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Thread: No, the forums will live forever

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    No, the forums will live forever

    That's my opinion anyway, and I'm sticking to it

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    Likes Kittens. Eats Fluffies
    I've never seen the forums die

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    It's Stuart, Martha Stuart
    When the forum does finally die, I propose that we all hang around the discord and complain about how much better the forums were.

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    The forums are definitely worse, unless you really really enjoy having angry arguments that hang entirely on whether what someone said in a subsequent post contradicted what they said in a earlier post

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    Virgin Fleet Admiral
    *insert angy argument about whether what Eversor said contradicts his first post in this thread*

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    [short bleep] you, you [long bleep]

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    Boneless Chicken Wings
    Holonet never had netsplits

    Also wait til October of next year so I can hit my retirent. Or ban me 2 days before then, whatever works
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