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Thread: Jedi Academy server - all are welcome 2022 & beyond

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    Jedi Academy server - all are welcome 2022 & beyond

    Hey folks, I loved this community, even though back in the day I was a staffer for and you were kind of sort of our rivals (not really, just kidding).

    Anyway, for the last several years I've been running a hardcore, fairly low moderated public JKA server. I'm running the OJP Basic mod and a few smaller mods (don't need much to download if anything to join). Yes I can run Star Destroyer mod or the Bonus pack if you want, just let me know ahead of time (email is best kurganx @ mediacombb . net).

    Anyway, I'm glad to see the links are being fixed and this site is staying alive. With so many classic sites having gone down for JK, it's great to see that some are keeping the torch burning brightly!

    It reminds me of the old days when LucasArts was a vibrant company with great games coming out and it was a magical time to be a Star Wars fan.

    So come battle with us some time or just stop in and say hi!

    I typically have to restart the server each week if something goes wrong but the new host is much more stable than those I used in the past (though RIP "EscapedTurkey" who hosted us for ages under the banner of Outcast Strategy/Strategic Academy!).
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    Cool. I've had little time for games over the past few months but I still plan to run some play throughs of JK thru JA. Eventually.
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