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Thread: JKDF2 in Unreal Engine released!

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    JKDF2 in Unreal Engine released!

    Hey guys,

    I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the guy building JKDF2 in the Unreal Engine has released version 1.0 as a free download. You just need to access his Patreon page.

    Check out his video on YouTube:

    Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 - Unreal Engine - Release 1.0 - Free Download - YouTube

    I'm download it now, it looks epic!

    btw. Long time lurker - I used to post under a different username 20 years ago and come back and have a look every now and then. Love that Massassi is still up!
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    Welcome back Dan! I tried it out a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. The Yun fight is stupid hard and the "survival" mode was surprisingly a lot of fun.

    What was your username back in the old days?
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    I must admit, I haven't had a lot of time to play yet but it brought back a lot of memories! I am keen to try it some more. In some ways, this is how I "remember" playing JK. At the time, the graphics were so much better than anything else I had played, so it is cool to see it rebuilt in a modern engine now.

    I'm too embarrassed to say what my old username back in the day was. haha

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    ..would like a shrubbery.
    Edit: I should have watched the video to the end, it's 2 levels.

    It looks awesome. I really hope he finishes the others.

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    Awesome, Dan Harmon was a Massassian!

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    I've been following his videos on youtube. Very impressive.
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    Same here. His videos are impressive!

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