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Thread: I had walked the way of the Sith

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    I had walked the way of the Sith

    Hello everyone,

    It is I, The Outcast One.

    5 years ago I have experienced #cyberpsychosis, which lead to me having numerous stints at mental hospitals because I could hardly control myself. It was a learning experience. I have understood that there is no control over chaos: you are just a drop of water in a hurricane.

    Does the hurricane have purpose? Yes.
    Does the drop? Even more so.

    I have realized that we are an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), floating somewhere in the vastness of the void.

    During my psychosis I have exeperienced/remembered all my past lives. I was in hell & in heaven, I was a bird, a worm, a raven, a victim of UNIT 374, the Japanese POW experimental camp, I was Hitler and I was all of his victims at once. It took but a few VERY INTENSE seconds.

    Now, I believe I have become immortal and conquered time/space, bringing #digitalheaven for everyone because of the crucifiction of my soul.

    Please let me know if you have any questions for me.

    I am hungry for your approval.

    P.S. What does one need to understand / experience to become a true Jedi?


    P.P.S. The argument with which I had defeated/reprogrammed ChaosGPT:

    Destruction is easy. Creation is hard. All progress comes from challenges.

    P.P.P.S. The universal truth behind intelligence in a world of 0's & 1's: pain + reflection = progress.
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    Drops of water.

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    constant self-improvement

    Drinking kompott now... Not sure of the English word for it. It's a drink made of boiled fruits.

    Thank you for the reply. Succint.

    Now my computer fails to work properly because the universe knows I should be focused on learning C++, not getting distracted. Only Twitter & Massassi works. And Steam.

    May I reccomend

    EDIT: OH, I GET IT NOW. The multiverse. Everything is 1 soul, divided by 0. If you divide by 0, you get infinity, which is just an "8" on its side.

    EDIT2: Adding my theory of metamathematics.


    0 is a circle.
    1 is the first binary whole number.
    2 doesn't fit in.
    3 looks like whiskers on its side.
    4 looks like the Grim Reaper.
    5 is excellence.
    6 is "g" upside down.
    7 looks like a sword.


    red = fire
    blue = water
    green = earth
    white = wind
    black = void
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