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Thread: Beta testers needed for new Massassi

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    Beta testers needed for new Massassi

    Anybody have some time to help me by beta-testing the new massassi? It's on a "dev" server so any changes made there won't ever be reflected on the new "production" server. Looking for a few people that can poke around today and let me know if they encounter any issues. Things like broken links, xss problems, forms that you can break if you type something intentionally messed up, etc. You will have to register on the beta site but all registration details will be removed and not moved over to the new "production" server.

    I'll edit this message once I have enough people. Just post here if you're interested and I'll PM you info for the new site.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Child's Play CharityBlockyness Rocks!
    I can help. Just PM me the details and I'll find some time throughout the week.
    Author of the JK levels:
    Sand Trap & Sand Trap (Night)

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    PM sent! thanks!

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    Knock, knock.
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    PM sent. Thanks!

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