light up at night.
    * Fixed Force Push and Force Pull skills.
    * Fixed Lightsaber blocking.
    * Changed some car engine sounds.
    * Updated some materials.
    * Boosted defenses for all classes by around 10%.
    * Decreased base damage (per explosion) for Starfall skill from 22 to 20.
    * Increased base cooldown time for the following skills:
    - Afterimage: 4s -> 6s
    - Arrest: 2.5s -> 3s
    - Backstab: 4s -> 7s
    - Death Mark: 4s -> 7s
    - Death Mark Consumption: 4s -> 5s
    - Ferocity: 18s -> 20s
    - Low Kick: 4s -> 6s
    - Venomous Sting: 4s -> 6s

    2021-10-28 <a>
    * Tweaked some car engine sounds.
    * Implemented VTEC engines.
    * Added new car: Porsche 959 (model WIP) (108 in total).

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    2021-11-02 <a>
    * Added new car: Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) (109 in total).
    * Updated Acura NSX model, added an extra color.

    2021-11-04 <a>
    * Fixed AI car reverse acceleration.
    * Fixed an issue with Olympiad Games queueing. Matches should now always start and end as expected.
    * Updated some materials.

    2021-11-05 <a>
    * Added new cars: Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec (R33), Porsche 911 GT1-98 (model WIP) (111 in total).
    * Changed appearance of Hero of Argenia armor for Rogue characters.
    * Skidmarks will now have semi-adaptive creation rate.
    * Updated some materials.

    2021-11-06 <a>
    * Worked on Porsche 911 GT1 model.
    * Tweaked skidmark generation.
    * Nitrous regeneration speed is now inversely proportional to engine RPM.
    * Reworked car-to-object collisions. Impact force distribution is now much more accurate.

    2021-11-07 <a>
    * Completely rewrote car-to-car collisions. Detection is now much more accurate, will be handled by an external cog.

    2021-11-08 <a>
    * Changed car impact sounds.
    * Changed car-to-world damage calculation. Damage is now based on difference between speed before and after impact. Player will no longer die from crashes but will still take damage.
    * Worked on car-to-object collisions. Crashing into other cars will now also reduce car durability.
    * Car will now total due to blown engine. Driver will no longer be kicked out of a totaled car.
    * Implemented doppler effect for AI car sounds.
    * AI drivers will now shift correctly into reverse.
    * Tweaked driver AI. Will now attempt to drive around other cars, take turns more carefully.
    * AI cars may now also be totaled.

    2021-11-09 <a>
    * Traffic cars may now also be totaled.
    * Changed car-to-car collision detection, it's now faster and more accurate in most cases. Will now attempt to predict impacts so as to avoid cars phasing into each other.
    * Fixed issues with car-to-car collisions. Cars will no longer glitch nor stick to others when colliding.
    * Tweaked some car engine functionalities. It is now possible to shift back into Neutral if stopped.

    2021-11-10 <a>
    * Car durability will now regenerate when not revving.
    * Increased frame count for HUD nitrous and damage bars.
    * Car physics code will now respect StopThing() and TeleportThing() commands.
    * Changed racing text strings. Player will now get rewards from their standing after each lap.
    * Simplified and improved car rotational reaction to car-to-car collisions.
    * Eliminated car phasing during collisions.

    2021-11-11 <a>
    * Changed/replaced some obsolete car related variables.
    * Reworked car interior visuals. Changed textures, can now appear in different colors as defined by car model.
    * Car dealership will now accept trade-in with the current car.

    2021-11-12 <a>
    * Worked on car interior visuals. Added car manufacturer logos to steering wheel.

    2021-11-13 <a>
    * Worked on car interior visuals. Fixed windscreen wipers.
    * Remade car dashboard texture, added color variations.
    * Car dealership will now display trade-in values.
    * Set predefined interior colors for some cars.

    2021-11-15 <a>
    * Changed car interior scaling code and variables.
    * Wrote code for better adjusting car POV positioning and size.
    * Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.

    2021-11-16 <a>
    * Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.
    * Added new cars: Lamborghini Murciélago (model WIP), BMW 840Ci (113 in total).

    2021-11-17 <a>
    * Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.
    * Fixed issue with car collision force distribution.
    * AI drivers will now avoid hitting rev limiter.
    * Fixed supercharger whine for AI cars.

    2021-11-18 <a>
    * Worked on car interiors, added more steering wheel models.
    * Added new car: Jaguar XJR (114 in total).
    * Worked on Lamborghini Murciélago model.

    2021-11-20 <a>
    * Tweaked non-injected light flare textures in attempt to reduce clipping.
    * [Experimental] Reduced sprite tree models to a single triangle.
    * Worked on Lamborghini Murciélago model.

    2021-11-21 <a>
    * Radically altered appearance of trees. Will no longer appear as a sprite when close enough to player.
    * Tweaked automatic grass/terrain decor generation, will now avoid creating decor inside other objects.

    2021-11-22 <a>
    * Updated Porsche 911 (996) models.
    * [Experimental] Added more steps to day/night cycle. Still not smooth enough.
    * A simplified sun flare will now be shown if Compatibility Fixes are enabled.
    * Crosshair will no longer be displayed in internal view if player has a melee or no weapon equipped.
    * Tweaked some player models.

    2021-11-23 <a>
    * Car view angle can now be changed by pressing Select 1-3 keys while Camera Control key is pressed.
    * Changed skybox and day/night cycle systems, now smooth enough. Still missing clouds and fog.
    * Passengers will now be visible in car interior view.
    * Changed headlight colors for some car models.

    2021-11-24 <a>
    * Fixed minor skipping in sky animation.
    * Changed streetlight model to properly turn unlit when off.
    * Traffic cars will now generate in appropriate positions upon startup.
    * Objects that are too far away will now be disabled to save performance.
    * Changed soundtrack.

    2021-11-25 <a>
    * Experimented with clouds implementation.

    2021-11-27 <a>
    * Worked on Porsche Carrera GT model.

    2021-11-28 <a>
    * Added new car: Mercedes-Benz A160 (115 in total).

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    2021-12-03 <a>
    * Fixed incorrect player puppets for female characters upon respawn.
    * Fixed minor misalignment in wheel textures for some car models.
    * Fixed invalid weapon upon respawn.
    * Updated Dreamland level.

    2021-12-05 <a>
    * Tweaked car interior model.
    * Tweaked sunset/sunrise lighting.

    2021-12-06 <a>
    * Tweaked world optimization. Sectors above a certain height will no longer be hidden with distance.

    2021-12-09 <a>
    * Removed spoiler in Plymouth Road Runner model.
    * Added new car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV (116 in total).

    2021-12-11 <a>
    * World decor cars (parked cars and the such) can now be driven. There is now a single cog for cars that are currently being driven by the player and cars will turn back into world objects when not being driven.

    2021-12-13 <a>
    * Changed debug car spawner to use updated car code.
    * Added new cars: Honda S2000, Nissan Fairlady Z, Fiat Cinquecento (119 in total).

    2021-12-14 <a>
    * Added a menu for cars spawned by debug tool similar to that of NPCs spawned by it.
    * Updated Shelby Cobra and Peugeot 206 models, added extra colors.
    * Tweaked stats for muscle cars, slightly reduced oversteering.
    * Improved companion following code.

    2021-12-15 <a>
    * Added new car: Peugeot 406 3.0 Coupé (120 in total).

    2021-12-16 <a>
    * Updated/changed Chevrolet Vectra model from GSi 2.5 V6 to GLS 2.2.
    * Added Chevrolet Vectra GSi 2.5 V6 as a separate car (121 in total).
    * Changed purchase prices and rarity for various cars.
    * Fixed issue with traffic car headlights.

    2021-12-20 <a>
    * Changed soundtrack.
    * Updated Peugeot 406 lights.

    2021-12-26 <a>
    * Fixed issue where sometimes console wouldn't be usable upon death.
    * Removed "Headshot!" message. Instead, a different sound effect will play.
    * Fixed ammo obtained from gun powerups.

    2021-12-27 <a>
    * Fixed minor issues with Fiat Cinquecento and Lotus Esprit V8 models.
    * Changed prefixes for some keyframe files from "player_" and "player-f_" to "plr-m_" and "plr-f_" respectively.
    * Tweaked anatomy for female characters, slightly reduced arm length.
    * Fixed/updated swimming animations for all weapon types.
    * [Experimental] Fixed some issues with ledge climbing.
    * Fixed animation for Body Smash skill.
    * Worked on Heart of Argenia level.
    * Tweaked various animations.

    2021-12-28 <a>
    * [Experimental] Player legs are now visible in internal view.
    * Certain voice sounds will now be handled by a central cog, will no longer be played while underwater.
    * Stamina will no longer be consumed when climbing.

    2021-12-29 <a>
    * Improved "special routine" code, will no longer use MoveClass changes. Solved weird animation glitches upon death.
    * Climbing code will now search for "reach" rather than "LOS", meaning it's no longer possible to "climb through" transparent or invisible walls.
    * Fixed some minor animation issues.
    * Worked on Porsche 959 model.
    * Changed swimming animation.

    2021-12-30 <a>
    * All voices will now be handled by central cog.

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    2022-01-01 <a>
    * Reduced voice pitch randomization by 50%.
    * All weapons will now use extended damage handling.

    2022-01-02 <a>
    * Cleaned up firearms code.

    2022-01-03 <a>
    * Fixed issue with some voice sounds always coming from player thing.
    * Changed animation for when falling from high places.

    2022-01-04 <a>
    * Added new skill: Gleaming Bolt (Wizard); Quickly attacks a nearby target with magic.
    * Fixed high defenses and attack power when no armor or weapon is equipped.
    * "Unholy Discharge" (Sorcerer) skill renamed to "Gleaming Burst".
    * Changed skill list for lower level classes as follows:
    Wizard: Gleaming Burst -> Gleaming Bolt
    Hybrid: Shadow Blast -> Shadow Spark
    Rush -> Power Strike
    * Spellcasting Speed will now escalate (+0.5%/level) with levels, HP/MP/STA cost multiplier will deescalate (-1.17%/level).
    * Decreased base spellcasting speed, increased base HP/MP/STA cost multiplier for all classes.
    * Tweaked rocket behaviour, fixed flames.
    * Partially rewrote code for rifles and related. All weapon info will now be handled by a single cog.

    2022-01-05 <a>
    * Reduced HP/MP/STA cost per-level variation.
    * Skill lists will now be handled by class cog, thus removed some now obsolete cogs.
    * Changed skill list for low-level Wizard classes.
    * Improved companion target searching.
    * Added new skills:
    - Flame Strike (Wizard); Attacks enemies with an exploding fireball.
    - Electric Shock (Wizard); Attacks target with magic.
    - Shockwave (Untransformed); Rams enemies in front of you with a magic shockwave.

    2022-01-06 <a>
    * Skills will now drop on effectiveness when user is outside their level range, so that lower level skills will be rendered obsolete on higher levels (and ineffective if user is below their level). Effectiveness drops by 5% for each level above the range and by 10% for each level below the range. By default, skill level range is up to 9 levels above ten times their level (ie. a level 3 skill will be most effective if user is between levels 30 and 39).
    * Implemented AI for Electric Shock and Shockwave skills.
    * Changed skill list for lower level Hybrid classes.
    * Rebalanced some lower level Wizard skills.
    * Fixed issue with Power Smash skill.
    * Tweaked particle smoke effects.
    * Fixed minor issue with rolling.

    2022-01-07 <a>
    * Updated Aegenar level.
    * [Experimental] Summon Floater, Enslave and Master of Puppets skills no longer require an equipped scepter, nor does controlling a servitor.
    * Changed monster roaming method. Should work better in places with elevations.
    * Servitor level will now be capped by skill level.

    2022-01-08 <a>
    * Changed animation for using certain skills with an equipped rapier.
    * Changed sound effects for Shadow Spark (Wizard/Warlock/Hybrid) skill.
    * Items obtained through Trials mission are now correctly labeled as quest items.
    * Newly obtained usable items will now be automatically added to quickbar if a slot is available.
    * Items will now be automatically removed from quickbar if unavailable.
    * Fixed a minor potential issue with stat changes.
    * Added missing icons for certain items.

    2022-01-09 <a>
    * Fixed minor issue with Porsche 959 model.
    * Reimplemented risk of losing items upon death.
    * Changed skill list for low-level Hybrid and Warrior classes.
    * Added new skill: Curse Poison (Hybrid); Infects an enemy with magic poison, dealing magic damage over time.
    * "Death Wave" (Inspector/Inquisitor) skill renamed to "Dark Wave", changed visual effects and UI icon.
    * Changed effects for Ferocity (Warrior) skill. Previously was P.Atk +12%, now is P.Atk/C.Rate/C.Power +8%.
    * Added new death animation for player characters based on protocol droid's.
    * Rush, Enslave and Curse Poison skills are now considered hostile.
    * Changed filename formatting for various KEYs and 3DOs.
    * Changed visuals for dropped equipment pendants.
    * Updated WWII Eastern Front levels somewhat.
    * DoT damage no longer triggers PvP status.
    * Did some minor tweaks to some VFX.

    2022-01-10 <a>
    * Increased time before ambient music repeats from 15 to 30 seconds.
    * Added new skill: Blade Smash (Warrior); Swings your sword to strike and knock down a target.
    * Reduced running speed for Rush skill by 33% (from 30m/s to 20m/s).
    * Started work on a new Dreamland level, with improved terraining.
    * Added proper item icons for Blood and Journey armor pendants.
    * Changed skill list for low-level Warrior classes.

    2022-01-11 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.
    * Added crafting recipes for low-level equipment pendant pieces.
    * Wrote a list cog for item crafting recipes.

    2022-01-12 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.

    2022-01-13 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.
    * Fixed a minor issue with skill cooldown timer HUD effect.
    * Reassigning an skill/item to a new position in skill/quick use bar will now switch its position with what was in that slot previously.
    * Optimized some GUI text.

    2022-01-14 <a>
    * Changed name formatting for various 3do files; Changed prefixes from "holster_" to "hlst_", from "grweap_" to "weap_gr-".
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.

    2022-01-15 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.
    * Tweaked base damage for some skills.
    * Improved tree randomization, increased LOD distance.
    * Improved insertion offset for Black Jaguar monster.
    * Boosted bandages effect.

    2022-01-16 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.
    * Updated health values for some monsters in Aegenar level.

    2022-01-17 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.

    2022-01-18 <a>
    * Reimplemented "Star Wars mode" (all firearm powerups change into blasters).
    * Pistols and smaller firearms will now use the same system as implemented in 2022-01-04 for rifles.
    * Player will no longer say anything when landing after falling from a high place.
    * Fixed landing animation playing when jumping on water.
    * Fixed excess thing creation with climbing detection.
    * Changed IDs for certain firearms.
    * Fixed rolling.

    2022-01-19 <a>
    * Worked on new Dreamland level.
    * Tweaked tree LOD distances to match density.
    * British "cars" will now use imperial units by default.
    * Fixed issue where player would no longer slide down slopes if reanimated after death.
    * Monster generation area will now be properly radial instead of rectangular.
    * Fixed slow motion voice, weapon and projectile sound pitch.
    * Fixed numbering in skill bar slots.

    2022-01-22 <a>
    * Fixed issue with rolling directions.
    * Reactivated old sun code for levels with no daytime cycle.
    * Increased time and minimum distance required for parked cars to be replaced.
    * Set minimum tree high LOD distance to 20 meters.
    * Fixed mass for AI traffic cars.

    2022-01-24 <a>
    * Fixed an issue with skybox and sun placement... somehow.
    * Somewhat reimplemented fog for new daytime cycle system.
    * Updated materials.

    2022-01-25 <a>
    * Fixed on-screen droplets effect.
    * Fixed loading on Argenarret Sanctuary level.
    * Fixed small issue with animation for Swift Charge skill.
    * Fixed texture issues with certain item models.
    * Fixed explosion damage to objects.

    2022-01-26 <a>
    * Fixed sounds when changing levels while in a transformed state.
    * Updated Mercedes-Benz SLK320 model.
    * Added logo for Mercedes-Benz cars.

    2022-01-27 <a>
    * Blocking capability while in a transformation state is now based on weapon type rather than class or spec.
    * Cleaned up/updated formatting in some older code.
    * Changed some UI strings.

    2022-01-29 <a>
    * Added counters to item use quickbar.
    * Fixed shotgun and minigun functionality.
    * Fixed solid black color under certain colormaps.
    * Fixed a small issue with item counters.
    * Fixed Extra Life effects.

  11. #51
    2022-02-01 <a>
    * Tweaked cloud tinting.
    * Rescaled traffic light model.
    * Fixed texture issues with Ford Focus and Nissan R390 models.
    * Deleted some unused files.

    2022-02-03 <a>
    * Jump hotkey will now count as a right mouse click while menu is open.
    * Increased cooldown for Confusion skill from 7 to 8 seconds.

    2022-02-08 <a>
    * Changed soundtrack.

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