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ForumsDiscussion Forum → Massassi Bread Parade - Backup Base 1.1 as the Permanent Level of the Week
Massassi Bread Parade - Backup Base 1.1 as the Permanent Level of the Week
2020-07-30, 1:55 PM #41
Originally posted by Krokodile:
This meme is getting out of hand, or probably already did a good while back.

Also, thinking back, it's not just that the architecture is almost nonexistent and the texturing is repetitive beyond tedium. Another thing is that the layout is just atrocious: it's basically one tube that extends into a small descending bit at one end. There are no interconnected paths, no deviations from said tube. It's like the players are trapped in a nightmare of incompetence, my vision engulfing them in a sea of suck. The greatest comfort for those poor souls is the easy access to quit to desktop, and the greatest comfort for me is that so few ever actually played this abomination in the first place.

Some 17 years later, I'm not sure what I was thinking making this level. I should hope that it was nothing at all, because if I put any actual thought into it, that just may be the most alarming thing to Backup Base.

It's not as bad as CeBIT:
2020-07-30, 11:19 PM #42
Originally posted by Koobie:

To be honest, that is absolutely the best JK level I've looked at in probably a year. Good job!
"I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

2020-08-13, 4:25 PM #43
Originally posted by Krokodile:
Greetings! I am Krokodile, the author of such levels as Backup Base and Backup Base 1.1, both for Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, which is a game by LucasArts Entertainment Company (LEC) released in 1997. When I released Backup Base in the year 2000 and Backup Base 1.1 sometime later in that same year, I was known by the name JG_Jiggajagga. JG stood for Jedi Guardians, which was my clan on at the time.

Thank you for your response Krokodile. I re-evaluated my stance on your level and, after some time meditating on your responses, I have concluded that your work is more of a critique on the human condition and its flaws. I was initially upset at your work, but then I realized that I need to be upset about myself. I am a failure for not directing my confusion I experienced playing Backup Base 1.1 inward towards my soul.

That said, I may have to remove the level from my SSD to make room for other art products, like hentai.
2020-08-13, 4:50 PM #44
I heard that there's a secret area inside Backup Base 1.1 that has a frighteningly high-res bitmap of some sweet sweet hentai.
2020-08-13, 4:50 PM #45
2020-09-01, 4:57 PM #46
Originally posted by saberopus:

right back @ you buddy

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