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ISB character sheets
2003-12-21, 10:41 PM #1
This thread is to post reference sheets for any character on the Interactive Story Board. While there is no required format for making a character sheet, of course, feel free to look at the posts below for some examples as well. Feel free to use the sample template below as much or as little as you wish -- just remember, the important thing is to let readers and writers especially know how your character works so that they understand them when they read and write about them in the story thread. Anything is better than nothing.

Story: What interactive story thread does your character comes from? Provide it in hypertext, or just a link, if you can.
Name: What is your character's full, given or true name?
Nicknames: What do other characters call them?
Titles: What titles does your character hold? Examples include formal titles such as doctor and judge or informal such as leader.
Alignment: Is your character generally a good guy? Bad guy? Just ugly? Are they affiliated with a group, or are they a loner?
Home: What is their birthplace? Where and when are their former and current places of residence, physically or otherwise?
System: Does your character have roots in a game, movie, book, or other published work not of your own?
Synopsis: Who is your character in a nutshell? Provide a concise description of your character: what is at the core of their character, the "first impression" of the character, something to fall back on if nothing else. Some specific things to consider including: how they walk and talk, their general attitude, any easily identifiable items or animal traits or obsessions they are known for having.

Age: How old are they? How old do they appear to be?
Gender: Are they male? Female? Something else?
Sexual Orientation: Are they heterosexual? Homosexual? Bisexual? Something else?
Race: Are they human, or at least appear to be? If so, what ethnicity are they?
Height: How tall are they?
Build: How much do they weigh? Are they muscular, thin, fat, non-coporeal?
Hair: Do they have hair? Is it straight or curly? How long is it? What color is it?
Eye color: What color are their eyes?
Unusual features: Is there anything about the character physically that is unique? Scars, prosthetic legs, foot-long ears...
Outfits: What do they usually wear? What other outfits do they have?
Stance: How do they carry themselves? How do they move about? Hunched over with their head forward? Chest out and light on their feet? Swinging their hips with certainty?
Diction: How does your character talk? What kind of things do they say? Do they have an accent?

What did your character do before their first appearance in the story thread? What has your character done in the story thread? Try to keep this part updated if your character is in an ongoing story.

Personality: What is your character's general attitude and behavior? What makes your character tick? What are their character strengths and flaws? This could be similar to the synopsis.
Perceptions: What is their perception of themselves and others? What about their environment and life?
Politics: What political party do they support? Which one do they fight? How do they feel about certain governments and organizations, at least their immediate ones?
Religion: Does your character follow an organized religon? What is their philosophy and way of life?
Beliefs: What principles do they believe in? These may be tied into their religion, or politics, or more likely something independent.
Fears: What is your character afraid of? How scared are they of it? The deeper, the better.
Drives: What are your character's goals, hopes, ambitions, obsessions?
Social status: What is their economic and political class? How charismatic are they?
Occupation: What is their job? Is it a career? A vocation? Just something to pay the bills? Do they get paid?
Family: Who are their parents or guardians? Do they have siblings? A spouse and kids?
Relationships: Do they have any specific friends? Acquaintances? How about enemies? Pets?Hobbies: What do they like to do for fun? What activities do they do aside from work?
Likes: What sorts of things do they enjoy? Include the usual, such as food, movies, TV shows, books, games, and sports, as well as the unusually specific, such as etymology and the smell of napalm in the morning.
Dislikes: What sorts of things annoy them? What are their pet peeves?

Potential: What is the best and worst your character can do, act, perform, and be as a whole? Think of this as a synopsis for what your character would have at their disposal in a conflict, physical or otherwise.
Powers: What powers does your character have? In general, powers refer to a talent bestowed on the character such as a divine magic, vast riches, or innate feats of strength.
Abilities: What abilities does your character have? In general, this refers to skills that, at least in theory, anyone could obtain with practice, such as training in a martial art, calculating pi to the hundredth place, or heavy knowledge of a holy scripture.
Equipment: What weapons, items, possessions, and the like do they have? If they own a lot, just list their most used or 'signature' items generally found on their person.

Concepts: What was the initial or driving concepts behind your character? What concepts are you working with in regards to your character now? How much of yourself is in your character? This could be considered a synopsis of your character as understood "outside" the story.

Choice: Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?

Chance: What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?

How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?

Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?

Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?

Character Goals and Obstacles: What is the relationship between the character and their goal, what obstacles and antagonists are in their way, and do they transform to overcome it? See here

Character Function: What role(s) does the character serve? See here

Character Traits: What tags, etc. apply to this character? See here under "Chraacters" and here

Character Grid: Where do other characters relate to this character on a grid of friendly/hostile and dominant/submissive? See here

Character Web: How does this character feel about the other characters? See here

Character Status: What is the character's general status? How is it shown? Is there a conflict of status with other characters? Does the character change in their general status in any circumstances? See here

Character Transformation: What transformation does the character make? How is it shown? Is it enough of a change? Is it surprising and interesting? Is it believable? See here

Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
Art: Descriptions and crediting art relating to your character.
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2003-12-23, 8:44 PM #2
Name: Jim7, Satan, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Dark Lord of Satanic Urinals
Home: Hell, Teh Secret Base of Jim7
Story: NeS

Age: Almost as old as time itself
Gender: Male
Race: Angel (fallen/evil)
Height: wide range usually either 6'2" or 6'6.6" occasionally 666'
Weight: various
Build: usually slightly muscular
Hair: Dark Brown, longer than shoulder length
Eye Color: Glowing Red
Clothing: commonly found wearing black pants and t-shirt, blood stained angelic armor used during battle, occasionally wears a black suit

Made several appearances under various writers current writer brought character into the story during the plothole "crisis". Spent some time wandering the NeS looking for a place in the story, finally constructed a secret base, during the kirby incident Jim7 played too small a role in the actual solution to the kirby problem but stumbled upon the EeP in a human form, sent hitman to kill "Vinny" job was supposedly finished.

Later stayed mostly out of the story until the "evil pie trilogy" where near the end he took his place as a defender of the plotfractal. During the final battle of the NeS Jim7 sacrificed himself to help defeat the recently returned "Vinny", returned later in NeS² currently in Hell getting ready for the battle of the century/minute/decade/second/eternity/day.

[under construction]

Teleportation: Done through portals of fire
Flying: Wings that seem to grow out of his back allow him to fly
Time Travel: Done by returning to Hell then exiting back to this world
[under construction]

longsword, named after the person who was first killed with the sword
Mike: +666 Flaming Longsword, the sword most commonly used by Satan
Baseball Bat of Time: Baseball Bat which has the power to send people to any period in time
+3 Greatsword of Cheese: the ultimate greatsword
Thomas: a tommy gun usually kept loaded with silver bullets
Axe of Souls: Axe that was pulled from the cold dead hands of Krig the Viking (in the future)



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eat right, exercise, die anyway
2003-12-24, 1:07 AM #3
(Sniftyness, another character sheet besides my own! I can plug in a quote-type description of Jim7 if you wish to do a personality part similar to my own.

Here's hoping I finish my own soon...)
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2003-12-24, 9:26 AM #4
(From Highemperor, as a Christmas gift of sorts. Thanks [])

Her'e's some thoughts on Geb's character sheet.


Gebohq, as more than a character, but a force of human nature (see History and Personality) wields some unique powers. Here are some of my suggestions.

Neverending Dream: Since Gebohq can never truly die, whenever he reaches one hit point, his other two bars return to their max to reflect this tendency.

Humility: This magical attack transfers some of Geb's own character into his opponent, creating a magical vortex within them that slowly refines their character, causing 5% damage to their willpower every round, for as long as Geb as willpower to lose, because Geb's own willpower decreases by 4% for every round this takes effect, OR until Geb chooses to discontinue the effect.

Selective Attacks: When making a physical attack with his NeSword, Geb may, instead of having the damage apply to the HP bar and half damage to the MP and WP bars, may choose a different bar to apply full damage to, and have only half damage occur to the HP bar and the third bar.

HISTORY (in brief)

Gebohq started out as a simple Jedi Knight, it is important to remember, back when the story was simply 2-dimensional, a fight in an arena. But with his one-liners and tricks clever in their accidental occurrence, he quickly brought the all-important 3rd dimension to the story and has maintained it ever since. In battles against villains such as TotallyEvil, Burby00, and Gettleburger's Keyboarding Teacher, he has proved himself (that is, his character) time and time again, making the NeS a force in its own right, as a result. The beginning of the end (so to speak) was when he ventured into the realm of TACC: for it was then that the seeds of EeP (the Ever-ending Plot, bane of all that is NeS) began to stir. But Gebohq defeated EeP by remaining true to his character AND to the story, in an impossible paradox that yet forms the core of this story and many others: Gebohq IS the story, and more than a simple character, but a force of human nature that cannot die. This realization squared the NeS, while soundly defeating EeP. Where will the story go from here? Tomorrow holds the secret, that only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Geb, Gebohq, Geb Ohq, Gebbers, Gebbo, Gebby... he will be there, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come.


This is what I would tell an actor: With Geb, it's very important to remember that he's more than just Geb. He is Gebohq: a 3-dimensional character in a 2-dimensional world (NeS). Yet he mirrors the world, and the world him, to create an infinite fractalization of reflections. IN SHORT, GEBOHQ IS THE 3RD DIMENSION OF THE STORY.

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The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2003-12-28, 11:03 PM #5
I think after I'm finished this I might attempt at a "real" character sheet, used for the likes of writing novels and such, where I figure out his beliefs, obsessions, politics, strengths and flaws, fears, attitudes, favorite things, etc.

But that probably won't be until I finish the c-notes. Until then, it'll be this [] As writers, feel free to use these sheets as references, I know I sure will!
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2003-12-30, 1:19 PM #6
Name: Agent Dj
Description: Unknown
Attributes: Unknown
History: Unknown

Comment: "It would be best not to appose me." Agent Dj

"Things you own, end up owning you."
-(Fight Club)

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2004-01-23, 6:59 PM #7
From #NeS. May or may not be used in more detailed character sheet creation or future reference in general.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2"><CoolMatty> CM: Skinny, quick, always has his staff, grey scraggly hair, and in a full cloak.
<CoolMatty> Mimiru: Full leather armor, one and a half size sword
<CoolMatty> black hair, neck cut
<CoolMatty> Subaru: Blue. Sky blue hair. Pretty long, has a great axe for a weapon.
<CoolMatty> Nothing special with clothes
<Jim7> on that second language thread when i said french i should have said "french... so i could understand them when they are surrendering"
<CoolMatty> Wai: Think fully cloathed human-looking.
<CoolMatty> his sword is bound in wire, for his sword-hack ability. He has scraggly black hair that never grows, and is pretty short.
<Jim7> Jim7: combine Aragorn with Weird Al and make him evil...
<CoolMatty> and thats pretty much
<CoolMatty> it
<Gebohq> Jim: hehehehhe. that's such a perfect description IMO
<CoolMatty> lol
<Jim7> Deimos: think doomguy but in black instead of green... when he isn't wearing his helmet (most of the time) his face looks like the older John Connors from Terminator 2 but with fewer wrinkles and glowing red eyes
<Gebohq> k
<Jim7> Tony: 6'4" 245pounds but not a fatass black suit short black hair
<Jim7> Mark Hammil: looks like Mark Hammil
<Jim7> voice in the dark: unknown... it's a voice.... in the dark
<Gebohq> haha
<Jim7> Qhobeg: looks like Geb except the left eye is a very VERY pale grey
<Gebohq> pretty hard to spot the two unless you know what you're looking for, I would imagine
<Gebohq> pick apart the two rather
<Jim7> Seth: looks like this random image i pulled off a google image search of "seth"...
<Gebohq> looks like the beard not named hank attacked him -_-
<Gebohq> both Mim and Sub are female, correct CM?
<Jim7> unless you see them shirtless ... Qhobeg has/will have a tattoo on his back of a spine with the ribs and the ribs have the "poking into the skin" look
<Gebohq> yum
<CoolMatty> yes</font>
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2004-01-24, 4:29 PM #8
Here's my attempt at a sheet: (This is in no way a finished sheet.)

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Build: Not built, but not a twig either. Nothing really to see though.
Hair: Grey, touching neck in back. Very scraggily. Grey color is very dark, with almost-black streaks, as if he was losing his black hair to grey.
Eye Color: Purple
Clothing: Tan full cloak with black T under. Cap that is a bit too big, think Tsukasa's hat. Tennis shoes, any color. Plain gold marriage ring. For the HAT reference only, everything else is different really, now.

Well-known relationship with Mimiru. Friends with Wai and Subaru also. Family dead since childhood. Helped the heroes in a few battles, ended up commiting suicide to save them. Brought back from a request of God. He is still attempting to fullfil that quest.

Natural Leader (Even when unneeded), willing to sacrifice. Absolute love for Mimiru, the only person he's ever known well. (Due to death of parents) Will possibly protect her to his death.

Teleportation: Can teleport himself and others around him by visualization. Requires much of his power, and possibly incapacitates him when weak/over long distances.

Various Flame skills: Most of his power derives from his mastry of fire. Some suspect this fire is a representation of the fire burning inside for the revenge of his family.
List of skills:
Firewall: A wall of fire, that protects those inside from outside attacks. Useless against water-based or psychic-based attacks.
Phoenix Gale: One of his strongest attacks. Summons a bird of flame to destroy the enemy he mentions. Requires an incantation.
Fireball: Quick fire attack, useful for multiple enemies.
Flame: Useful for steady damage, but weak on its own. Often used just for illumination.
Smoke: Produces a thick cloud of smoke. Also has ability of CO2 poisoning enemies. Skill specially designed not to hurt friendlies, but skill requires much MP, especially on larger scale use.
Firedisc: Damages enemies in a straight path, cutting weaker enemies down. Requires no MP if the disc is returned to caster. Skill is easily deflected or countered, and leaves caster defenseless, however.
Napalm: Lays waste to an entire area. Does massive damage, however, this skill requires so much MP, that skills can no longer be casted until fully rested. Can also damage the caster/allies if not careful.
Beam: Unleashes a beam of fire, which can quickly melt an enemy. Only effects one enemy, but damage can be continuously supplied.
Ragnarok: Only non-purefire skill. (Earth/Fire elemental) Causes cracks to form in the earth, followed by a volcanic blast, rocketing all loose earth. Devastating to enemies under the area, but caster must be in close proximity to enemy, and cannot move until skill is casted.
Telekinesis: Can move nearby objects with a gesture of his hand. If the object is heavier than what he normally could lift, the skill will use large amounts of MP.

Steel Rod: Nothing special, just a small steel rod. Usually not cared on person, but teleported in when needed.
Scytheblade: Literally the blade portion of a scythe. Used via telekinetic power to damage enemies from afar, often like a boomerang. Not used often in recent years.
Staff of Tourni: A rod, with a round top, holding a firemarble in midair. Boosts fire abilities greatly. The rod is also known to never be cold. This is his default weapon of choice.
Staff of Kings: A much stronger staff, usually used in close combat-type battles. Has no element-specific bonuses, but is blood-red from battle. Has a bladed tip that appears when the staff is on fire. Also a weapon that is teleported in when needed.
Rusty Dagger: Obtained from a long-ago battle. Unsure exactly of its history, other than it's beginning to rust, and is extremely bloody. Oddly enough, CM carries it with him, yet makes a note never to clean the blade. (Although he does sharpen it from time to time.) Unsure why he carries it, but he has used it in desperate times of need.

That's it for now. Ill work on it more later.

.hack//SIGN - The World - Just Believe

(Yes, This is Cool Matty)
.hack//SIGN - The World - Just Believe

(Yes, This is Cool Matty)
2004-01-24, 6:30 PM #9
Cool Matty: Would it be ok for CM's flames to be mostly of the blue variety? I'm thinking ahead to NeSi (in twenty years or so until we catch up to CM's entrance [] ), and I wanted a contrast between Ares' fire and Cool Matty's fire. Also, I thought the whole "blue flame" bit went well with the name "Cool Matty". []

"Well, it could be worse -- it could be windy!" -popular Canadian saying.
So sayest the Writer of Silly Things!
2004-01-24, 6:55 PM #10
I like the idea myself. Perhaps even give the fire an electrical-look to it if possible? Just my two cents []
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2004-01-24, 7:05 PM #11
Sure what the hell. Go for it.

.hack//SIGN - The World - Just Believe

(Yes, This is Cool Matty)
.hack//SIGN - The World - Just Believe

(Yes, This is Cool Matty)
2004-01-26, 9:13 PM #12
Name: Krig Krogson the Viking (Just as a note, the term "Viking" refers to a raider, not the race of people. Norse is the name for the race, "Viking" was just the Norse word for Norse guys who go raiding.)
Nicknames: Pretty much just "Krig". Sometimes "Kriggers", or "Kriggy-poo", but those who call him the latter usually meet a swift axe-doom (unless said person is an attractive woman, of course).
Titles: Berserkergangr, That Crazy Short Guy, and Be Careful He Bites.
Home: Earth. Born in northern Norway in the 10th century, currently resides in 21st century England.
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (NeS)
System: Story Arcade
Affiliation: NeS

Age: Early to mid 30s. Well, actually, he's over 1000 years old, but most of those were spent frozen on an iceberg. []
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Height: Roughly 4'3". No-one's actually tried to measure him.
Weight: 140 lbs or so. He's quite stocky.
Build: Quite stocky. Built like a tree stump. Surprisingly strong, given his small stature.
Hair: Shoulderblade-length fiery red hair. Braided into one thick braid in back. Beard is nearly waist-length, forked into two thick braids.
Eye color: Green.
Clothing: Dirty blue tunic, faded dirty yellow cloak, brown leggings, leather shoes, giant double-bladed battle-axe, horned Viking helmet.

NeSo (NeS original thread or one): Krig was born in a small village in northern Norway -- the northerliest village in the northerliest country of the northerliest people in the world. So it was pretty cold. Even from the start, it was apparent that Krig was not like normal people. For one thing, he never completely rid himself of his habit of eating things that weren't food. While much of his early history is shrouded in mystery, eventually he became part of the crew of the Ice Bear, a Viking ship crewed by his fellow villagers, as the resident berserker warrior. They went off a-viking, a-raiding, plundering merrily here and there as they pleased. Then they decided to strike out for Vinland, to find out what it was like over there. On the way, they got stuck on an iceburg and were frozen for a thousand years or so.

Upon thawing out, Krig and his fellow Vikings continued on to Vinland. They encountered a strange land filled with giants and dragons and various other wonders -- more commonly known as 20th Century America. A series of zany adventures ended up with Krig marooned in the Stonehenge area, where he came across a small band of heroes bent on saving the world. Not being an entirely rational being, Krig joined up with them for a while. A long while. They had various adventures saving the world, during which Krig smashed things, gnawed on things, and pursued shiny things. Most recently, the NeS has come under attack from the EeP, a nefarious plot device bent on the destruction of NeS and presumably of all stories. During that time, Krig was brainwashed into being Evil, and has killed a great number of Heroes. The effects of this upon him have yet to be seen.

Krig is, in a word, insane. In two words, completely insane. If you don't know him, he most closely resembles a feral beast of sort -- a wolverine maybe. A rabid wolverine. But once you get to know him, he's actually a very nice fellow. Sure, he's prone to random fits of rage, and if you annoy him he might very well come after you with his axe, but that just adds to his charm. The thing is, he sees the world very differently from most people. Where most people see the world in a very adult, logical, firmly-rooted-in-reality sort of way, Krig sees things in almost a child's perspective. To him, the world is a big, strange place, where very little makes sense; a fuzzy background scene like a camera badly out of focus, out of which come the various people with whom he interacts. Where they come from or where they go he does not know, and has never tried to find out. It's never occured to him to find out. His life is a simplistic one, based mainly on how hungry he is and whether he's angry or not.

"A little man with a lot of... um... dirt on him. Most definately not a gnome. Makes for a good battering ram., that ain't quite personality-descibing. hold on...." -- Gebohq

"The epitome of good things coming in small packages. A simple, lovable viking, as long as you're on his good side. Easily distracted by many a-shiny thing, food, or shiny food." -- Gebohq


One very big double-bladed Viking axe.


"Well, it could be worse -- it could be windy!" -popular Canadian saying.

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So sayest the Writer of Silly Things!
2004-01-31, 2:02 PM #13
Whee! More character sheets, yay! Feel free to think of the following to add as well when building a character sheet:

  • Education
  • Vocation/occupation
  • Status and money
  • Marital status
  • Family, ethnicity
  • Diction, accent, etc.
  • Relationships
  • Places (home, office, car, etc.)
  • Possessions
  • Recreation, hobbies
  • Obsessions
  • Beliefs
  • Politics
  • Ambitions
  • Superstitions
  • Fears
  • Attitudes
  • Character flaws
  • Character strengths
  • Pets
  • Taste in books, music, etc.
  • Favorite foods
  • Talents

These are just some ideas, and not all need to be used -- just stuff to think about in your charcater's history or personality or such. Think of those personality tests of e-mails where you fill out your favorite things for other ideas. I intend to go back to Gebohq's character sheet at some point and rework some of these things in there.

I also wish to remind everyone that they need not worry about those gaming stats-stuff! I simply threw down something for future reference when finishing the creation of Story Arcade.
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2004-02-09, 3:15 PM #14
And now... for teh Mimiru Character Sheet!

Name: Mimiru Kizumaki
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'9" (Yes, taller than CM [])
Weight: 125
Build: Definately strong, and pretty. Not a supermodel, but you'd be stupid to reject her on her looks. []
Hair: Brown, still somewhat wild but actually manages to be a ponytail now. Bangs are the wild part, really.
Eye Color: deep, dark blue. Not Dune blue.
Clothing: Near-full length red fluffy skirt, not poofy, it should be straight. Black long sleeve fitting shirt, sleeves end mid-forearm, not the hands. Shoes are small black boots, not combat boots, just regular, non-platform boots. Ring on finger for marriage (it's not some big studded gaudy thing, just a simple gold ring with a tiny diamond, CM was not rich).

Well-known relationship with CoolMatty. Owns two large mansions, one on the Great Britain coastline, overlooking a cliff. The other is on an island all by itself, in the Pacific, near Cuba. She ususally stays in the English home. No information on how she happened to get these mansions, nor all the money she suddenly has, but its suspected that she found an old artifact. Of course, she won't testify to anything. She had a great childhood, and left for a boardinghouse in England when she was fourteen. She stayed there for a year and a half before the boardinghouse principal came to her and told her that they had not received a payment from her parents in three or four months. The parents also did not respond to any calls or mail. Mimiru rushed home on an airplane, payed for by the principal. She arrived home, but found the house ransacked and her parents and one sister gone. She traveled back to the boardinghouse, unsure of what to do. It was then she met with Subaru, and traveled with her across the globe. Somewhere in India, she happened across her old friend CoolMatty, and he joined her. Suddenly, for unknown reasons they stopped traveling, and bought the English mansion. Soon after they also purchased the island home, and a few other 'ammenities'. Most other information on her is very vague.

Very intelligent, picks up on the most hidden of items. Has amazing swordfighting ability, due to classes in Kendo when she was a young child living with her parents, and also taking fencing when in the boardinghouse. She loves greenery, perferring the rich grassland english coast, and sometimes traveling to Scotland. She has of recent days become an information dealer in the underground, and now has her island home dedicated to information lookup and storage. Her friend, Subaru, assists her, often doing work in the field, spying, bugging, etc. It's been suspected that Subaru is Mimiru's lost sister, but no one can pin it down, and both of them will deny it strongly. Mimiru despises war, and hopes that her work for the underground will stop the religious warfare. More than once she has tried to go 'monk' and sell everything, and walk the countryside. CoolMatty luckily talks sense into her, telling her that a monk doesn't walk peacefully across the countryside while brandishing a longsword and the ability to decapitate 4 people in 4 seconds.

Mimiru, on her own does not have much in the form of magic. CoolMatty has attempted to teach her his magic, but she has only been able to produce one skill:
Burning Blade: A fire skill that turns her blade an icy blue fire. When used on enemies, it can easily melt flesh before even making contact, making it a devastating weapon for single enemies. Unfortunately, it lasts for only a few seconds, and she can use it only 2 or 3 times before she is completely worn.
She is also working on her Flame skill, exactly as described for CM. Unfortunately, she is unable to summon the power to cast it yet, and ends up catching something on fire every time she attempts. CM refuses to teach her within 10 feet of her anymore, due to an incident with his cloak and her attempted flame skill.

Blessed Blade of Sir Guitani: A holy blade forged in the middle ages. Shines a glimmering silver-white. Supposedly never needs to be sharpened, due to its holy enchantment.
Steel Rod: CoolMatty's steel rod. She has been known to brandish it when in dire situations. She ususally wields this, and the dagger below at the same time.
Sharp Dagger: Mimiru's pride and joy. A long dagger, nearly a foot and a half, it has a serratted edge on one side, and a sharp blade edge on the other. She built this dagger from the ground up, making the handle, and the blade, and also the special gem latch to hold the blade in, and a gem button release, which shows its true ability. The blade pops out, and can be switched with a blade that is double-sided sharp edge. The blade locks into place with a fancy gem, and is extremely rigid and solid until released by pressing the gem release on both sides simultaneously. She also has a custom-made sheath with it, and she refuses to go anywhere without it. Sources say she has started practicing throwing the knife, and has come quite proficient at it. She refuses to actually throw it in battle at the moment, due to the fact that she loves the dagger too much to throw it away. She is waiting until she learns to use CoolMatty's telekinetic skills, which, at the rate she is learning, might be a while.

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2004-02-11, 1:21 AM #15
Here comes TLTE's bio! Handy for those of you who would steer him on his adventures with your own characters...

Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first post here or here)
True name: The Last True Evil
Original name: Unknown. Once named himself Springfield-Wesson (after his favourite gun from an impressionable youth)
Designation: TLTE-EC-105
Nicknames: TLTE, his most prominent name and also the easiest to swallow.
Titles: 'Master Spy' to those in the KGB. 'Master Chef' to those lazy heroes in their HQ keening for a gullible kebab-maker.
Home: TLTE was born in the freezing tundra of the Siberian wastelands, and remains fond to this day of uncomfortable blizzards.
Affiliation: The NeS, Losien and occasionally pure unbridled evil []
System: Known in Story Arcade as "T. L. Truevil"
Synopsis: Quite likely the true, ultimate villain in NeS, though defies his apparently evil nature. Often a stereotypical Soviet spy character.

Age: Late 30's.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Height: 6'2".
Weight: Damn your pounds system, Ammerikanner shwein! TLTE weighs 85 KILOGRAMS [] .
Build: Stockier than your average tall guy, but not unfit.
Face: Not unlike Liam Neeson.
Hair: Quite long for a spy, but versatile. Think Qui-Gon Jinn from Episode 1. If not long, at least full.
Eye color: Blue-green.
Clothing: A long charcoal Russian overcoat with golden epaulets and a faint Soviet hammer-and-sickle design on the back, black combat boots, and in spy mode a jet-black fedora and glasses.

Pre-Story History:
TLTE devoted himself to his foster family until the age of eighteen years, whereupon his guardians, taking to him with a frying pan and broom, suggested gently that he should attend to his education. On the way to university, TLTE lost himself in the Siberian wastes, and was about to give up and bury himself in the snow when a contingent of KGB agents found him during a routine operation. The commanding officer saw a streak of potential in the then-youthful TLTE and a spy was born. While the details are fuzzy, it is quite likely that the "original" TLTE was frozen in the Hymilayas when the Soviet cloning project began, with the "elite" (military) clone (EC) #105 becoming the TLTE known in NeS. Despite being technically a clone, the TLTE known best is the "true" TLTE, due to his strength of will, metaphysics, meta-fictional elements, etc.

Studying diligently, immersing himself in the fighting arts, TLTE proved to be an invaluable operative, proving such a model soldier and a born leader among his 200-some elite brethren and some countless other non-elite versions. The Last True Evil soon found himself a rival -- the Patriot -- and in an epic struggle, became the sole surviving elite clone after incapacitating the Patriot. Due to changing political climates, the Patriot found himself free from Russian imprisonment, and The Last True Evil project was shuffled into virtual obscurity. TLTE then disappeared from "the grid" and for ten years immersed himself in the world of tactical espionage, double-dealing and not snogging nearly as many female socialites as the training videos had promised. More importantly, TLTE learned the ins and outs of true villainy, a skill that would lend itself to his future occupation.

As fate would have it, TLTE pulled into a dingy bar in Vladivostok one wintery night, hoping only for a few quiet shots of vodka before bed. As he pulled up a stool, he saw a bunch of ravening Russian drunks huddled around the fireplace, listening to a young American telling a story of fame and glory to be. Mildly interested, he downed his vodkas all at once and moved to join them.

The stranger spoke of wondrous things, his eyes glinting with the firelight and his own wonderment. He spoke of coming comets and becoming a real hero, of dreams and love and hope, all of which he was seeking for himself.

The man's name was Gebohq, and he was seeking a Never-ending Story.

Unfortunately for Geb, at that point the drunks grew tired of his fancies and felt it time to teach the young blowhard a lesson. TLTE watched as the young, inexperienced Gebohq barely fended off his attackers, slipping closer and closer to disaster. Then TLTE did something he had never done before, and has never done since.

He raised a hand against his fellow countrymen.

Perhaps he was foolishly entranced by the stranger's tale. Perhaps he saw a glimpse of Gebohq's potential, as the KGB officer had seen in him so many years back. Perhaps he was simply spoiling for a fight, and thought that the scrawny blue-collared American would likely talk him to death instead.

Whatever the reason, Gebohq's attackers found themselves besieged by TLTE's KGB training, and with an eagerly encouraged Gebohq returning the favour from behind, they soon found themselves flying out the windows into the cold, cold night.

An unlikely friendship formed between the two. Gebohq was certainly in need of a local to show him around the place, and TLTE had not been allowed a friend in his profession for some time. After a week of binge-drinking, lady-chasing and sauna-basking though, Gebohq thanked TLTE for his hospitality and moved on after his dream. TLTE, however, could not move on. He had seen a glimpse of what could be, had been given a chance to move on from a boring life of killing and looting onto something meaningful. Though he was still at that point inherently evil, TLTE realised the benefit of Geb's company.

And so it was that our plucky Russian spy scrounged up his courage and wandered into page 19 of the NeS, in search of Geb.

Story History:
Since page 19, The Last True Evil has served as both one of the NeS's greatest villains and greatest heroes. He has attempted to murder Gebohq and the other heroes numerous times, developed a romantic interest in Losien, and became the EeP's last attempt to end the NeS.

In NeSqured, he has been serving more as a hero, rescuing Losien from the NeShade, Michael (who initially banded the Forgotten together), among other things. His potential has died (literally) at his own hands, and has discovered that The Last True Evil is the one true villain of NeS, not the EeP.

The Last True Evil continues to struggle with his relationship with Losien, his purpose as the true villain of NeS versus wanting to be a hero, his dislike of magic-users, his arch-rival The Patriot, and a number of other issues...

Personality: TLTE is likable. You might stretch it to lovable, but no NeS hero who has found themselves on the receiving end of a TLTE-fashioned nuclear blast would call him lovable.

This is the thing about TLTE; he is a reformed evildoer, or at least a complicated one. Once rivalling Ares and Darkside for damage potential to Gebohq's loyal band, TLTE has broken off from his nastiness to pursue truth, beauty and most tangibly, his love for Losien, Gebohq's sister.

When not trying to kill the heroes, TLTE is generally a nice kinda guy. Being older than a great deal of them, he styles himself as a mentor, maybe even father figure, though he gets himself into as much trouble as any of them. TLTE is honest, even as a villain, and follows a code of ruthless ethics. He is a Romantic, and will gently nudge along any of the NeS couples, if he sees fit to do so. He will also forcibly remove his partner Absolver's cerebellum through his nose if his charming leers disrupt the romantic harmony of the group.
Perceptions: Life is rough; life should be rough. Life requires discipline and punishment as appropriate. However, life is also Romantic.
Politics: Communism for the win. Unless it stands in the way of a desire for world-domination...
Religon: TLTE believes in some higher power, if only because he talked to said higher power after having died once.
Beliefs: The ideals of communism and of the NeS.
Fears: Being unable to overcome his true evil while being true to himself.
Drives: Soviet discipline, love of Losien, the urge for true evil.
Social status: Among those in the Russian government, he is treated as any (former?) spy would be treated. Anywhere else, his status ranges from infamously influential to virtual unknown, depending on how much of their history the people around know concerning him.
Occupation: May still be enlisted as an unofficial Soviet-Russian spy. Possibly a professional villain. Briefly worked as a fast food employee.
Family: Mother and father (unknown status), formerly considered the other TLTE clones to be his "brothers" before they were destroyed.
Relationships: Both tovarish (close friend) and instinctual rival of Gebohq, bitter enemies with The Patriot, lover of Losien, father-figure to Amal, self-made mentor-figure to CoolMatty, the list goes on.
Diction: With varying levels of a stereotypical Russian accent as the Soviet spy convention calls for it. His voice can carry great influence if need be.
Hobbies: Gardening (not very well), cooking.
Likes: Mother Russia, the life of a spy.
Dislikes: The Patriot and what he stands for, magic-users, being called old.

Potential: The Last True Evil has the potential to be the ultimate antagonist in NeS, and also the potential of redemption. However, his potential has technically died...

See Choice, Chance, Conflict, Context and Convention under "Meta-Story" for most of his "powers."

Metaphysics Knowledge - While preferring the concrete, The Last True Evil has learned a little metaphysics, thanks to Master Thand. "You have to know a little these days to manage in NeS."

NOTE: Most of these fall under TLTE's power of Convention.

Spy Mode:
TLTE's many years of KGB training have allowed himself to become completely invisible to the untrained eye with the tiniest cover. You know, elephant-behind-the-fig-plant stuff.

The Accent: TLTE's charm lies in his voice, and his heavy Russian speech. With a few tender lines of pre-Stalingrad poetry, he can bring weak-willed female opponents to their knees, and with a few military barks, he can disrupt enemy morale on the molecular level.

TLTE's Armory: As a spy, TLTE has to be able to secret weapons onto his possession. As a Master Spy, TLTE has a nigh-on-unlimited stock of arms under his trenchcoat. As a rule, TLTE is never truly unarmed.

Military Discipline: Extensive training in the army traditions has rendered TLTE not only a large bonus to his dodging and resistances, but it grants him an almost inhuman sense of athleticism, poise and dexterity when he is challenged to a duel, be it firearms or melee weapons.

Armoury: See the related ability above. TLTE prefers either officers' pistols or a freakishly large assault rifle.

Officers' Sabre: Originally commissioned to TLTE as a formality at his graduation, the fact that TLTE has crossed this sword against demon, spectre and worse, and it has thus far survived, demonstrates that there is more to this blade than meets the eye.

Spy Watch: A throwback to TLTE's old spy days, he has since modified this device to contain a GPS module, a watch laser, low-frequency radio and breath spray. Essentially similar to Gebohq's own, but of less lineage.

Spyglasses: These handy devices, once worn, can repel any optical magic effect, like blinding. Oh, and the sun's glare, too.

Mayaal's Tears: A box of tear-soaked revolver bullets given to TLTE by Mayaal, the Right Hand of NeS. While powerful, they can only be used against evil.

Hyper Time Modulator: Originally created by Antestarr, and given to TLTE, it is a small belt-like device that allows the user to move in "writer-time" at the expense of the person's health.

Darksaber: Created by Antestarr, it imprisons any evil which it comes in contact with. It appears much like a lightsaber, its energy blade is clear, though it appears dark from the evils that it keeps imprisoned, which is currently the Darkside from the year 3000 (one that has presumably conquored all and is under the control of the EeP), Helebon, and Vashuko, making it an "evil of all times." It has been described by Dalaes (a former owner) as "more than a source of power, it's a source of knowledge of the inner workings of the story, knowledge of the hearts of those prominent to the story." It is unknown how much evil it can keep imprisoned, but whomever wields the weapon is subject to the evil influence which the darksaber contains.

Concepts: Unknown. Like many NeS characters, his meta-story elements manifest themselves literally.

Communist Cause -- Also known as a Russian Revolution. Once, long ago, The Last True Evil had thousands of clone brethren that he could command with his will. While there are none existing now that he could "control at will," his power still carries significant influence over any people whom have been oppressed or otherwise considered proletariat -- a useful power for when he needs an army for his cause. TLTE's cause can bring him to both incredible acts of strength and weakness.


Character Break -- Sometimes known as a Russian Roulette. Stacking the odds against himself, TLTE can use chance to increase his odds of penetrating the all-mighty Hero Shield or otherwise elicit an uncharacteristic response from someone. This also applies to himself, allowing himself to become a hero himself... or would that be villain?

Antimetabole Agent -- Often taking the form of the Russian Reversal. For most people, things in life are expected to follow a certain structure. However, he has the power to inverse that structure against others. Most stories involve good defeating evil, but in Soviet Russia, evil defeats good!

Snowclone State -- Also called the Soviet State. Simply put, the worse the situation (or the cliché), the better The Last True Evil is able to adapt.

Antagonist Syndrome -- Sometimes taking the form of the stereotypical Soviet spy. The Last True Evil is, in large part, defined by his antagonistic role within the NeS, which often manifests through the Soviet and spy stereotypes. Thus, in part because of this, he can be unparalleled in stealth, non-magical combat, accent, but also unnaturally destined for failure. As a character, this convention also helps secure his position in the story.

Miscellaneous: Much of this profile was detailed by Gebohq, which may alter the intent of the original creator.
Notes: N/A
Art: Below are some attempts at conceptualizing TLTE, though none seem to quite capture his look.
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2004-03-02, 3:38 AM #16
In addition to some bumping... a profile for Wai.

Name: Wandering Artifical-Intelligence
Age: 101011
Gender: Male Speaking Voice...
Race: Robot
Height: 5'4" (Yes, he's short)
Weight: 1200
Build: He looks like some sort of priest with his cloak and robes and stuff. Definately not strong looking, but his robotic power hides his strength.
Hair: Black, think the Beatles.
Eye Color: A strange shade of purple. Seem to glow.
Clothing: Think Priest garments. All he needs is a hat or something and he'd be the pope.

Seems to meet up with CoolMatty from time to time, although doesn't seem to be directly involved. No one knows of his past, not even CM. The best information available is when he finally did appear with CM, when CM and Mimiru were on their travels across the world. They've broken up and rejoined countless times since then, only because Wai seems to be wandering... looking for something. Hence, his name.
Probably the first robot to ever have a complete set of Common Sense programs. He oftentimes serves as the only person in the group who doesn't want to blow up everything. He'd much rather take everything slow, and talk it out. That's not to say, however, that he won't fight. He's been in quite a few battles, more than CM or Mimiru even know.

Wai does not have many abilities, but he does have the standard equipment for robots, including superhuman strength, metal skeletal system, and other things. He also has the ability to project light from his eyes, and has many different sensual abilities, such as heat vision and great hearing. He oftentimes uses these abilities to scout.

Not much to it, but he can do serious electrical damage and can control minds with it, when making contact with people.

Simply put, his fists. He's a strong fighter, due to his robotic superstrength.

What he calls his "alldrive", it is a box on his chest that can accept any type of media, and has cables that pull out for all common times of interface, such as USB and Ethernet.

His arm converts into a flamethrower when needed, but due to his kind personality, it hasn't had fuel in it for years.

Ok, finished []
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2004-07-15, 5:14 AM #17
Well, since CM said he was going to change Mimiru's character sheet, and so needs a bump, and i never did one for Qwerty, here it is!

Name: Qwerty Uiop (pronounced U-E-op)
Titles: Scientist, Mad scientist, Master
Home: Earth, 8th Dimension
Story: Never Ending Story Squared
Affiliation: Uh.. Evil? Not quite sure what to put here.

Age: Around 30 years
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Height: 5'7".
Weight: 135 Lbs.
Build: Rather scrawny, but he's a good runner. Rather useless in a fight, but that's what his robots are for []
Hair:Decently long, but unkempt. Really light blond to white.
Clothing: Long white lab coat, and a utility belt containing, among other things, a multi-function monitor (Tracking device, streaming video, etc), a fix-point teleporter, and, of cource, a wrench. Pants and shirt are unknown at the moment, due to, uh.. the hisenburg uncertainty principle <.< >.>

Qwerty is one of the natural denziens of the 8th dimention, and has lived there for all his life, although that may very well change with the entrance of the heros. Qwerty used to live in one of the many villages dotting the immediate area.

However, one day, he was working on a revolutionary power source, and something went wrong. The resulting explosion destroyed most of the town, and killed quite a few people. The townspeople drove him out, exiling him. They also passed word of this incident to other areas, and so Qwerty was left with nowhere to go.

And so, he started working on his base, in the middle of a mostly uninhabited forest. After many years, with the help of more and more robots as his skill with machinery increased, it has grown into a massive complex, filled with many sorts of experiments, from his classic robot building to teleportationd divices to several types of flight-capable machines. He also has several cloackign devices, all ranging in ability from a personal cloaking device that is nearly flawless to a large, complex-spanning shield which, while having the occational flaw, is more then enough to keep out the occasional interloper. He also has a nift teleportation field around his base, which, in effect, will teleport a casual wanderer that stumbles on the edge of his complex to the other side, without them even realizing it. This effect only works from forest level, however.

The last two devices were created after a ratehr unfortunate frankenstien-esque attack on his base. he managed to beat them off without too much injury to them or his base, but since then he has developed these measures to make sure it does not happen again. he also has quite a few other defensive measures secreted over his base, but he has yet to use these for any reason, and has only lightly tested them.

After the arrival of the heros, Qwerty helped the obviously distraught CM only to be swept into the larger plot of the NeS. After they managed to escape from Thrawn42689, one of Qwerty's own robots which had turned on him after having an evil Personality Module attached, and AHNULD, a robot who's origins are still a mystery, CM and Qwerty made thier way to the HHH. While on this trip, CM managed to teach Qwerty a little bit of magic, which manifested itself as electrisity, not the fire favored by CM and Mimiru. Whether if he was sucessful because he's a really good learner or Mimiru is a bad one has yet to be determined.

After meeting up with the rest of the Heros, Qwerty got swept up into yet anoutehr evil plot, this time with TLTE, who had gone temporarily insane. He managed to escape however, and made his way back to the HHH. There, however, things didn't go to well. After beign called an idiot by CM for interuptiong him during Mustang's story, something snapped. In his anger, his nefound magics increased power considerably, and he manged to shock the heros into immobility for enough time for him to escape, teleporting back to his base.

Since this time, Qwerty has been spreading his intelligence web with a multitude of cloaked Spy bots, sporting hovering abilities, and the best cloakign fields yet developed. They have since spread over most of the area surrounding his base, the HHH, and even Hell. He has also discovered the evidence of the NeS from vibrations of the universe that changed when Gebohq's Dimension jumping landed the heros in the 8th Dimension. What he is going to do with this knowlage hs yet to be seen.

Qwerty, while earlier being a tad nieve and generaly congenial, has sicne had a radical change since his turning evil. Now he has become belligerant and has turned most of his energies toward the destruction of the Heros. he has become arrogant and detestest the casual idiocy most of the heros, indeed, most of the characters as a whole, display from time to time.

Also, he has an obsession with the name 'Thrawn' and has named most of his robots that, with different numbers after it. The latest one is Thrawn50000.

Magical: Manifested as electrisity, Qwerty has only used this very briefly, but the last time he managed to completely paralize a group of msot the heros for several seconds, and deliever a substantialy larger jolt to CM, which caused him a severe headache.
Technological: He has rather insane abilities in this area, and is a supreame mechanist and is very proficient in inventing and his personally favorite area of robot building. His entire complex was built from the ground up by only himself and his robots, all personally built.

None, at the moment. His only defences at the moment are his base defences, his robots, his teleporter, and his magics. He has yet to personally be ina fight, and he would almost certainly come off the worse in a 1 on 1 fight.

That's all for now. I may add an equipment section later.

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A Knight's Tail
Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
The Never Ending Story²
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2004-08-22, 10:58 AM #18
Up from the ashes comes this thread, as well as a profile for our new NeS Oddball.

Name: Zania
Nickname: None as of yet.
Titles: That weird guy who took Geb's kidney.
Home: Unknown. First appeared within the NeS² dreamstate.
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread²

Physical Attributes
Age: Undetermined.
Gender: Male
Race: Probably human.
Height: Approx. 6'.
Weight: Somewhere between 170lbs and 180lbs maybe. Probably depends on if he's soaked in water.
Build: Difficult to tell, as his only exposed skin is his hands and his legs below the knees. Does not cut a super-impressive image, but does not seem like a scrawny person.
Hair: Indeterminate. (see outfit)
Eyes: Indeterminate. (see outfit)
Clothing: Wears sandals, denim shorts, a neon green hooded sweatshirt with the words "Stuff Happens When You Party Naked" on the front, and a plastic Jimmy Carter mask.


Zania has not had enough time to establish a proper history. He appeared mysteriously in the NeS² dreamstate, only to remove Gebohq's kidney. Has been using some unorthodox means to gain various character parts. His true intentions are still unknown.


Zania's usual personality has yet to be determined. He adjusts to the situation to suit his needs. Has an air of control around him.

Determined to meet his own ends.

Transportation: He has the apparent ability to travel through the NeS² dreamstate at will.

Frying Pan: Tool used to make top quality fried eggs and bacon. Oh, and as general anesthetic for surgical procedures.
Assorted Surgical Equipment: Various bladed objects, ranging from scalpels to rusty machetes, used for removing whatever character part he may require.
Lures: Various items he may use to lure characters to secluded places for application of anesthesia.
2004-08-23, 10:45 AM #19
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread/NeShattered (first appearance (more or less) here.)
Name: Gebiyl Joseph Anne-Marie Simon (changed his name from Gebohq to Gebiyl after enterting NeSquared and then the Dreamstate)
Nicknames: Gebiyl, Shattered (S.) Geb, Evil Geb, etc.
Titles: Ruler of NeShattered, (possibly) Protector of the Plotfractal
Alignment: Classic, usually chaotic, Evil "for the sake of the story"
Home: While technically the same as Gebohq's, he would consider NeShattered his home.
System: Influenced in some degree by bugs/glitches in videogames/"speedrunning"
Synopsis: A heroic protagonist turned villian, Gebiyl is more or less the classic "evil twin" type of Gebohq's.

Age: Appears to be in his mid-twenties or his "prime", actually over a thousand years old.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human, mostly Caucassian. Half-U.K., half-mutt.
Height: 5'10".
Build: Fit, but not much else.
Hair: Shoulder-length dark autumn hair. Rivals that of Mark Hamill's from Star Wars and Kevin Bacon's from Tremors.
Eye color: Right eye is brown, the other is a pale gray.
Unusual features: He now inhabits the body of Qhobeg, likely having killed off the Qhobeg personality and have control over clones of Gebohq.
Outfits: Dark camo pants, grey shirt, black boots. Dresses in the appropriate evil fashions of the week when suited.

Pre-NeS (and pages 40-43-ish): Short answer -- technically the same as Gebohq's, as Gebiyl and Gebohq were the same person before NeShattered came to existance. Long answer below, from Gebohq's profile:

"Gebohq was given his name from his mother, who drew six random letters from a Scrabble board (his younger sister Losien faired worse; a Ouiji board was used for her name). His childhood was often spent with his sister, his destiny of heroism apparent even then as Gebohq often helped his sister out of tough situations. He also watched a lot of TV, most notably Star Trek. Wishing to become like his role-model James T. Kirk, he set off for the Never-ending State University (NeSU) in hopes of majoring in the fighting arts. It was then that he first discovered the hardships of being a hero, having nearly been trapped in a plot hole."

Pages 1-50 (aka NeSo): Short answer -- again, technically the same as Gebohq's, as Gebiyl and Gebohq were the same person before NeShattered came to existance. Long answer below, from Gebohq's profile:

"Not too long after, in the year 1999, a comet threatened to end life on Earth. Gebohq answered the call of the hero, ready to stop it, but was intercepted by Ares, god of war. Ares summoned Gebohq and other heroes to the Arena and challanged them for the fate of the Earth, and thus the thread known as the Never-ending Story first manifested. Gebohq stood his ground (sort of), and Ares eventually grew bored. Other fights arose, new heroes appeared, and the comet was eventually destroyed, all aired on Pay-Per-View.

Gebohq and the growing band of heroes went on to fight many evils: TotallyEvil, Purevil, The Last True Evil (and his army of clones) and visited many locales, including StoneHendge, Disney World, The Forbidden Fortress of Forbideness, Japan, Switzerland... The heroes have even tranversed the boundaries of the pages and into videogames and T.V. shows. They eventually aqquired enough money (from a time when they had to get "real jobs") to establish their own headquaters in London, aptly called the Hall of Heroes, upon which they continued to fight evils (yes, even ones that did not have it spelled out in their names) and travel to exotic places, even the darkest depths of the 9th circle of Hell (Canada).

After many pages, a sinister plot became apparent to end the Never-ending Story. This plot was the Ever-ending Plot, known in short as EeP, the force equal yet opposite of the NeS. With the aide of several infamous villians throughout NeS and the world, EeP nearly succeeded in destroying the heroes and then NeS, but Gebohq, having been revealed his power as the story wielder, succeeded in saving NeS by a thread, squared that is. Only by prematurely ending the original thread and squaring it was Gebohq able to save NeS."

Between the end of page 50 and the beginning of page 51 (page 1 of NeShattered): While the Gebohq we know went on to NeSquared, another thread formed, a shattered NeS that went to fall into a post-apocalyptic senario when Highemperor attempted to control NeS and become the ultimate being. Certain NeS characters had an alternate form that appeared in NeShattered, one of them being Gebohq. A darker, twisted version in part thanks to Highemperor desires, he was soon left alone in the shattered thread, and in his confusion and desire to press forth 'for the sake of the story' he became a villian and ruled the shattered NeS for a thousand years in Highemperor's image. He fought the Answerer and lived.

Page 52-present (NeSquared): Helebon discovered a method into the shattered NeS, and the resident Geb ran into him. Wishing to escape the psuedo-NeS and control NeS how he saw fit, he struck a deal with Helebon and returned to Hell, where he confronted the real Gebohq and then cast into the 8th dimension. The Shattered Geb then called out for villians to aid in his attempt to conquor NeS, and nearly succeeded in defeating the majority of the heroes when he and most everyone else fell into a dreamstate. Since then, the NeS has spoken to Shattered Geb, offering him position as a Protector of the Plotfractal. Shattered Geb agreed hesitantly, but not before casting away his 'ohq' title and renamed himself Gebiyl.

He then appeared to be helping the heroes in the Dreamstate, when in actuality he began to harbor the Ever-ending Plot in an attempt to control its power, having stolen the heroes' items for his own use. Young, however, kept Gebiyl imprisoned, leaving Gebiyl to madness from wrestling with the EeP. He attempted to escape by visiting Arkng Thand, where he was imprisoned again more fully by the Potentials, the Hands of NeS, and Shadowlord. Only with Thand's assistance and Gebohq's near-death at the hands of Helebon was Gebiyl able to escape into Gebohq's body. He then roamed in Gebohq's body, having captured Young first in an attempt to learn and steal her power, then to marry her so that he may bear children and the like. While he technically succeeded in marrying and impregnating her, he failed to keep her in his clutches, lost dominance over Gebohq's body to the original, and stole Qhobeg's body to inhabit.

After the explosive crashing of his evil wedding, the EeP apparently separated from him, transforming into a viral, monstrous sludge in the process. The EeP took over NeShattered, leaving Gebiyl no choice but to escape into NeS proper and lock down NeShattered. He now aims to merely cause trouble where he can, for good or for evil.

Personality: While he can be like the real Gebohq at times, Gebohq's swapped his dreams of being a great hero in favor of being a great villain "for the sake of the story." This has made him more close-minded and something of a control freak at times, but mostly it's just made him psychotic.
Perceptions: There's evil in everything. The meaning of life/"the story" requires conflict and chaos, and even such extremes as harboring the EeP are needed for the good of NeS.
Politics: The only politics are the kind he controls with an iron fist!
Religon: Christianity, though it's buried under the need to be evil.
Beliefs: That love and all things good and right can't "win" and shouldn't "win."
Fears: Direct confrontations and the NeS dying.
Drives: To be the best villain ever in NeS.
Social status: He is king of NeShattered. He otherwise passes off as Gebohq.
Occupation: Professional villain, ruler of NeShattered.
Family: His family died centuries ago.
Relationships: Connected to Highemperor and The Answerer. Has a as-of-yet unidentified relation with Morthrandur. Has a love/hate relationship with both the NeS and the EeP (for different reasons). Starting to bond with Young (whom he wants to marry), wants to kill Gebohq.
Diction: Though he carries no "accent" since he was raised in the Midwest and is well-traveled, he has a voice (literally) that is easily identified as his own, whether for better or worse. He's accustomed to making it sound a little more evil over the years.
Hobbies: Kidnapping, killing, and other villainous things. Games and traveling have taken something of a backburner.
Likes: Women (and porn), pastries (doughnuts in particular), playing games (EVIL games!), rainy days and long walks on the beach. He's also liking to do evil a lot.
Dislikes: Movies with happy endings, swimming, the Ever-ending Plot. He still dislikes doing evil at times.

Potential: Gebiyl has the potential most evil twin antagonists have. His evasion and power with the NeS both have the potential to be unmatched (except for Gebohq). Technically, Gebiyl has no potential, as his Potential was killed.
Story-wielding: Like Gebohq, Gebiyl has the power to wield the NeS, moreso in NeShattered. Gebiyl can never truely "match" Gebohq's potential to wield the story, at least so long as Gebohq is around as an influential character (though being a villain cramps said potential as well). Due to a thousand years of experience and use, Gebiyl has a lot more control and familiarity with how to story-wield, allowing for some absurd level of power in the story. See Geb's profile for details on how story-wielding works.

Evasion Feat: Like Gebohq, Gebiyl is a master of evading attacks, though his most well-known "evasion" is to simply run away. He is so good at it (and uses it so often) that the phrase "gebbing it" has been coined. It is considered a power because, even without story-wielding or magic, he is more skilled in this than should be humanly possible (though it's not as obvious without magic).

Control over clones of Gebohq: He may have the ability to influence control over clones of Gebohq, as he inhabits the body of the first clone, Qhobeg.

Fighting Proficiency: Having attended a hero college (long ago), Gebiyl is proficient with a wide variety of weapons and equipment, as well as unarmed combat.

Insanity Resistance/Control: Perhaps it was his experience with being possessed by the Darkside, perhaps it is his long exposure to the ways of NeS, but Gebiyl has the ability to resist those things that would cause insanity. However, in an attempt to cope with acting evil and with keeping control over the EeP, Gebiyl has "controlled" or embraced his insanity. This is considered an ability because most NeS heroes, given enough time (or perhaps possessed by the Darkside), will likely build a similar resistance.

Neversword: A simple, yet mysterious, ******* sword, its blade crafted from dark oor. It serves as Gebiyl's all-purpose evil sword, having used it to defend himself from The Answerer, and could be considered the NeShattered equivilant of the NeSword.

Villain's Watch: Standard villain equivilant of the NeS heroes' wrist watch which has an emergency teleport device to take Gebiyl back to his fortress in NeShattered, and has the potential to be equipped with varying minor gadgets (ex. grappling hook, cutting laser...Bond stuff). Geb's watch can also change the channels and such on a TV.

Doughnuts: Box of doughnuts. Can restore minor health, but more importantly, dispell being possessed by certain evil presences, especially if such possession was triggered by pie. The doughnuts also boost morale.

Duct Tape: Binding and protective force of great power. One roll of 500 feet.

Economy-Size Pockets: Standard villain equivilant of hero-pants bought at Villains Depot ( <_< ). Within his pants pockets, he can hold an unusual amount of objects, including other potential party members! Usually, they only hold the inventory listed above.

Camo pants: His pants, at will, can allow for near-invisibility to his legs.

Plothooks: One strapped to each of his wrists, they act similar to harpoon-lke grappling hooks which can only latch onto (and potentially reel towards him or him towards) things that are of narrative value.

Since Gebiyl is suppose to embody many of the qualities of a speedrunner, I figured some resource links would be helpful. (hopefully I'll put down more than just a link later, but the provided link should provide a good understanding.)

Common tricks used by speedrunners:


See Gebohq's profile to understand more about Gebiyl.
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2004-08-23, 11:06 AM #20
Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).
Name: Qhobeg.
Nicknames: Qho? Beggy?
Titles: Once general of Jim Seven's forces, known as The Obfusticated One in some prophecy.
Alignment: Good/neutral.
Home: He was "born" in a cloning vat in Jim Seven's secret base, "lived" in Hell for some time, doesn't really have much of a home now though.
System: n/a
Synopsis: A clone of Gebohq made by Jim Seven, he was apparently made to "fight bad guys" and "keep Geb from doing something stupid." He was abandoned by Jim soon after, though, and serves mostly as a type of alternate Geb...

Age: Appears to be in his mid-twenties, technically is pretty damn young (a year?), give or take a few eons due to Hell metaphysics.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human, mostly Caucassioan. Half-U.K., half-mutt.
Height: 5'10"
Build: Fit, but not much else.
Hair: Shoulder-length dark autumn hair. Rivals that of Mark Hamill's from Star Wars and Kevin Bacon's from Tremors.
Eye color: Right eye brown, left eye pale grey.
Unusual features: Pale grey left eye, tattoo somewhere on his body...
Outfits: Cameo pants (they can actually be invisible), combat boots, black t-shirt.

Pre-Story History: none.

Story History: Cloned from Geb's DNA by Jim to "fight bad guys" and "keep Geb from doing something stupid." Qhobeg serve as a general in Jim Seven's army against Helebon with some success. He was then thrown into a half-*** training session with Ares. Since then, Qhobeg has mostly kept to himself, playing Gamecube games, with Shattered Gebohq dragging him into the 8th dimension, running away from sanity police, getting a tattoo on his back while in a plothole, and generally being thrown in a mess. He helped stoped Dalaes and Helebon in their attempt to rule the Earth, becoming known as the Obfusticated One. He then wandered the roads with The Otter, cruising for women, and wound up back in Hell, where Qhobeg was disowned by Jim Seven. He joined with the heroes to stop Evil Geb's wedding.

Recent History: He's currently half-helping the heroes, his calling apparently still waiting...

Personality: A bit arrogant at times, and at others, reserved and lacking confidence and the like, also acting like Geb at others (see Geb's profile). He mostly just wants to do his own thing and play videogames rather than get into the mess known as NeS. So it seems at least...
Perceptions: Confused about his purpose...
Politics: Apathetic.
Religon: Agnostic.
Beliefs: He's uncertain about his own beliefs.
Fears: The dark/unknown, that he may never know his purpose or that his purpose isn't good...
Drives: He's "prgrammed" to "fight bad guys" and "keep Geb from doing something stupid." His real drive seems to be that of either least resistance or towards something which may give him a purpose.
Social status: None/broke, though could pass off as Gebohq.
Occupation: former general, now jobless.
Family: He considers Jim Seven to be a father figure and Gebohq something of a brother. Mostly, though, he feels he has no family.
Relationships: Loss from Jim's disownership, "friend" of The Otter and Antestarr.
Diction: He carries Gebohq's unique voice, which is more or less lacking in an accent.
Hobbies: Playing videogames (more than Gebohq).
Likes: Playing videogames, not really as passionate about women and pastries as much as Geb. He also likes temperate and lively climates.
Dislikes: The dark/unknown.

Potential: He's supposed to have the potential to supplant Gebohq should Gebohq ever die from his luck running out. His true potential, however, remains to be seen...

Story Wielding - Presumably, Qhobeg was cloned with the idea that he would be able to take Gebohq's place, which may mean that Qhobeg has the ability to story-wield like Gebohq does. It is unknown at this time though if he has this power, or how it can be used.

Evasion Feat: Like Gebohq, Qhobeg is naturally good at evading attacks. It is considered a power because, even without story-wielding or magic, he is more skilled in this than should be humanly possible (though it's not as obvious without magic). At one point, Qhobeg was apparently even better than Gebohq at evading/running away, though how or why is unknown, nor is it confirmed, particularlly since Gebohq's kidney has been replaced, allowing Gebohq to "geb" better than before.

Fighting Proficiency - Having served as a General in Jim's forces and trained under Ares, Qhobeg is proficient with a wide variety of weapons and equipment, as well as unarmed combat.

Camoflauge Pants - Simply put, Qhobeg's pants can make his legs invisible. Whether they make his legs look invisible all the time or only on command is uncertain.

Concepts: clone of Geb, as if we didn't have enough Gebs...
Themes: Alternate "what-ifs" for Geb, mostly.
Challanges: Trying to keep him active, giving him a purpose, etc.

Miscellaneous: There's a good chance that Qhobeg will be Gebiyl's new host body if the events of the current story arc play out...
Notes: He really needs some lovin', especially if he's about to be given the boot.
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2004-08-23, 11:23 AM #21
Story: NeShattered (first appearance here).
Name: Morthrandur
Nicknames: also known as the Sepulchral Phantom. No real nicknames.
Titles: Agent of Forever
Alignment: Unknown. Certainly not clear-cut good in any case.
Home: The Realm of Forever?
System: n/a
Synopsis: A force similar to the Darkside, but seems to have a vested interest in the future of NeS. "Uber-undead Geb" might be an accurate synopsis too. See "Misc./Notes."

Age: At least a century old, but otherwise uncertain.
Gender: Male. At least, as far as phantom-types go.
Race: Not-applicaple. He appears very pale.
Height: At least 7'... tall.
Build: Thin, but he's a phantom, so doesn't really have much in the way of "mass."
Hair: Unknown.
Eye color: Unknown.
Unusual features: He's a phantom, so can appear and dissapear, can be non-coporeal, etc. He has very pale skin (seen in his hands) and his face is hidden under his hood.
Outfits: Dark blue robe with a hood that always covers his head and face.

Pre-Story History: See "Misc./Notes." Otherwise, his pre-story history is unknown.

Story History: He first appears to Charlie and then, later, to "answer" the Answerer in NeShattered. He then appears in NeSquared, pitting Gebohq against his Shattered counterpart, where Shattered Geb lost. Apparently losing interest in him as an ursurper to Geb as NeSummoner, Morthrandur visits Geb in private and shows him wonders, apparently interested in making NeS a better place. Morthrandur also apparently starts to visit The Otter as a replacement for Shattered Geb, but then starts trying to find S. Geb again after learning that he now harbors the EeP, among other things. Upon discovering him, Morthrandur convinces Shattered Geb to follow him back to NeShattered to prepare him in trying to ursurp Geb's position. He gives Shattered Geb the idea of marrying Young in evil matrimony so that S. Geb can have kids and "live forever" and have a super-kid under his control.

Recent History: Morthrandur is currently helping Shattered Geb/Gebiyl/Evil Geb in his plan to carry out this evil wedding.

Personality: At his core, there are similarities to Gebohq. However, at his core, and in his behavior, Morthrandur is enygmatic, unearthly, dark, similar to the Darkside.
Perceptions: Unknown, though would probably believe in the "no pain no gain" philosophy.
Politics: Morthrandur is above politics.
Religon: Unknown.
Beliefs: Likely believes in the "Forever" whatever that is.
Fears: Unknown.
Drives: Apparently wants the Geb of NeShattered to take normal Geb's place as NeSummoner. His ultimate motives are unknown.
Social status: Morthrandur doesn't really belong in society, being a uber-undead phantom-thing.
Occupation: None, though is unofficial advisor to Gebiyl.
Family: The closest thing he has to family is Gebohq and Gebiyl.
Relationships: A deep relation of some sort with Gebiyl, seems strangely attached to Gebohq despite his motives, had a vested interest in The Otter.
Diction: Ethereal, epic, etc.
Hobbies: Being undead sort of cramps your style when it comes to having a hobby.
Likes: unknown.
Dislikes: unknown.

Potential: Morthrandur has the power to shape some pretty significant stuff in the scheme of things in NeS. He's unlikely to do anything directly so much as behind-the-scenes, when no one is looking. His strength likely comes from leaving nothing as just "potential."

Undead Phantom - being an undead phantom-type allows him to appear and dissapear, become incoporeal, and immune to human weaknesses such as sleep, hunger, poison, etc. etc. He likely has inhuman strength and speed. He has embracing the Dust, the "mother" of the Darkside, to thank for this.

Agent of Forever - it is unclear still what being such an agent actually does, but it's likely given him clerical powers (making him able to act as a priest). This likely allows him to summon shades (dead-types, not sunglasses), show visions, etc.


Ageless Wisdom - he's pretty damn wise, probably from how long he's lived. Nothing terribly special, but still significant enough to identify as his own.

Equipment: n/a

Concepts: "uber undead Geb" -- an epic-level character.
Themes: a more conservative Geb being all uber-undead.
Challanges: Trying to define this character's goals, for now :(
Who?: n/a
What?: n/a
How?: n/a
Why?: Highemperor had a thing for making super-epic fantasy characters.

Miscellaneous: Before becoming Morthrandur, he was Gebohq's great-great-great grandfather, Erro Ohq. See below.

Name: Erro ohq Fredrick Scott II
Nicknames: Erro
Titles: Defender of Justice, Leader of the League of Heroes
Home: Northern England
Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).
Affiliation: League of Heroes (1888 A.D.)

Age: Early 30's (in 1888)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 144lbs
Build: same as Geb's
Hair: Red, probably similar to Geb's
Eye color: blue
Clothing: typical hero-like clothing from around 1888 A.D.

A relatively well-to-do type from a great Scott lineage in the United Kingdom, Erro founded the League of Heroes, which bear resemblance to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen *eyes wander*. While only knowing NeS as a prophecy to come, they had their share of adventures, mainly with a Count Desmond, and in a climatic battle at his stronghold in 1888, Erro was placed in a climactic, character-deciding moment. Forced to see, with his eyes AND mind, his love being raped by Count Desmond, and given the choice to watch it happen or to embrace the Dust to have the power to stop Desmond, his bloodink was 'ripened' for Desmond to feed on later. What Desmond hadn't expected was that Erro would embrace the Dust and stop him. Over the years, he changed from Erro to Morthrandur, eventually dissapearing the world and into the life as Morthrandur. His existance with the "Forever" however, may have altered his existance in time.

While not quite down-to-earth as Gebohq, the two share enough similarities to make people say Gebohq is a spitting image of his ancestor.

Probably similar to Geb, though not as powerful or "evolved."
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2004-11-19, 5:47 PM #22
Story: NeSquared (first appearance here.)
Name: Young of NeS
Nicknames: Young.
Titles: Child of NeS, Blank Character.
Alignment: Good.
Home: Born in the Dreamstate of NeS, lives with the other heroes.
System: n/a
Synopsis: A blank character "made" by other characters (instead of the writers), presumably giving Young immunity of control from the writers. So far, she serves as a sort of impressionable princess figure.

Age: Appears to be young enough to pull off child-like yet old enough to be sexually appealing (guesstimate: a very sexy 15-16 year old), technically not even a year old.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human (appears Caucassian, sort of...), former Blank Character.
Height: Short (Probably around 5' even.)
Build: Small.
Hair: Blue, somewhat curly.
Eye color: Blue.
Unusual features: none.
Outfits: She has formerly worn a white toga, a green checked gingham dress, high-class bride's outfit fitting for a princess, and a stereotypical Old American Western-style dress.

Pre-Story History: none.

Story History: Born from parts of the characters of NeS and the NeS itself, Young is the first Blank Character to be created from the physical parts of characters themselves. A Blank Character is a character that is defined by the influence of other characters, as oppose to writers, and thus is an ingenious method to thwart the power of the writers, a method Antestarr used in this case to capitalize on, in hopes of protecting the interests of NeS. Young entered at the end of NeS' dreamstate in which the heroes (and some villians) were trapped, and when the EeP threatened to terrorize, control, and end the NeS's life as we know it. Thanks to Young's intervention, however, the heroes escaped, leaving the EeP trapped within Gebiyl within the NeS dreamstate.

Since then, she's been spending time with the heroes, learning about stuff and whatnot. After Gebiyl escaped the Dreamstate via Gebohq's body, however, she was kidnapped by Gebiyl and forced to a Siberian bunker (TLTE's former 'home'). She was examined, tested, and interrogated thoroughly with little to no luck, having created a paradox in the process. Thanks to Morthrandur's suggestion, Gebiyl then took her to NeShattered, where she will be forced to wed...

Personality: Young is impressionable and quite dependant on others, like a child would be. She is quite considerate of others, and something of a passifist. She can be whistfulness and whimsey, sensitive, cultured and sophisticated, sober and perceptive (especially when it comes to knowing when to fight or flee), protective like a mother, noble, tough, strange, resourceful, "blue," and even a little self-confident (but quite modest).
Perceptions: Unknown/still forming.
Politics: Doesn't know much of politics.
Religon: Doesn't know much of religon.
Beliefs: Unknown/still forming.
Fears: Unknown/still forming (apart from basic, human fears, like dying).
Drives: To learn and grow, otherwise still forming.
Social status: None, technically, but being a "child of NeS" gives her a rather "noble" position on that level.
Occupation: None.
Family: The NeS is her "mother" and the following are her "character parents," whom she probably feels closer for: Gebohq, The Last True Evil, Maybechild, The Otter, Jim Seven, CoolMatty, Krig, Ahnuld, The Jellybean Pony, Thrawn42689, CookedHaggis. There's a good chance that Antestarr is among those "parents" as well and is arguably her "father."
Relationships: Bonding a little too much with Evil Geb as of late...
Diction: Probably has qualities of the dictions of her parents. Probably child-like.
Hobbies: Hasn't really developed any hobbies, apart from being kidnapped...
Likes: Unknown/still forming. She probably likes sweets and refined foods.
Dislikes: Unknown/still forming.

Potential: Young has the potential to shape the NeS in ways most other characters can never hope to accomplish, as she is "free" from being controlled by the writers, having been a Blank Character. She has the potential a princess of NeS could have.
Powers: (in no particular order)
Blank Character - Being born a Blank Character, Young is immune from the writers' control over her. The NeS protects Young should a writer try to harm her in any way that she is not aware of and/or approves of. Until she finishes "growing up," Young is also a considerably fast learner, being able to absorb information, training and the like given to her by other characters.

CoolMatty's magic - she has the ability to use the same sort of magic that CoolMatty can, though possibly to a lesser degree than CoolMatty.

Gebohq's evasion feat - she has the ability to evade/dodge the way Gebohq does, to a lesser degree than Gebohq.

Jim Seven's "nobility" - she has something of a divine quality to her, allowing her to act in epic proportions, though possibly to a lesser degree than Jim Seven.

The Otter's judgement - Her perception of her surroundings is something super-human. Should she ever get drunk, it's likely that said perception would be limited in exchange for the power to summon fireballs in her hands. Such "drunkness" need not necessarily require the use of alchohol... Her power is of a lesser degree's than The Otter's.

Krig's toughness - She's a tough nut to crack, physically and mentally, though possibly to a lesser degree than Krig.

Thrawn42689's "sensitivity" - Her physical and mental sensitivity are super-humanly high, similar to Thrawn42689.

Abilities: (in no particular order)
The Last True Evil's resourcefulness - Her ability to piece together necessary parts for a successful whole could give any double-o agent a run for his money, though possibly to a lesser degree than The Last True Evil.

Proficiency with guns and shields - Given them, she is quite capable of handing a gun (pistols mostly) and a shield (of the buckler variety mostly).

CookedHaggis's Culture - She is natural with social graces and has an impeccable taste for good food, especially sweets (thanks to the Jellybean Pony).

Maybechild's Motherly Side - She is naturally in tune with nature, and will protect with great power anything under her care that she feels is threatened. You know, the mother-stuff.

Equipment: None. Her own pistol and shield were presumably swiped from Gebiyl.

Concepts: Blank character breaking control from the writers jazz.
Themes: Princess of NeS, free-will issues, that sort of stuff.
Challanges: Keeping what makes her unique in the spotlight; not dismissing it aside.

Miscellaneous: Young could very well start turning evil at this rate, thanks to being Evil Geb's captive and all...
Notes: Some specifics.

Female Gender --- Otter
Knowledge that Otter is an idiot --- Maybechild
Knowledge that EeP is evil --- bunch of heroes
Confusion about whether or not she herself is evil ---Gebiyl
Physical form (a body) ---Ante
Clothes ---Maybechild
Guns (offensive ability) ---Qhobeg
Shield (defensive ability) ---Krig
Self-Confidence (sticking up for herself) ---Mimiru
Modesty -- Subaru/Mimiru
Refined judgement of actions of self -- Subaru/Mimiru
Knowledge of why she exists -- Antestarr

CHARACTER PARTS: (note: the parts only make Young as talented as the characters WERE -- they are now stronger)
A kidney from Gebohq (understanding of fight vs. flight)
A jellybean from the Jellybean Pony (whimsy and whistfulness)
A bit of skin from Thrawn (sensitivity)
A half of a moustache from Haggis (culture and sophistication)
A liver from Otter (sobriety/judgement)
A lock of hair from Maybe (beautiful motherly side)
A rib from Jim Seven (noble/epic)
A toenail clipping collection from Krig (tough and strange)
A net from TLTE (resourcefulness) *note: net should really be something else...
A bit of the flame of Phoenix Gale from CM (magic)
A bit of blue (like from rainbows) from Ahnuld ("blue"/unknown)
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2004-12-20, 4:46 PM #23
((Partially because Antestarr kept saying I should and partially because I think having bios of ourselves would be cool to actually attach to the writer counterparts of NeS and partially because getting to know each other in general is cool.... here's a "character sheet" of myself :) And stuff. I am interested in hearing about you guys, but I understand if you don't wish to do so.))

Name: Scott Gajewski
Nicknames: Sometimes Geb, but mostly just Scott.
Titles: ISB kingpin.
Home: Maryland, USA
Affiliation: forces of Good (I hope)

Birthdate: Sept. 8, 1983
Gender: male
Race: white guy (Polish on father's side, Irish and English(?) on mother's side)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: take a guess :p
Hair: shoulder-length brown hair, with a middle part that he tries to hide
Eye color: blue (bad near-sighted vision though)
Clothing: usually jeans or khakis and a monochrome color T-shirt (often black), and a dark grey overcoat/trenchcoat when cold enough.

Born in a middle-middle/upper class family, Scott has lived in Maryland (and outside Baltimore to an extent) all his life and has been considered mysterious and odd on the whole. He had been diagnosed as mentally challanged at a young age and went for special schooling up until the first grade, when he miraculously jumped in intelligence (or at least response) and moved to St. Mark's Elementary (a Catholic school) with his older sister. He has always had a strong bond with his sister (his elder by 2 years), who arguably has understood him the most out of anyone.

The biggest downer of Scott's life is probably when his parents divorced, as he entered the third grade. As far as divorces go, it was pretty smooth -- the family had vacationed to Disney World as a last happy family trip prior to the divorce, and he saw both his parents equally from that point on. Still, this disrupted him from continuing in sports and, eventually, the Boy Scouts, among other things. On the upside, his dad had given him his first Nintendo, which would set a foundation for Scott's fascination with videogames. He would continually analyze the games he played, dreaming up of game designs of his own.

Scott moved with his mother to Annapolis (an upper-class small historic city) and in 7th grade, switched to St. Mary's Elementary (and later High School) located in downtown Annapolis, complete with all the expected emotional reponses. In high school, Scott would join the school's drama club, where he found his "clique." His enjoyment with visual arts led him to take all 4 of the school's small art program. After his sophomore year, he jumped on the Internet, where playing videogames led him into The Massassi Temple and its forums, where his writing talent (perhaps inherited from his mother) was nurtured, along with a keen interest in the spiritual, thanks mostly to two online interactive stories: Sage of the 3rd War and The Never-ending Story Thread.

After high school, he enrolled in the University of Maryland Baltimore County and aimed to major in digital animation (with a minor in creative writing) in hopes of applying such a degree to entering the videogame industry. However, as with many college students, laziness took a heavy hold, and his B average in high school dropped into Cs and worse. He's still attending, though, still loving videogames, and still writing for the Never-ending Story. However, his failure to significantly advance in artistic skill and to continue the story stemming from "Saga of the 3rd War" has made him question his future.

In "real life" Scott is a pretty classic introvert -- quiet, geeky, never kissed a girl much less had a girlfriend (unless you could a one-year "relationship" soley on the Internet...), etc. On the Internet, however, Scott is relatively social, and his persona often reflects his alter-ego Gebohq from the Never-ending Story, which in turn has and does reflect back on his real-life self. There's likely more, but a lot of it can be seen through his writing on the ISB ;)

While Scott has no special powers (being a real life human), he does have his own strengths and weaknesses.

"ISB Kingpin": On the internet, Scott is most well known for moderating (and advertising) the Interactive Story Board. This has in turned made Scott a relatively social person on the Internet.

Creative Writing: Scott is fairly skilled in creating fictional settings and characters. He favors modern-fantasy, but within that context he is interested in tackling standards.

Drawing: Scott is competant in basic drawing techniques, though his style is rough at best. He is also knowledgeable about other standard visual art techniques, such as photography, film, etc. This talent, and his writing talent, has been used to scribble down his game design creations and alterations on random pieces of paper.

Knowledge - Humanities: In general, Scott is knowledgeable in most humanities, from fine arts and theatre to writing and literature to philosophy, religion and psychology, though is arguablely not stellar in any one field (even in writing he lacks some of the more formal parts needed). Offset by this, however, is his lack of skill in a lot of everything else -- mathematics, sciences, history, foreign languages etc. especially when it's dependant on a vocabulary, though the basics of geometry and physics appear exempt.

Miscommunication: Whether by simple mistakes or by trying to express something really odd, Scott often miscommunicates an idea, which has even gotten him into trouble multiple times, even with his own family.

Video Games: Especially when it comes to Nintendo, Scott is both knowledgable and skilled in many games. Scott owns a NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Atari 2600, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance, and what he doesn't own he's played over at friends.

Knowledge - Entertainment: On a broader note, as with Humanities, Scott is knowledgable on many movies and TV shows (in part thanks to his dad),as well a variety of classic game-types (ex. pen-and-paper dice role-playing games) but once again, not highly specialized in any one type (save perhaps video games).

Laziness/Weak: Whether voluntary or not, Scott succumbs to inaction moreso than is good for him, which often takes the form of procrastination. This has almost never taken place on a professional level, but more on the personal level. Perhaps in part due to his lack of physical strength and stamina, or perhaps encouraged by his overall patience with achieving goals... there could be a number of reasons why.

Shotokan: Scott has an orange belt in this form of karate when he lost contact with his sensei. He hopes one day to be able to continue where he left off.

Narcissistic Streak: In part perhaps from being an artist, Scott, certainly can be more fascinated with himself than need be. Just look at this character sheet he's making, speaking about himself in the third person :P


Wooden Sword: - About 3 feet long, pretty old, probably good for one whack before it breaks. Perhaps like Link, Scott will upgrade to a White Sword in the future.

Writing/Art Utensils: - the tools of a communicator. "The pen is mightier than the sword" could really apply in pen-and-paper role-playing games...

Still too lazy to redo this profile like the sample character sheet, or to upload/link all my character profiles.
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2004-12-21, 10:29 PM #24
I like this idea.

Name: Witheld for reasons of paranoia and a stubborn desire for anonymity
Nicknames: Krig, mostly. Sometimes even in real life by those who know me on the 'net.
Titles: Writer, History Buff, Some Guy
Home: Virden, Manitoba
Affiliation: the Truth

: 21 (birthdate: April 29, 1983)
Gender: male
Race: human (German, Polish, English, Irish, Scottish, and possibly a little Dutch)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150+ lbs
Build: thin
Hair: coppery hair usually relatively long, sideburns and goatee.
Eye color: army green
Clothing: Jeans and t-shirt. Occasionally a collared type shirt.

Born the eldest son of four to a small farm family in rural Manitoba, Krig was raised in the largely isolated confines of the farm. At roughly age five, the family TV abruptly stopped working, and Krig's father decided they didn't need it anyway. It remained non-functional for six formative years, during which Krig -- in an effort to stave off mind-eating boredom -- read every single piece of literature he could find. At his peak, he was reading two or three Hardy Boys books a day. This intellectual bent, combined with a particularly obstinate stubborn streak, led to Krig avoiding the usual chores and farm work one usually associates with growing up on the farm, and a subsequent lack of knowledge of the trade.

School, being Krig's only real link to the outside world, was not the source of headache it seemed to be to others. Once, in Grade Two, he tried this "studying" thing he'd heard about, realised that he could get by just as well without it, and never studied again. School was primarily a place of socializing to Krig, with some schoolwork at times as well.

The Grades Five and Six were troublesome for Krig. Though he could never remember how it started, he quickly became one of the kids at school who everybody made fun of. This would anger Krig, and would build up until he could take no more, at which point he would explode violently, going into a sort of berserker rage and attacking his tormentors. This in turn would be the source of further mocking, feeding a never-ending cycle. It wasn't always bad though -- several high points included beating up the local bully (for which he was richly rewarded with chips and money by his fellow students as he was led off to the office), and defeating a teenager twice his size and age in single combat on the bus. Nonetheless, all this trauma caused the already reserved Krig to retreat into a shell of taciturnity.

Upon reaching Grade Seven (and the switch from the Elementary School to the High School -- it was a small town, only two schools), Krig decided to take advantage of the confusion among his peers in adjusting to the new surroundings, and put his reputation as an easily-provoked weirdo behind him. It worked, and Krig became your regular average high school geek. Only since he was still in rural Manitoba, there were very few fellow geeks to associate with. High school was essentially a long series of having friends, losing friends, getting friends again, and through it all, many unrequited loves.

The noon hours in high school were the time when Krig and his comrades hung out in the library and played various RPGs and CCGs. One day, Krig got bored with the usual fare and created his own RPG. This would become the gang's longest-running RPG, full of adventure and battle and magic. He called it the First Realm, and unknown to him, it would later grow to become a massive world with seven thousand years' worth of history and culture and language. But all this was in the future.

The turning point in Krig's life came when he and a friend started going to a church youth group in a town an hour's drive away. The sudden influx of friends and good influences slowly drew Krig out of his shell, restoring his confidence to the point where he was even able to work up the courage to finally ask a girl out. She said no, but that's not the point. In any case, when he finished high school and his only link to the outside world was cut off, Krig found he had this new group of friends he could rely upon. Deciding that the best job to have would be that of a writer, Krig drew upon his world of T1R and began a novel. Two years later it was barely half done, and Krig's parents' subtle hints to go find a real job became much less subtle. He started working at a grocery store for minimum wage, and shortly thereafter moved out into an apartment of his own. Though not an ideal career choice, Krig figured it would give him time to finish his novel.

A year and a half later, Krig is now co-leader of the afore-mentioned youth group, the novel is still half done and Krig is beginning to consider his options...

Though at one time painfully shy, Krig has deliberately shed all but a few remnants of that former timidity. That doesn't mean he's loud and outgoing, mind you -- he is simply able to speak when he wants to. Krig tends to be quite reserved, offering his opinion only when relevant, and adding bits of dry wit into the conversation here and there. However, when among close friends, Krig's impish silly side tends to emerge, and he does things like make silly faces and climb random things. Krig realises that it might look odd for a twenty-one year old guy to be climbing random things, but he doesn't care. It's fun.

Krig tends to be intensely stubborn about the things he cares about, but easily malleable on those he doesn't. He is intensely individualistic, and will often do things simply because it's the opposite of what everyone else does. He likes to neither go with the flow or fight against it, but rather to stand off to the side of the flow and laugh at all the poor suckers stuck in the water. He has a natural affinity for "thinking outside the box", even if he's not particularly good at it.

In addition to his incredible wit, charm and strength, which exist mostly in his imagination, Krig is also good at some other stuff.

Drawing and Art: Due to some fluke of genetics or upbringing or who-knows-what, Krig and all three of his brothers are skilled artists. Krig's Acchilles' heel, however, is graphic design. He utterly sucks at it, for some reason unknown to him.

Knowledge: Due to six years of reading basically everything (and continuing to read a lot after that as well), Krig knows at least a little about most things. He knows a lot about a few things -- history, the Norse, language, and origins science. Well, the past in general, really. He also tries to stay at least vaguely aware of current world politics and knows quite a bit about theology.

Steep Learning Curve: When something catches his interest, Krig usually is able to learn quite a lot about it in a short amount of time, by intense study and research, etc. However, when whatever it is doesn't quite interest him, learning about it is nearly impossible, and slow.

Music: In April of 2001, Krig's best friend taught him the basics of bass guitar on a borrowed bass. He quickly picked it up, and soon surpassed the skill of the bass guitar's original owner. He's also tried his hand at composing classical music, with mixed but encouraging results.

Grappling/Ju-Jitsu/Judo/Street Fighting: In his last year of high school, one of the local cops (a Mountie, eh?) held a martial arts/self defence class combining various styles but based largely on Hoist Gracie's brazilian style Ju-Jitsu. Krig became quite proficient at it, though the teacher eschewed the traditional belt-rating system. It's been a while since the Mountie was re-assigned up North, so he may have become rusty.

Writing: Due again, perhaps, to those many years of reading, Krig has developed a reasonable skill at writing.


Large Stick: (A two-foot long chunk of a plank, with a handle carved into it with his bare hands. Yes, his bare hands. He leaves it by his door in case of burglars.)
Hammer: (a regular hammer of the sort with a round thing on the end rather than a claw. He leaves it by the head of his bed in case of burglars.)
Large Plank: (A length of two-by-four carved into a basic swordish shape. He keeps it in his car, in case of car-jackers.)
Wooden Sword: (A sword carved from a board when he was younger. He keeps it by the foot of his bed, mostly as a memento.)

Krig also hopes to one day purchase a real sword to hang on his wall. Not a cheap flimsy sword made for display, mind you, but an actual combat-ready sword capable of disembowling a burglar. Krig is not actually paranoid that a burglar is going to break into his home, but he figures that if one day it does happen, he wants to be ready. After all, it's not every day you get to legally hit someone in the head with a big stick.
So sayest the Writer of Silly Things!
2004-12-27, 12:00 AM #25
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread.
Name: Gebohq Joseph Anne-Marie Simon (though "Ohq" often appears as his last name on the paperwork for some odd reason).
Nicknames: Geb, Gebby, Gebbo... nearly any variation of "Gebohq" really.
Titles: Wielder of the Never-ending Story (though no longer the main character), (usually) Leader of the NeS heroes, clown.
Alignment: Good guy -- NeS hero.
Home: Born in the Midwest, USA, usually resides in the hero's HQ homebase (now the Haunted House of Heroes in the 8th dimension).
System: known in Story Arcade as "Guy Book Smith." Otherwise, Jedi Knight, if not my imagination.
Synopsis: A heroic coward, often aiming to be like Captain Kirk but falling short. Shares many qualities of a videogame protagonist.

Age: In his mid-twenties.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human, appears white. Known lineage limited to the past 150 years.
Height: 5'10".
Build: Fit, but not much else.
Hair: Short-ish dark autumn hair. It appears as if it battled with a comb, and the comb lost.
Eye color: Brown.
Unusual features: None.
Outfits: Blue-collar work shirt, dark work pants, brown shoes. Other than that, standard casual and/or heroic attire. Currently wearing an ancient crown.

Pre-NeS (and pages 40-43-ish): Gebohq was given his name from his mother, who drew six random letters from a Scrabble board (his younger sister Losien faired worse; a Ouiji board was used for her name). His childhood was often spent with his sister, his destiny of heroism apparent even then as Gebohq often helped his sister out of tough situations. He also watched a lot of TV, most notably Star Trek. Wishing to become like his role-model James T. Kirk, he set off for the Never-ending State University (NeSU) in hopes of majoring in the fighting arts. It was then that he first discovered the hardships of being a hero, having nearly been trapped in a plot hole.

Pages 1-50 (aka NeSo): Not too long after, in the year 1999, a comet threatened to end life on Earth. Gebohq answered the call of the hero, ready to stop it, but was intercepted by Ares, god of war. Ares summoned Gebohq and other heroes to the Arena and challanged them for the fate of the Earth, and thus the thread known as the Never-ending Story first manifested. Gebohq stood his ground (sort of), and Ares eventually grew bored. Other fights arose, new heroes appeared, and the comet was eventually destroyed, all aired on Pay-Per-View.

Gebohq and the growing band of heroes went on to fight many evils: TotallyEvil, Purevil, The Last True Evil (and his army of clones) and visited many locales, including StoneHendge, Disney World, The Forbidden Fortress of Forbideness, Japan, Switzerland... The heroes have even tranversed the boundaries of the pages and into videogames and T.V. shows. They eventually aqquired enough money (from a time when they had to get "real jobs") to establish their own headquaters in London, aptly called the Hall of Heroes, upon which they continued to fight evils (yes, even ones that did not have it spelled out in their names) and travel to exotic places, even the darkest depths of the 9th circle of Hell (Canada).

After many pages, a sinister plot became apparent to end the Never-ending Story. This plot was the Ever-ending Plot, known in short as EeP, the force equal yet opposite of the NeS. With the aide of several infamous villians throughout NeS and the world, EeP nearly succeeded in destroying the heroes and then NeS, but Gebohq, having been revealed his power as the story wielder, succeeded in saving NeS by a thread, squared that is. Only by prematurely ending the original thread and squaring it was Gebohq able to save NeS.

Between the end of page 50 and the beginning of page 51: Having done so, Gebohq was given the gift by NeS itself to explore other realms and join other adventures free of the worries of time passing within NeS itself or other such serious consequences. Thus has he travelled by mysterious means to other realms, and it is unknown how many realms he has been to before his return in NeSquared, for Gebohq carries little, if any, of his memories to such places. The realms that ANYONE would know include the following so far:

Page 51-present (NeSquared): Gebohq continues his heroic duties, including marching into Hell and facing an evil version of himself, Gebiyl, "finding" the 8th dimension and claiming a haunted house as the new HQ, being trapped in the dreamstate of the NeS and escaping, being held hostage by Helebon and nearly dying, confronting his Potential and having his Potential killed, confronting his evil counterpart and technically dying at the hands of a friend, clearing up charges of tax evasion, nearly destroying the NeS by embracing his true love Rachel, nearly dying again from a complicated condition, and finally losing his mantle as the main character. Gebohq must continue to struggle with his dead potential, his choice between true love and his greater narrative destiny, and his clinical depression that has grown from such. Since passing on his mantle of main character to Losien, Gebohq's struggle has only become more complicated.

Personality: For those who are familiar with the Never-ending Story, which he is a character in, he is the light of the NeS, and also its mysterious, egnimatic soul. Though certainly not the brightest, Geb can be surprisingly wise at times. He has a strong charisma that, while doesn't seem to easily woo the ladies, makes him a very likable guy, drawing a wide variety of people into a working group. A goody two-shoes for the most part, almost naive.
Perceptions: Sees good in nearly everything, even the ruler of Hell.
Politics: If you asked him, he'd be conservative, and aims to be so. However, he often acts for more libreral causes.
Religon: Christianity. Denomination unknown.
Beliefs: That love and all things good and right will win.
Fears: Direct confrontations, his sister's safety and not doing the heroic thing.
Drives: To be like Captain Kirk as leader and hero.
Social status: Middle-class. Being well-travelled and charismatic in his own way, most will be indifferent to him, if not friendly.
Occupation: Professional hero, though it usually doesn't pay well and, like other heroes, turns to other jobs from time to time.
Family: Mother and father (the mother has kept tabs from time to time) and a younger twin sister, Losien.
Relationships: His sister, Losien, his college buddy, Sarn Cadrill, Highemperor (now Al Ciao) and The Last True Evil. He's pretty close with any NeS hero, though, and really only hates (the) Darkside (now Knowsoul), though he's reflexively adversarial towards Gebiyl, his evil counterpart. He is in true love with Rachel Pi, though he struggles with whether he could, or should, pursue it.
Diction: Though he carries no "accent" since he was raised in the Midwest and is well-traveled, he has a voice (literally) that is easily identified as his own, whether for better or worse.
Hobbies: Studying and playing games, traveling.
Likes: Women (and porn), pastries (doughnuts in particular), playing games (videogames, board games, etc.), rainy days and long walks on the beach.
Dislikes: Horror movies, swimming, the Ever-ending Plot.

Potential: Gebohq has (or technically, had) the potential most protagonists have, with the ability to lead others, save them from great evils. His evasion and power with the NeS both have the potential to be unmatched. His potential is dead, though, and at least so long as he is a major character with a greater narrative destiny, will never be able to experience lasting true love.
See Meta-Story elements.

As a wielder of the NeS, Gebohq is attuned to elements that make up story and plot, often giving him context-sensitive magical abilities, though only relatively recently has he began to exercise it. Most all the NeS characters have this ability to some degree, but Gebohq is understood to be "chosen" for this, allowing him to control the NeS in some manner that others can not. See the Meta-Story section and Misc./Notes section for details on story-wielding.

Evasion Feat: Gebohq is a master of evading attacks, though his most well-known "evasion" is to simply run away. He is so good at it (and uses it so often) that the phrase "gebbing it" has been coined. It is considered a power because, even without story-wielding or magic, he is more skilled in this than should be humanly possible (though it's not as obvious without magic).

Fighting Proficiency: Having attended a hero college, Gebohq is proficient with a wide variety of weapons and equipment, as well as unarmed combat.

Insanity Resistance: Perhaps it was his experience with being possessed by the Darkside, perhaps it is his long exposure to the ways of NeS, but Gebohq has the ability to resist those things that would cause insanity. However, if in a desperate situation, Gebohq will likely turn insane before turning evil (which may say something about Gebiyl). This is considered an ability because most NeS heroes, given enough time (or perhaps possessed by the Darkside), will likely build a similar resistance.

Ancient Crown: Once possessed by Master Thand many centuries ago, it presumably has the power to grant its wearer protection against mental influence.

Plot Hole Pistol ver. 2 (PHPv.2): Much like Gate's original PHP, version 2 is a magnum-like pistol with plotholes for ammunition (i.e. acts like a magnum with random plot effects). The new version includes the Ominous gun charging sound option (it simply makes the charging shot sound, which can fake people out). Deals damage like a magnum (if any), and takes a couple seconds between each shot (like a magnum).

Hero's Watch: Standard NeS hero wrist watch which has an emergency teleport device to take Gebohq back to the Haunted Haunted House of Heroes' Thingy^2 device, and has the potential to be equipped with varying minor gadgets (ex. grappling hook, cutting laser...Bond stuff). Geb's watch can also change the channels and such on a TV.

Doughnuts: Box of doughnuts. Can restore minor health, but more importantly, dispell being possessed by certain evil presences, especially if such possession was triggered by pie. The doughnuts also boost morale.

Duct Tape: Binding and protective force of great power. One roll of 500 feet.

Economy-Size Pockets: Standard hero-pants bought at Heroes-R-Us ( <_< ). Within his pants pockets, he can hold an unusual amount of objects, including other potential party members! Usually, they only hold the inventory listed above.

CONCEPTS: Gebohq is plagued to be something of an Everyman (see Convention and in part Choice). However, he'll also love enemies when there is no 'reason' to love them and press on in a hopeless situation when there is no 'reason' to press on (as in truly, unquestionably hopeless).

CHOICE (Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?)
Heroic Coward -- He is simultaneously a hero in the layman and literary sense as well as a coward, often attempting to run away from trouble in more ways than one. His cowardice can be both conscious and reflexive, and is special in sometimes turning his cowardly characteristics into something heroic. His choices range from the obvious "standing his ground brave versus running away from death" to the less-obvious "afraid to let evil take over him or the world" to heroism being bad and cowardice being good and any other number of applications. See "Persuade" in Misc./Notes for possible applications of his story-wielding with this.

CHANCE (What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?)
Anamonic Scrabble -- During any given situation, Gebohq is often able to continue onward. While this allows future events to provide new opportunities for Gebohq, those opportunities may not always be sensical or favorable. In other words, Gebohq always has a chance, but that chance could make things crazier than desired. Gebohq often escapes situations seemingly unconsciously using this quality, especially as it ties with his applications of Choice and Convention. Despite its apparent applications to benefit him, harmful applications would be an intriguing twist of chance as well. See "Jump" and "Speed" in Misc./Notes for possible applications of his story-wielding with this.

CONFLICT (How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?)
Positive Perception -- Unlike his sister, Gebohq often sees the positive in himself, others, and his surroundings. While this does allow him to use the best there is to his advantage, this also tends to have the side-effect of being almost naive, gullible, or unwilling to fight. There is an inherent conflict from this that arises straight from Christian ideals and in the logical challenge between such things as loving your enemy and the responsibility to do good. See "Heal," "Absorb," and "Sense" in Misc./Notes for possible applications of his story-wielding with this.

CONTEXT (Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?)
Context Sensitive -- He is very tied into the story and the environment he is occupying. Usually, he resides in the modern, everyday understanding of our world, but one filled with meta-fictional magic-physics and absurdly comedic, yet enigmaticly dramatic, backdrops. In this "home" context, Gebohq is often reflects his setting due in part from his applications of Chance and Convention, and relates to this home context even in other settings. Still, he is dependent on his context as he draws many of his strengths from his context. See "Sense" and "Throw" in Misc/Notes. for possible applications of his story-wielding to this.

CONVENTION (Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?)
Protagonist Syndrome -- Gebohq exists significantly as a main protagonist to the Never-ending Story thread and, because of other factors and elements, carries this "syndrome" even outside the NeS. He follows many of the typical conventions averaged across stories: he is identifiable and often ultimately successful, but he is also a magnet for trouble and overall weaker in any number of things. These same characteristics are also "fought" as implied by 'syndrome' - he's "identifiable" as a white, male American, he can be stupidly successful when he shouldn't be, he'll be in conflict after conflict and yet somehow become even more cowardly, and so on. Besides the themes already mentioned in the above story elements, a related theme with romantic love and his tragedies with it are also touched on from time to time.

On story-wielding - Gebohq's story-wielding power has always been difficult to define. However, continual attempts at guidelines have been made, with the latest being presented below:

1) First and foremost, if it seems like a means of wielding the elements of story and plot, it'll probably work. A strong attempt to correlate his story-wielding with the elements of story that were written should be evident in the Meta-Story parts above and in the linked Elements of Story itself. Instead of imagining a cleric appealing to God or a druid to nature, imagine appealing to the story. Instead of manipulating arcahic elements such as fire and water, imagine manipulating choices, chances, conflicts, contexts and conventions. Instead of chanting some ancient language or writing magic runes, imagine saying or writing metaphors, similies and analogies instead.

2) If it seems like an action that a "moderator" of a forum could take, it'll probably work (part of the "story-wielding" stemmed from my position as moderator on the ISB). Moderator powers include editing and deleting posts (altering the past - similar to Absorb/Destroy below), and deleting, closing and "sticky"-ing threads (making settings more or less accessable - useful for "gebbing it"). Administrators can do the above plus ban/unban members among other things.
NOTE: It may be easier to view the powers of forum members, moderators, and administrators to that of writers, editors, and publishers, respectively. This is actually more relevant to the meta-fictional nature of story-wielding.

3) If it seems like a power a Jedi could use with the Force, it'll probably work -- think of it as wielding the Metaphorce. NeS has its roots in Star Wars, particularly the Jedi Knight games. Since this is likely the easiest understanding and application of story-wielding, here are likely "story wielding" powers, adopted straight from Jedi Knight/Jedi Outcast/Jedi Acadamy games and the names of the Force powers (ex. instead of Force Jump, it would be Plot or Story Jump):

NOTE: Whenever "Element" is mentioned below, it is a catch-all for the Elements of Story mentioned above -- choice, Chance, Conflict, Context and Convention.

Jump - Instead of leaping superhuman heights and possible applications of flight, he could "jump" from one Element to another in a meta-fictional sense. The jump could be similar to a break in a paragraph of a novel, a camera cut in scene of a movie, or moving to another level in a game (all examples of jumping with Context). Gebohq has been known to jump out of a plot-hole that he was trapped within the NeS.

Speed - Instead of moving at superhuman speeds, he could move faster or slower in relation to an Element as needed. Descriptions of his actions could be shorter or longer to simulate speed or slow-motion, choices and conflicts could be given more or less weight depending on how "fast" they go, and so forth. Gebohq has undoubtedly used this to further his "gebbing" as well as applied multiple uses at the end of page 50 of NeS.

Sense - Instead of having superhuman senses, he would sense Elements better than others (though this would not necessarily make him Genre Saavy consciously). Concrete details may become more apparent to him, but he may also be able to better sense drives and points of views of characters as well as be able to call the "I have a bad feeling about this" with some accuracy. Gebohq has likely used this application like a sort of "Danger Sense" so as to better "geb it."

Throw - Instead of having telekinetic powers of pushing, pulling, throwing and the like, he would be able to manipulate Elements on a meta-fictional level. Perhaps Chance is unconsciously manipulated so that luck is on his side, or objects are "cut and pasted" from one spot to another.

Heal/Drain - Instead of being able to magically heal or drain the life of oneself or others, he would be able to "heal" or "drain" the elements of the story itself on a meta-fictional level. Plotholes could be mended (as Gebohq has done before) or created at will on purpose. Gebohq has likely been "all better" far quicker than logical by unconsciously draining the story and creating a plothole in the process.

Persuade - Instead of being able to magically "mind trick," "blind," or "grip" people, he could use the Elements on a meta-fictional level to persuade others to either ignore him, making himself "invisible" within a story, or focus their attention on him, making him something of a bard or bait. As with any persuasion, non-magical or otherwise, this ability works better on the weak-minded or weak of character. Gebohq has probably used this unwittingly from both his "gebbing" and his protagonist syndrome kicking in.

Absorb/Destroy - Instead of absorbing magical effects or creating them for purely destructive purposes, he could become like a writer and "write" or "erase" the Elements on a meta-fictional level. In the spirit of the story that he comes from, to "write" would be to "absorbing" what "improvising and rolling with what others have written" would be to Gebohq improvising and rolling with events on a meta-fictional level. It is unknown if Gebohq has used this application beyond possibly the end of page 50.

Protect/Rage - Instead of a magical barrier protecting someone or going into a magical 'beserker rage', he could use the Elements to protect himself with a Hero Shield (Convention, which he's quite likely done) or act on nothing but his character drive above everything else (an example of Choice).

Here are some useful links that may explain some meta-story stuff concerning Gebohq:
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2005-01-28, 2:33 PM #26
Here's what a random webpage says about me:


DISCLAIMER: Most of the stuff is wrong, except maybe the job stuff, which is eerily 90% right.

I'll post in NeS again sometime, I promise!!! >_>

2005-01-28, 7:28 PM #27
Name: Tony
Nicknames: None, really. Any ones he doesn’t like are generally met with a smack.
Titles: Hero In Training.
Home: Earth. London-born, but he's been around.
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread
Affiliation: NeS heroes

Age: Chronologically, about 21.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 158lbs.
Hair: When not covered up by the pan, it’s generally about an inch long and relatively spikey.
Eye color: Blue-grey.
Clothing: Lurid green t-shirt, baggy knee-length shorts and generic blue trainers. Oh, and a large, steel saucepan.

NeSo: Put simply, he didn’t exist within the realm at the time. Most of his other history is held up by threats of getting a smack around the head.

NeS2: So far, all he had done was appear in the rather bizarre dreamstate, get hammered at Oktoberfest and phase in and out due to temporal difficulties caused by laziness on Tony the Writer’s behalf.

Tony is single-minded, petty, partially kleptomaniac (which has yet to manifest itself) and aggressive, probably due to his upbringing. He tries to feel superior by acting tougher than he really is against new adversaries, as shown by his first encounter with the EEP in the dream state. He also likes pie.

Teräskattila: A secret cult ordained him in the past and bestowed him to use their holy weapon. Not that there’s anything holy about it, or subtle, or anything that makes a good weapon so. Using his steel saucepan, Tony can clobber stuff with a complete lack of finesse, although you do see pretty trails if he gets worked up far enough.
Dancing Mad: Depending on the music, the situation, the area, etc. Tony can unleash effects on most people in the room though… doing stuff. Most of the effects are unknown, and he keeps the ability to himself.

Saucepan: Constructed of steel and available at all good high-street retailers, this weapon can be both an assistance and a hindrance in combat. It’s generally quite bulky and takes a while to swing, even for those trained in Teräskatilla. When it connects, however, there’s a good chance it takes whoever’s on the receiving end out of the fight. Unless, of course, they actually have a part in what can be loosely called a plot.

MP3 Player: A cheap, generic MP3 player, also available at all good high-street retailers. He keeps this to himself as well, so no-one really knows what songs are on there.
Really, Really Big Spaceship: Battered, graffiti-covered, red. At least in parts. Last known location was in orbit around Earth. This may have changed. Most things probably have.

“What? Who the hell is this loser!? He just appeared, and he’s done nothing! I demand my money back!" – Random Audience Member #6328

"Who's the new blood?"
"Some fool who lost his saucepan and is apparently trying to be a cliche hero for a moment. He's got a lot to learn." - Haggis and Maybechild on Tony
Hey, Blue? I'm loving the things you do. From the very first time, the fight you fight for will always be mine.
2005-02-19, 2:56 AM #28
(Don't mind this. I'm just replacing one temporary character sheet with another ;) Maybe I can make it a trend...the word .doc file is attached below as well.)

Game: Ravenloft
Name: Douglas Bas Barr
Race: Human
Domain: Forlorn
Alignment: Chaotic Good
4th level Bard/1st level Barbarian
HP: ____/35
Exp: _______/________

Str: 11 (+0)
Dex: 15 (+2)
Con: 12 (+1)
Int: 16 (+3)
Wis: 13 (+1)
Chr: 18 (+4)

Fort: +3
Ref: +4
Will: +4

Fear: +4
Horror: +8
Madness: +3

Base Attack Bonus: +4
AC: 14
Initiative: +2

Skills: Ranks: Mods: Total:
Bluff 5 +4 +9
Concentration 10 +1 +11
Intimidation 12 +4 +16
Knowledge (arcana) 6 +3 +9
Knowledge (history) 6 +3 +9
Knowledge (religion) 6 +3 +9
Perform 14 +4 +18
Spellcraft 10 +3 +13

-Languages: Forfarian, Balok, Kartakass, Vaasi.
-Bardic knowledge (known domains: barovia, forlorn, invidia, kartakass) (-10 to unknown domains)
-Bardic music (countersong, fascinate, inspire courage +1)
-Muse (+2 on perform and craft checks, others roll horror when down)
-Jaded (+4 horror)
-Endurance (can run longer)
-Fast Movement (40 ft./round)
-Rage 1/day (+4 to F, H, and M saves if already in rage)

Weapons: Dmg: Crit: Type: Range:
Great axe 1d12 x3 slashing
Short sword 1d6 19-20/x2 piercing
Throwing axes (2) 1d6 x2 slashing 10 ft.
Darts (6) 1d4 x2 piercing 20 ft

Dvoyanka (wooden double-flute, common)
Meals (good, 2)
Trail rations (1)
Winter blanket
Flint & steel
Traveler’s outfit
Hooded lantern
20 gold
Oil (5)
Attachment: 8233/DouglasBarr.doc (25,600 bytes)
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2005-03-03, 6:25 AM #29
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread
Name: unknown. The last name attached, however, is Ford.
Nicknames: Ford
Titles: unofficial scholar for the NeS heroes
Alignment: NeS heroes
Home: TACC?
Synopsis: Ford is, more or less, the typical intellectual, knowledgable in magicks and arcane lore.

Age: 20-something.
Gender: male
Race: Human (white)
Height: 6'1"?
Build: Average
Hair: Long, mouse-brown hair.
Eye color: Grey-Blue
Unusual features: Wears glasses.
Outfits: Usually wears a black T-shirt with arcane symbols covering it, Boot-flare bluejeans, and chuck taylors.

Pre-Story History: Unknown. Definately has some interesting family relations, as well as past time-dimensional issues where part of himself (the drunk college party animal side) was locked in prison for several years while the other scholarly part of him went on to graduate and live his life in the realm of TACC.

Story History: Ford joined the NeS heroes upon meeting them in the realm of TACC (page 30-34), where he offered his services as a sort of guide into Hell (with his knowledge, not experience). From that point on, he's tagged along with the NeS cast.

Recent History: Ford has talked to a still-living ancestor (presumably) named Mustang Ford, in the Haunted House of Heroes. He is discovering not only his own past, but the past of NeS legend...

Personality: More or less your typical intellect: book-smart, sarcastic, etc.
Family: Mustang Ford (presumably a great-great-grandfather). Perhaps other NeS characters...
Relationships: Spent several years in jail with maeve, was presumably taught in some random class by Dr. Dormouse (who also merged Ford's two selfs back into one)

Potential: Ford is at least competant with physical combat (having attended NeSu) as well as magic, fairs well at least with academic matters.

Summon Chessire Zippo - Ford can, at will, summon a sentinent Zippo lighter (which is a bit oddball) to burn things.

Knowledge (Arcane) - Ford knows many subjects concerning ancient history, culture, magicks, etc.

Laziness - Having intially majored in laziness during his college years, Ford is familiar with this force, to say the least.

Burn-safe spray - Ford has a spray can that, when applied, can burn "mess" without harm to people or things that "should" be there.
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2005-06-28, 10:01 AM #30
Here's a basic character sheet for Matterialize!

Name: Matterialize.
Age: 27-ish
Height: about 5'9''

- Limited use of the Force
- Extendable arm fins, like a Zora from Majora's Mask. He can use them as blades, or use pressure-veins in his body to shoot them. In the second case, they take a few days to grow back, and he only has 5 of these 6-inch fins on each arm.

- UDLAC: Uber-Deluxe Laser-Action Cutter. On his home world, these are actually "ages 10-and-up" toys for children. It's basically a lightsaber. However, since it's made for kids, it originally could only cause an opponent to get a bad rash, instead of causing an opponent to lose a body part. Matt has tweaked it enough to be able to cause significantly more damage than was originally intended. But it's quite faulty, and often reverts to its normal magnitude at the most inopportune moments.
- Travel Toolkit: A small toolbox containing various screwdrivers, ratchets, hammers, lockpicks, and a small welding torch. It's compact enough to fit inside of Matt's...
- ...Small Pouch: It's attached to his belt and carries his Toolkit, along with any other odds and ends he can fit inside it.
- Duct Tape Forever: This is his spaceship. He based the name on an old Earth movie he once saw; after watching the movie, he developed the substance known as Duct Tape, on his planet. Since there were already many popular adhesive strips on his world, he was exiled for being a fool. He hitch-hiked across the galaxy, gathering junk, until he had enough to duct-tape together a ship. Duct Tape Forever is extremely unreliable.

History / Background:
Matterialize trained on his home planet as a Jedi Knight, but never fully developed his Force abilities because he got bored. He rarely used them after that, so they diminished the way Kyle Katarn's did.
Before he was exiled from his planet for being a fool (the actual charge was "Wasting Planetary Resources in the Development of Pointless Matter") he was on his way to his nephew's birthday party, for whom he had bought an UDLAC. Planetary authorities caught him halfway there, booting him off the planet with only his toolkit, his nephew's toy, his luggage, and a severance package equal to 500 loonies, which was a currency used in some nation-state on a small lonely blue planet in the backwater regions of the galaxy. He hitch-hiked and taxied across the galaxy, always collecting valuable items and odds & ends. In the end, he bought some parts and used junk he'd collected and duct tape to piece together his own ship. The ship was very rickety, weak, and ugly. It was barely spaceworthy, but it had the advantage of travelling fairly fast while using almost no fuel. This bonus was the result of an engineering accident, on Matterialize's part. Anyhoo, since then, his life has been much richer as he could travel virtually anywhere for almost nothing.

At one point, Matterialize happened upon an old matter transporter in a junkyard. His curiousity beat fear, and he stepped inside and pressed the button. Surprisingly, it still worked, and he was transported to its mate on the other side of the junkyard. However, he'd missed the singing fish plaque that was also inside the transported, and some of the fish's DNA had mixed with his own. Not much, but some. In the end, he was endowed with 5 swordfish-fins on each arm, which could be sharpened like spikes or fired from his arm via pressurized veins, also a product of the transmutation. They take about 2 or 3 days to grow back, if they've been shot or ripped out.

- Mechanics. Matt makes frequent use of his Travel Toolkit, and usually has good results. He often needs to make on-the-fly repairs to his ship, and does so accordingly. He also knows the inside and outside of many electronic devices better than he knows how to wield a sword.
- Swordsmanship. Matterialize can wield a lightsaber nicely. He also has above-average skill with physical blades.
- Demolitions. Matt has a lot of experience rigging and defusing explosives of any kind, although he doesn't carry much aboard Duct Tape Forever.

Weaknesses / Pet Peeves:
Matterialize hates it when people don't stoop & scoop up after their dogs. His biggest weakness is a pressure point right in between his shoulder blades. Striking it heavily can render him completely immobile, as if paralyzed, but the effect is temporary. Because of this, Matt is very nervous about people moving around behind him, and installed a thick leather-and-steel pad in his shirt that covers his entire upper back. It spreads the force of a blow out all over his back, instead of at the point of impact.
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2005-07-16, 3:26 PM #31
I'll use this space for something else someday, but until then, you can read all about Yulee Morris, who had previously been occupying this space.
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2005-11-03, 12:44 AM #32
Story: NeSquared
Name: Hawthorne
Alignment: Neutral-Good.
A moral person when it comes down to the line, will also stick strictly to his own code of ethics. However, if something is not precluded by moral judgment or his personal code of ethics, he has no quibbles going along with it.
Home : Unknown (probably the back of the Astro-Van)
System: None (inherits a lot from Adams and Pratchett)


Personal Ad:
Bum, Hobo, Transient. Drives a HIGHLY modified Astro-Van. Overall good guy, likes dogs, quiet, no social skills. (will eat anything)

Physical Attributes
Age: Unknown, probably 30 something by the look of it.
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian, probably eastern European Decent but with muted bloodlines.
Height: 5’3”
Build: Medium-heavy build. Looks like he is always wearing more than one set of clothing (probably is).
Hair: Dirty enough not to be able to tell it’s natural color, long, unshaven face.
Eye color: Brown
Unusual Features: Does not actually smell that bad, despite his appearance.
Outfits: Whatever fits.

Pre-history: Mostly Unknown, spent the last 6 years on the “road” with Thatchett the talking dog. It has also recently come to light that he may have served time in the United States Air Force.
Story History: Caught up in a daring daylight heist of a convenience store, currently following other heroes due to lack of anything better to be doing. He has also had a recent romantic interlude with Sasha.

Personality: Very quiet and rather introverted. While he is certainly very trusting, he does not appear all that naive (at least not all the time). He is very technically able, but seems to lack any sort of outward motivation. Is rather defensive concerning his past.
Perceptions: Views the world as he views the Astro-Van: “It works, for now, and if it doesn’t I’ll fix it.”
Politics: Unknown
Religion: Unknown (no obvious religion)
Beliefs: Believes in a free lunch.
Fears: Unknown
Personal Drives: None apparent
Social Status: Bum
Occupation: Hobo
Family: Unknown
Relationships: Friend/Pet: Thatchett (not so much a pet as a travelmate with four legs and a tail.)
Diction: Surprisingly literate. Keeps to himself, stutters occasionally, and often talks himself in circles.
Likes: Thatchett, The Astro-Van, Seeing the world, Food, free stuff, and especially free food.
Dislikes: Hunger…
Character Flaws: Will almost always prefer the free option, even if it means eating out of a dumpster. Exception to this is milk (he will always pay good money for fresh milk).

Potential: Unknown. Very difficult to gage, due to his lack of drive it is impossible to tell just how hard he actually tries, if ever.
Powers: The Astro-Van
Abilities: Scavenging, probably others.
Equipment: Astro-Van, The cloths on his back, and whatever he can find in a dumpster (or junkyard if he is lucky).

Concept: The quintessential Slacker, yet always willing to do something that seems interesting at the time. He does not care at all what others think of him.
Themes: He has a back-story, probably a really serious back-story that is likely to effect events in the future. I’m just not telling you right now. Maybe he is just a guy who likes burritos though.
Challenges: Finding his next meal.
Who: Burrito Man
What: The physical manifest of the last vestiges of utilitarianism in modern culture.
How: Because there needed to be a reason for burritos to be on the floor.
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condition."... G. K. Chesterton

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2005-11-03, 2:52 PM #33
I should have done this earlier but this should help everybody with SokMunkey's character. This should be one less character to puzzle about.

Story: NeSquared

Name: John Von Xombie (as of yet unknown to everyone)

Titles: Sok Munkey-- this is all he is currently known by.

Alignment: As of yet unknown. Possible psychotic anti-hero.

Home: as of yet unknown

System: None

Synopsis: Physical laborer all his life. Has worked as a demolitionist, a sheet-rocker, and a metal worker, which he resigned from due to certain 'events' and a poor pension plan. His most recent job has been as a machinist.

Age: about 28-30

Gender: Male

Race: Human. Caucasian.

Height: About 6' 2"

Build: Athletic build, he has worked physical labor for a living since his first job.

Hair: Straight, short and black. he also has a well groomed gotee.

Eye Color: Hazel Green

Unusual Features: five long vague scars run across his neck like fingernails. Another scar like a vicious bite is on his collar bone to the left of his neck. It looks as if some human or, dare I say, zombie had a bad run in with him. He recieved both scars in the warehouse incident (see Pre History)
He also has a tattoo that reads "Kill the Deadman" across the back of his neck.

Outfit: Plain grey t-shirt, black carhartt jacket, a spiked leather band on his left wrist, dark oil-stained jeans, and steel toed boots.


Pre-History: nothing is known about the history of SM to the people of NeS, although people that do know his history heard rumors that he and a small band of metal workers were trapped in a warehouse in a small zombie outbreak kept quiet by corrupt officals. His co-workers supposedly gave him the 'Von Xombie' after certain events that followed...

Nobody knows where 'SokMunkey came from

Story History: Falling out of the sky, he was caught up in the same day-time heist that brought hawthorne to the band.


Personality: JVX or SokMunkey is usually lost in his own thoughts. He has a strange tendency to prefer darkness, explaining his rather noctural nature. He takes orders with something of indifference, and the only things that really seem to affect him are memories from his past. He feels most comfortable with people who do not know his history. He has a dark side that no one sees unless his memories are brought back to him through a careless remark or prodding questions.

Perceptions: Generally he just goes with the flow of things. His personality is type B, very laid back. He doesn't tell much about himself out side of his name and profession.

Politics: Unknown, if any

Religion: Unkown

Beliefs: Believes if you can't fix it with a hammer, get a bigger one.

Fears:Unknown. Perhapse things and/or characters from his past.

Personal Drive:
None have been seen so far. He apparently has something against this "Deadman".

Social Status: Proletariat. Blue Collar Physical Laborer

Family: None

Relationships: Also none. SM is pretty much a loner.

Diction: No accent. He has a very dark sense of humor that sometimes surprises those around him. He is a rather quiet talker, and he uses biting sarcasm as opposed to whining and/or complaining.

Likes: he likes people who are easy to get along with. People who dont ask too many snooping questions. He prefers mayo over mustard and likes cream filling in his donuts.

Dislikes: Loud, commandeering personalities. People who try to push him around. anyone High strung, stressed out, or intense get on his nerves. People who whine and complain. Ketchup and the word 'stupendous'.


Potential: SM has had more than one run-ins with the law due to violent street fights involving several drunk guys and a large sledge hammer. When provoked, he can go into a berserker fury that can get him in trouble with authority. He has alot of hidden anger and potential, but it hasn't been brought to surface yet.

Powers: SM has no influential powerful freinds, no riches hidden away, and no flagrant supernatural powers. He is a very resourceful fighter and has unnaturally high pain tolerance and strength, especially in a berserker fury. He also has stronger than normal night-vision. All of these seemed to come to him after the warehouse incident.

Abilities: Having been in many trades, SM knows his way around many labor related fields and has gained much knowledge and experience in just about every labor field. He has learned to be very resourceful and it seems he learned to make bombs somewhere along the line...

Equipment: A large hefty sledge hammer, he also carries a tactical knife on the back of his belt.


Concept: Currently he is just letting things happen as they come, but when he catches wind of this Deadman character, he tends to think of only one thing...

Themes: SM is very dark, though no one has seen this yet. He can seem predictable and then change. It is hard to tell whether he will make a powerful ally--or enemy, or if he will ever amount to much.

Challanges: SM is plagued with loneliness and denial of his problems. He has problems in dealing with his past, as it comes back to him often in his sleep. SM is ultimately looking for closure and freedom from his haunting memories.

Who: Ulitimately, he could explode with a potential that could change many things for bad or good.

What: SM comes from a semi-normal american life, though strange things have been happening in his hometown. unnatural things.

How: I share a lot in common with John Von Xombie/Sok Munkey as far as being laid back and in the character aspect. Pretty much everything (personalitywise) but the haunting past and violent tendencies. I have also felt all the coolest figures in books, movies, video games, etc. are the dark, more down to earth ones that don't have specific powers you can pinpoint like x-ray vision or flying, but just seem to have a vaguely unnatural aura about them in their knowledge and abilities.

Why: I created him 'cause i wanted to post on NeS, silly.


Misc. This character has more going on underneath than working for a living. After the Warehouse incident, he has changed socially physically and mentally. He took on a duality. His resigned but easy going, laid back self and his darker side with excessive anger and viglante tendencies.
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2005-11-04, 12:49 AM #34
I'll post a character sheet for Sarn_Cadrill some time.. Probably beginning of next week.
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2005-11-04, 6:23 PM #35
ok, I got bored at work and did it early... Any suggestions?

Story: NeS, NeSquared, The Adventures of Captain Cadpill
Name: Sarn_Cadrill, Sarn Cadrill, Captain Sran Cadpill
Nicknames: Sarn, Sran Cadpill, Capdill, Canfill, etc.
Titles: Hero, Captain
Alignment: Good (usually), member of the Hemosapient race, somewhat of a loner, but has a tendency to appear randomly and lead groups of people
Home: born in the USA on Earth, is a wanderer, doesn't have a home
System: character is based on me in name
Synopsis: Tall, dark, and handsome, Sarn_Cadrill has the build of an olympic swimmer. He's thin but muscular, and casts an air of confidence. His incompetence at leadership is overcome by his overwhelming charm and charisma, which is matched only by his ego.

Age: No one is quite sure, but he appears to be in his early 30
Gender: male
Race: Hemosapient, male, appears to be of spanish or perhaps italian ethnicity. Speaks with an accent that sounds french
Height: 6'2"
Build: Slim build, but muscular.
Hair: Very dark brown, usually appears black
Eye color: hazel
Unusual features: nothing noticable, though there is a faint, thin scar intersecting his left eyebrow.
Outfits: Usually dresses in dark clothing, usually wears a dark cloak, which he often treats as a cape.

Pre-Story History: Very little is known about his childhood. Is known to have attended Hero School with Gebohq for a time, but it is unknown as to whether or not he graduated. Regardless, he considers himself a full-fledged hero, and takes any oppurtunity to bring it up.
Story History: Makes brief appearences in the NeS, in which he has a tendency to "steal the spotlight" away from other story arcs. Invented a story about rescuing a princess to safe face in front of a group of cub scouts. Was eaten by a chimichanga and disappeared for a time, but has recently emerged with a strange form of brain damage (more on that later).
Recent History: Re-emerged from a Sweedish hospital after a long absence, shortly after having been eaten by the chimichanga. It's not known at this time how he survived the ordeal. Is currently leading a group of characters in a "fund-raising campaign."

Personality: Very charasmatic as a leader, but ultimatey incompetent. Gets himself into trouble by being over-eager and brash.
Perceptions: Sarn_Cadrill has a Superman mentality, believing himself to be invinceble, and never considers the affects of his actions. When something goes wrong, he assumes that it was the fault of someone else. He doesn't look for others to blame. He's just incapable of understanding that his own actions could result in undesired effects. Sees most others as friends, though he uses them more to reach his own goals rather than helping them in their endeavors.
Politics: Sarn_Cadrill believes himself to be above law and politics. He doesn't have political aspirations and doesn't appear to understand that there is any form of government or laws beyond what he makes for himself.
Religion: No organized religion. Sarn_Cadrill believes in God, but rarely discusses religion with others. He sees God as more of an equal than a superior.
Fears: None. He believes himself to be invincible, and thus is not afraid of anything. It's not courage. It's a lack of understanding.
Drives: He doesn't really have anything that drives him. He just naturally leads others based on his own random whims.
Social status: Incredibly charasmatic. In spite of having nothing of real value to offer, others put their lives on hold to participate in his schemes.
Occupation: Hero
Family: No known family. There is rumor of a younger sister whom Sarn loves dearly, but never speaks of.
Relationships: Good friends with Gebohq, one of the few people who is not overwhelmed by Sarn's charisma, primarily because Geb knows Sarn so well that he is not fooled. There seems to be a constant struggle for leadership between Sarn and Geb going on under the scenes. This is very subtle it is not known if either Sarn or Geb recognize this. Sarn's only enemy is Dr. Wass, who is not a real character in NeS, but exists only in Sarn's imagination (see more on his mental illness later for further explanation).
Diction: Sarn speaks with an air of confidence. As mentioned, he has an accent of french origin, but it is unknown if he has ever spent any time in France.
Hobbies: leadership
Likes: power, authority, people who stroke his ego. Very little is known about his personal life.
Dislikes: People that don't fall under his leadership, or who question his capabilities.

Potential: Has the potential for his plans to either come together perfectly, or fall apart completely. There is very rarely a middle ground. Whether or not a plan will succeed seems to be based mainly on blind luck.
Powers: charisma bordering on the supernatural. A lot of luck.
Abilities: leadership
Equipment: Sarn has no specific possessions, but does have an uncanny resourcefulness, and is often able to work with whatever implements are given to him. He does own a dagger with some kind of ancient power, but Sarn is very protective of it, and as yet the existance of the dagger and it's power is completely unknown. (update: the dagger has been revealed in NeSquared. It appears able to inflict wounds that cannot heal. Specifics are unknown at this time.)

Concepts: Sarn's character/personality is very similar to my own, but greatly exagerated. Primarily Sarn should be used as a device to gather groups of people together to advance one cause or another. Though Sarn has no specific loyalties, he often aligns himself with the needs of our heroes, and leads them towards the fulfillment of those needs.
How?: Credit for the original persona of Sarn_Cadrill goes to Tracer, who originally designed the egotistical but inept character Sarn exhibits. Since that time, Sarn's character has grown through the efforts of other writers.
Why?: Because Geb wanted me to write, and I'll be damned if I'll do it with someone else's characters. :p

Miscellaneous: Sarn has a mental disorder which causes him to live in a reality created in his own mind. Often, he sees himself as Captain Cadpill, captain of a starship in an alternate reality. His persona will switch between Captain Cadpill and the hero Sarn_Cadrill seemingly at random. His companions humor him and call him Captain during his stints as Captain Cadpill, but there is sometimes confusing as to which persona he is acting out. Additional personas may be introduced in the future. At this time Sarn's two personas are very similar in personality, but some fun may be had in creating personas for Sarn in the future. For simplicity's sake, please leave all persona creation to me, and I will draw a character outline for each persona as they are introduced.
Personas: (these will be updated as new personas emerge) (Dominance determines how often a persona is displayed)
- Hero Sarn_Cadrill - Egotistical and full of himself, Sarn will always do what he believes is right and moral in a given situation. He is moderately affected by ego-stroking, and considers himself friend to Gebohq. People are naturally drawn to his charming physique and nature. This is Sarn's true identity. Dominance: 6 (out of 10)

- Captain Sran Cadpill - Sran has no moral compass and acts on his own whims. He always has a goal for something and is not against hitting "below the belt" to achieve that goal. However, he will never act dirty without being able to justify himself. He is always surrounding himself with people who will stroke his ego, and will "promote" them accordingly. Of course in the real world these promotions mean nothing, but to Sran rank is of vital importance. Sran's arch-enemy is the evil Dr. Wass (who doesn't really exist), though his current whereabouts are unknown to Sran. This identity emerged at Sarn's recent re-emergance into the NeS. Dominance: 5 (out of 10)

- Kern Saldin - Almost nothing is known of Kern. This identity has only recently emerged. Some of the key elements of this emergence are that Kern uses the afore mentioned dagger, and is a formidable fighter, posessing god-like skills. He seems to have a deep fued against a being called Shael, who may have something to do with Bhac. Kern lacks the confidence and ego of Sarn's other identities. Rather, Kern's personality is much more quiet and withdrawn. He speaks with a dramatic tone, a deep voice, and a slight british accent. Dominance: 1 (out of 10)
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Lassev: I guess there was something captivating in savagery, because I liked it.
2005-11-04, 7:14 PM #36
With Subaru's new powers and such, I thought I'd give a lowdown on her now:

Story: NeS
Name: Subaru Yamamoto
Nicknames: Subaru, blue haired chick
Titles: Black belt in various forms of hand-to-hand combat (Varying degrees, however).
Alignment: Good girl
Home: Birthplace unknown, currently lives at Mimiru's island mansion.
System: Ripoff of Subaru from .hack
Synopsis: An incredibly fast fighter, and has great leadership qualities (despite that she has yet to demonstrate them). She tends to follow her best friend Mimiru around, for unknown reasons (besides friendship).

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Asian
Height: 5' 4"
Build: 100 pounds, highly flexible but not incredibly strong. Very skinny.
Hair: Blue straight hair, goes to the shoulders.
Eye color: Green
Unusual features: Her pupils are dark green, rather than black. As such, they almost give this glow effect at night, despite that they produce no light.
Outfits: The usual, whatever is comfortable. T-shirt and jeans are common, although her favorite shirt is a purple tee.

Pre-Story History: Met up with Mimiru during one of Mimiru's expeditions.
Story History: Travelled around with Mimiru and CM, ended up on the bad side for a short while for being bitter about being left out all the time.
Recent History: She hopes to catch up with CM and Mimiru to rejoin the fight and make up for what she did earlire.

Personality: She has great leadership qualities, but her self-esteem is quite low, due to being alone for so long (and without a boyfriend). She often will get depressed without warning.
Perceptions: Despite her amazing talents, she finds herself always falling behind the others, and hates it.
Politics: She hates politics period.
Religon: She touched on Buddhism for a while, but currently has nothing picked.
Beliefs: She believes in "No one left behind", and often fights for poor alone children.
Fears: Being alone.
Drives: To finally match Mimiru in her eyes. (Note: She IS better than Mimiru in a duel, but Subaru's got too many issues to realize this)
Social status: She keeps a good cover when with others, and hides her feelings well. But she feels like an outcast.
Occupation: She assists Mimiru (usually on-the-field work) in her research and spy missions.
Family: Unknown.
Relationships: Mimiru, and CM for sure. She's desperate for a boyfriend, but nothing appeals to her so far.
Diction: Like your average American teenager. She was raised in the USA, then began traveling, meaning she still has her american accent, but with a touch of other cultures.
Hobbies: She tends to bury herself in her work, especially on missions.
Likes: LOVES Sake (cheap japanese alcohol), despite that she isn't supposed to be able to have it.
Dislikes: Hates donuts, but not donut holes. Yeah, we can't figure that out either.

Potential: She is an incredible close range hand-to-hand fighter, with her amazing speed, flexibility, and reaction timing. She also fares well with a short sword or dagger. Anything large, such as a full sword, she has trouble using, due to her weak strength. Also, she cannot aim worth crap, meaning she's useless with guns and arrows. (She manages to throw daggers well, though)
Powers: She recently developed some powers. Her first power that she discovered was the ability to heal. After some practice she will be able to heal others, in addition to herself. Healing, especially large wounds, wears her out terribly, and tends to give her migranes. She CANNOT regenerate any limbs, bring people back to life, nor heal multiple people at onces.

In addition to this power, she has the ability to channel chi through her to perform rather odd and interesting maneuvers. She can walk on water, walls, or ceilings by moving the energy to her feet. She can grab things easily by channeling energy to her hands (if she is prepared and know where to grab, she can even nab a bullet, but this is difficult). She can take the energy and boost her body's speed, and she can focus the energy in her hands or feet to create and explosive attack that does much more damage than any normal kick or punch.

Finally, as she continues to use her power, she will create new powers, such as creating clones of herself (temporary clones, short lived, and disappear when hurt), and fancy other attacks. Remember, she currently does not know how to perform these, she will learn them later in NeS.

All these skills use up her energy (chi), so she can wear out over time, something only rest can restore.

Equipment: She tends to keep a rather broad short sword with her, and she often uses an assortment of daggers.
2005-11-06, 8:05 AM #37
I suppose it's about darn time I get around to making this "character sheet" for Ante...

Story: NeS, NeSquared
Name: Antestarr (No Surname Noted)
Alignment: Skewed
Home: Somewhere within the solar-system.
System: Imagination / Desire
Synopsis: Veteran Hero of the Arena days, has been known to take control of situations after they get far too out of hand, either by directing things in a more sane direction or by coming up with something completely off the wall. A void in his history exists between The End of the original thread and Page 6 of NeSquared where he returned under the guise of Zania.

Age: Somewhere in the 20's... We think.
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian - currently NeSferatu
Height: Approx 6'
Build: Athletic enough to perform Daily Acts of Heroism(tm).
Hair: Silver (formerly blonde)
Eye Color: Blue
Outfits: Caped Battlesuit, Robe of Unknown Discipleship, Black Tuxedo, whatever costume fits the moment. Most recently khaki's, a black hoodie, and bum shoes.

The "earliest" mentions of Antestarr are during the "College Years", whereupon he somehow mysteriously managed to go to the same school as Gebohq and yet not keep in contact with him (nor even recognize him) until years later. Somewhere between then and Page 2 NeS he had close ties with Arkng Thand and the NeScholars. Eventually, after seeking retribution for being forced to use the entirety of his Giant Saltshaker, he joined the (soon to be) heroes in the Arena and began a fantastical journey.

Flash-Forward to NeSquared. Ante returned, disguised as a villain, long enough to gather enough "character essence" to create a character based character (see: Young). Ante has been working alongside the heroes, but mostly because he sees it as an opportunity to further his own goals (and some situations have arisen which left no other course of action). However, this does not mean he will always aid the heroes, especially if it conflicts with how he feels things must go.

Personality: Ante tends to be rather calm, letting the craziness around him flow, and often adding to the entropy. However, when the need arises he has spurts of superb leadership. His wrathful side has only peeked out in a few instances...
Perceptions: Ante, having worked with the NeScholars, knows that much of the world must be taken with a grain of salt. However, as of late, he has been seeing the world as something much weaker than he once did.
Politics: Ante avoids paying attention to politics.
Religion: Ante's religion is shrouded somewhere behind a dark robe of discipleship which has lately been missing from his closet...
Beliefs: Ante first and foremost believes in The Story. Apart from that, he has come to believe that one can only begin to achieve strength through independence... or perhaps simply being abandoned.
Fears: Overprotection. Predestination. An overarching hand leading himself and everything he cares for to an end.
Drives: To do whatever it takes to maintain The Story. To remove the "Writers" from their position of power over his reality (allow all characters true "free will").
Social Status: Once head of an large underground source of material, information, and funding. Since The End, much of that has fallen apart, though it appears he still has some contacts off-planet.
Occupation: Recluse. Crazy-man. Leader of the (now disbanded) Heroes after Gebohq's running off.
Family: None yet Noted.
Relationships: Interactions with most of the NeS Heroes, especially Gebohq and anyone who may have been around before the Great Crash of '50. Creator/Guardian of Young (though he accredits her as "Child of NeS"). Former pupil of Arkng Thand. Unknown if he still has ties to his "associates" Nigel and Signet.
Diction: Typical American. Tends to vary based on his mood.
Hobbies: MacGyverism. Likes to make useful stuff out of useless stuff, especially when a new "toy" can be made or something is actually needed.
Likes: Wine, Women, and Song. Times when he can relax. Solving problems.
Dislikes: Betrayal. Not getting his point across. Having deals fall through.

Spurts of Leadership: Has been known to take command in dire situations and lead others to relative safety/aversion of doom.

NeSferatu - a type of vampire that hungers most for characters with potent bloodink flowing through them. In general, if it's something a vampire does, a NeSferatu does as well.

MacGyverism: See Hobbies.
Exotic Weapons: Can use strange weapons (mostly of his design) to include Lightfoil(tm), Lightclaymore(tm), Darksaber(tm), Personal Singularity Generator, etc.
Standard Weapons: Well enough versed in common arms to wield standard pistols and/or assault rifles if deemed necessary. Though prefers weapons of finesse when not using homebrew items.


Concepts: Antestarr was originally just an excuse to join the heroes for some comedic action. He has eventually developed a past as well as gone through enough loss to start on a radical course of action that he feels will "ensure the story". He was once an extension of me, as I'd like to be, but has grown to be someone who I can use to test the waters with ideas and see how they flow outside of my head.
Themes: Vindication. Wrongful blame. Growth through adversity. Loss of God. Acting on passion rather than rational thought. Redemption (eventually).
Challenges: Coming to terms with the destruction of everything he had believed in. Learning that he may, in fact, be wrong.

Antestarr's current driving belief is that nothing can grow without being left on its own. He lost what his entire belief system was once based around, and feels he grew stronger from it. Therefore, he feels that the story and the characters withing can only grow strong once truly separated from the "writers", who have a liberal control over events (as well as the dread force known as the plot hole). It was also this mentality that let him to disband the Heroes. With Helebon gone from his seat of power, and the forces of Hell battling it out with the Forgotten Characters, the citizens of the world would have the opportunity to band together, set aside their differences, and defeat their would-be oppressors, thus "growing"...

It is currently unknown what ties Antestarr has to Conglomocorp, but there's likely something. Also, whether Conglomocorp is related to the interstellar fighters he called in that happened to shoot down the ship with the other heroes is unknown as well.
Pereant qui ante nos nostra dixerunt.
2005-11-06, 12:13 PM #38
Profile constantly underconstruction

Story: NeS
Name: Voodoo Snowflakes, not really her name just alternate name she had to make up for employment at the convenience store of the damned (TCSoD). see prehistory.
Nicknames: none so far.
Titles: Associate.

Alignment: Currently, indifference and ignorance. neutral? (forgive her for she does not know what she does.) UPDATE:good. indifference fading now beginning to care, at least about those close to her espcially Sarn.

Home: TCSoD. Somewhere in the back of her mind there is a concept of home, she's always ready to go home but somehow the shift never ends.

Synopsis: Low wage 'unskilled' laborer for the Convenience store of the Damned. her past is unclear, the future for the character is unclear as well. More to her than what it appears. A forgotted character finding a new purpose.


Age: Actual age unknown. appears to be in her 20's
Gender: female
Race: human
Height: 5' 7''
Build: not anything spectacular between average and heavy, out of shape, due to mastering how to do tasks with little effort as possible.
Hair: Blonde hair usually tied up under a black ball cap. If she were to ever take off the hat, it is a little past shoulder length. wavy.
Eye color: Blue
Outfits: Kaki pants, worn out dirty and stained sneakers -> laces tied in a double knot, red polo shirt that has "none under 21, we I.D." embroidered on it. Black apron. Black TCSoD ball cap. Update: Outfits have changed, uncluding a period of time she was running around in a white terrycloth robe from a hotel.


Pre-Story History: After using this name for so long however she really can't remember her real name, and really she can't recall how long she has been working there but she knows long enough to be due for a promotion a raise or something...

Story History: What has your character done in the story thread?
Recent History:

Personality: Quiet. Apathy with occasional flares of hostility and thoughts of violence. yet some topics break her out of her shell. Maybe she does care about something afterall...Update: she must care, about something or have some sense of adventure staying and helping the heros.

Perceptions: World sucks anyway why should I get involved...but of self perception of self: deserves better. tries not to judge others it isn't her job to do that anyway. Update: still feels like she is along for the ride or following along most of the time.

Politics: Why would something like politics concern her? As long as they do their job and don't pass stupid residential codes requiring pristine lawns.

Religion: no organized religion, but something bigger is out there.

Beliefs: as long as they don't mess with me, they can steal the whole lot...

Fears: insecurity, UPDATEbeing fogotten again. eventhough she would like to rember somethings in her past she also fears remembering things that she rather would not remembering.

Drives: part of her still seeks to move on to something better. UPDATE:driven to have a new purpose other than making ham sandwiches for TCSoTD. Hope, Friendship and Love. Espcially love i think is what triggered her to use her abilty to heal.
Social status: Minimum Wage.
Occupation: Clerk.
Family: details unknown
Relationships: details unknown
Diction: Midwestern American. low but soft voice. but when spotting something cute and cuddly or is intoxicated goes ot something of the like she goes into in to a higher pitched giggly voice....depending on mood.
Hobbies: making paper snowflakes.
Likes: Animals especially kitties they are so cute! ^_^
Dislikes: for some reason she has this peeve about lawn care. It is advised not to get on that topic with her for then she talks and rants and repeats herself about the evils of a perfect lawn.


Potential: In a state of rest but potential energy for good or bad present.
minimum wage indifference: sometimes things that would make most adventures cower in fear don't phase her.
Abilities: cutting ham, paper thin...making sandwiches etc.

Resourseful, uses what is around her.

Voodoo can use her energy and/or focus energy around her to Heal others. Attemps so far have left her in a very weakend and vunerable state. Success or failure to heal a characater is determined by things like story conventions and the will of the Writers. It is unknown if ability was taught it is just inate we do not know due to Voodoo's forgotten past.

Equipment: apron, a box cutter in her pocket. (in the deli of the damned she has/had access to kitchen equipment including knives, spoons and a deli meat slicer of doom.)Update: probably will gather supplies if she can and if she needs them from wherever she is at. -currently she is at the haunted house of heroes.

[/b]UPDATE:[/b]Weapons: Improvised-you never know what can become a weapon, (example: links of sausage)


Concepts: yes some of this is part of me the writer. been contemplating writing for NeS before with a deli worker like character...the convenience store was...convienent enter this idea into NeS. Update: real life I have quit the Deli worker jo, trying to figure out what I want to do.

Themes: imprisonment in Retail Hell, Minimum wage, New Character and Writer with no clue what lies underneath, behind, hidden, in the past in the future...
Challenges: ready to go home, ready to get out this place, but if she leaves where will she go?
Who?: details unknown

What?: most likely older than she thinks she is or appears, locked in an eternal state of Retail hell.

How?: deli clerk based on personal experience as a deli clerk.

Why?: have been thinking about a deli worker character anyway..


Miscellaneous: Notes for Voodoo S the writer, themes of communication, internet.
Notes: details...unknownUPDATE Keep in mind with this new arc involving the forgotten Voodoo will have sympathy for the Forgotten Characters. What make hereos keep going affter all the bad things that happen to them? espcially in a story without an ending?
2005-11-07, 5:59 AM #39
Story: The Never-ending Story Thread^2 (first post here.)
Name: currently goes by Arkng Thand, has gone by other names before, such as Adia Theos
Nicknames: Usually known as Master Thand.
Titles: Master, Professor, NeScholar (the Third - although it is unknown whether they are ranked in importance or simply chronology)
Alignment: Unknown. As yet, has provided critical information to the heroes, implying some ties to virtue. As far as the NeS is concerned, he is not evil.
Home: Birthplace unknown. Calls Deitopos - a tower constructed by his willpower within the Dreamstate - his home. There is significance to Thand choosing the dreamstate as his place of residence: this has been hinted at early on, but has not yet been discovered by anyone but Highemperor.
System: Not applicable.
Synopsis: According to his brief account of himself, Arkng Thand is a NeScholar - a man dedicated to the study and scrutiny of the characters, story arcs and essential fabric of the NeS itself. He may or may not be a) the most intelligent man alive b) the most powerful man alive c) the first human to exist in the NeS. Currently, he is an enigmatic bearded old man who spends his time smoking, instructing the NeSHeroes, and apparently reading every book ever written, not unlike a wise recluse.

Unknown. Appears old yet healthy in age.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human. No dicernable ethnicity, though appears as if he's not seen the sun in a while.
Height: Around 5'10.
Build: Unobtrusive and thin.
Hair: Long white hair, neatly tied back, and a curiously unkempt white beard.
Eye color: Deep grey.
Unusual features: Religiously carries around an ornamental golden pipe, which emits a blue smoke.
Outfits: Thand's appearance is normally immaculate, and his dress sense matches this: he frequents three-piece suits that range in hue from the misty grey of his eyes to the cobalt blue of his pipe smoke. In his first appearance to Highemperor he called himself a "wizard" and sported blue robes, but since has dissociated himself from that label, which suggests Highemperor carries a different regard to him. He carries around an ornamental golden fob watch that appears to read time in NeS pages instead of hours.

Pre-Story History:
Virtually nothing is known about Thand before page 6 of NeSquared, when he first appeared, except that he was known by another name during the time where Atlantis still existed. According to snippets of dialogue here and there, Thand has been studying the NeS for several thousand lifetimes, and may have been around since the begininning of the NeS universe. How he has achieved this seeming immortality is, predictably, unknown: assumingly something he found early on has prolonged his life - or there is, of course, the possibility that there is some other reason.
Story History: Video footage of Thand that Ante carries around with him shows that Thand belonged to the NeScholars, a group of inquisitive academics devoted to the study and (apparent) preservation of the NeS. On the meeting that would announce his leadership, Thand both denied this honour and resigned his position, taking the dreamstate and other unnamed territories as his own.

Thand later introduced himself to Highemperor on page 6. He gave his first piece of advice - to warn the NeSHeroes that the Ever-ending Plot could recover in the dreamstate - and has continued to act in an advisory/supportive capacity. This would include advising TLTE and his confederates how to rescue Losien, and assisting in the (brief) incarceration of Gebiyl. He advised the three Potentials - Erronem, Alexan, and Phoenix - on matters, and has allegedly done so before.

Thand has remained functionally immobile from Deitopos, and has instructed TLTE, Ante and CM that the Potentials intended to kill them. He had ushered them into exile until the Hands of the NeS stop the balance of the NeS skewed in the favour of evil, an anomaly caused by their incessant battle. It was later discovered that Thand advised the Potentials to try and kill the heroes, but implied that his aim was for the heroes to kill them. He then kept the heroes at bay, and his activity has remained mostly undescribed.

Thand has since left the Dreamstate, however, and has also advised Rachel Pi (as April Fool) how to become a character and show her love for Gebohq. He has since confronted and eliminated most of the NeScholars, and aims to stop Gebohq and the others from presumably taking some valued possessions of his. His ultimate motives remain a mystery...

Arkng Thand's personality ranges from altruistic to aloof - he has never publicly derided anyone, but obviously has high self-esteem. He is content to impart knowledge to others, so appears generous: but it remains to be seen whether this has simply been him serving his own ends.
Perceptions: Thand perceives himself as the greatest NeScholar that ever lived. He is undoubtedly correct, though the ramifications of this are unclear. His opinions of others are vague: Thand is very much a character who plays his cards close to his chest, so to speak.
Politics: Unknown.
Religon: Unknown.
Beliefs: Knowledge. Above all, Thand prizes his immense wisdom and knowledge gained from studying the NeS. It is the source of all his power.
Fears: Apparently nothing.
Drives: The quest for further knowledge appears to be all that drives him.
Social status: Reclusive, but to those who know him he is obviously respected.
Occupation: Academic. Unemployed.
Family: Unknown.
Relationships: Ex-mentor to Antestarr. Prior associate of the NeScholars. Possible master to Wai. No known friends or enemies, though Rachel Pi has him to thank for becoming a character and informed about TLTE's role as Ultimate Villain to TLTE.
Diction: Perfectly articulated, but completely neutral accent. Very much a radio announcer's voice.
Hobbies: Reading.
Likes: Books. Knowledge. Wisdom.
Dislikes: The unknown. Perhaps snakes.

Unknown. He may have the potential to act as a unique antagonist - one that is more human, and more in the right, than the protagonists.
Powers: Unknown. There is the possibilty that Thand commands an incredible power. "Why would I command fire and energy when I control the NeS itself?" -Arkng Thand, page 13. This may imply that he has a level of story-wielding of his own through sheer knowledge of the NeS.
Abilities: Unknown. His lifetimes of knowledge undoubtedly supply him with a level of wisdom and intelligence that make him unmatched.
Equipment: Unknown. The pipe and watch are the only items, aside from books, that he has used so far. He does use a walking stick while traveling, however.

Thand is meant to be on-par with TLTE and the EeP as the greatest "villains" of the NeS. However, Thand is unique in two ways. First, and most importantly, he is not meant to be evil in any way -- his role will be to break the self-imposed "hero" status of the main characters, and as far as the NeS is concerned, he is morally in the right. Second, he is a philosophical antagonist -- he doesn't fight with fists or powers but with words and knowledge, which is something few characters in NeS do, and fewer antagonists still.
Themes: Morality and mortality, the big questions, philosophical antagonism.
Challenges: How to write for a practically all-knowing villain who is in the right?

Choice: Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?
Original Choice -- Thand is, for all intents and purposes, the First Human in the world of NeS, and thus, the first Character Anyone Cared About. In many ways, he is Humanity, and both are defined by their ability to think, to know, to chose. Thand therefore has not only usually been the first to struggle with the choices he's had to make, but likely the most aware and possessive in his choices. While he is undoubtedly defined by the ability to make the right choices, especially at his current age, the wrong choices he may make would also be pivotal to his character and to existence at large.

Chance: What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?
Plot's Lot - In part because of the choices that define him, any events that revolve around Thand tend to be highly significant to himself and others. On the scale of a single post, Thand has the ability to predict and act on even the slightest events like a type of Rube Goldberg machine on chaos theory. Beyond the scope of a post, however, even Thand can only control so much, so it might be telling that Thand prefers to remain aloof and distant in his plans.

Conflict: How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?
Causal Claim - Largely due to his vast intelligence and wisdom, Thand has the ability to state claims that, seemingly upon merely speaking them, make his claims true. Whatever the case, his ability to discern, state, and engage with the truth can obviously imbue him with a certain charisma that can shake the foundations of characters for better or worse.

Context: Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?
Deitopos Dream - In his very long lifetime, Thand has likely traveled virtually everwhere and when (at least in the past), meaning that no one setting has any significant impact on him. He thrives on the philosophical, the dreams of places just across the horizon. While his birthplace may be a home he's unable to return to, his unmatched mind also means places like the Dreamstate are perfect for him.

Convention: Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?
Old Man on the Mountain - While Thand has certainly been associated with any number of conventions over the ages, and while he's certainly not bound by them as some characters are, he does currently exist to serve many of the functions a reclusive old man on the mountain might serve -- wise, aloof and above many things, difficult to get close to, and so on. Those that gain wisdom from Thand do so with great difficulty, and there is no certainty that he will help you at all. Obviously, this convention is challenged by his antagonistic role, but it will be difficult to answer why Thand exists in the story without cheapening his character, especially in relation to who he is.

If there are any questions about how to write with Thand, ask either TLTE or Gebohq.
Notes: This profile is still somewhat under construction.
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2005-11-07, 2:55 PM #40
Story: NeS
Name: Mayaal
Nicknames: ???
Titles: [Right] Hand of NeS, Protector of Good
Alignment: Nuetral Good
Home: 1337
System: No?
Synopsis: Laid back and wise, this hand of the NeS practices his powers from the most comfortable place he can. Mayaal rarelly makes a move or action unless it's most favorable for him, or will entertain him. He is inherently good, but must fight for the continuety of NeS overall.

Age: Looks probably 65
Gender: Technically neither, but Male in appearance and title.
Race: Kirby-nerd hybrid
Height: 6 Feet 6 Inches
Build: Rather muscular of the 2 hands.
Hair: Pink-tinted Gray well kept hair at shoulder length. Also wears a slightly messy goatee.
Eye color: Has no eyes.
Unusual features: 3 fingers on each hand and toe, Mayaal is a pale pink. Outfits: A long white lab coat, Mayaal may sometimes have wings, while other times may not. He wears a blindfold to cover his lack of eyes.

Pre-Story History: Before becoming a Hand of NeS, Mayaal was known as jEDIkIRBYtHEwHITE and Qwerty. The two fought, and when NeS needed them the most, they made the ultimate sacrifice.
Story History: Mayaal has ensured the balance of NeS.
Recent History: Recently, he has been at war with Bahc over a petty bet which has since turned ugly.

Personality: Mayaal is laid back and relaxed, relying mostly on the comforts of life to get along, he usually lets the general quirkiness of the NeS heroes rub off on him. Afterall, how could he fight for them if he took things too seriously?
Perceptions: Mayaal is rather apathetic towards anyone who isn't important to his cause. Even then, he uses mortals like tools, as his job description requires.
Politics: While Mayaal is specifically an agent of all things "good," he is far more devoted to the continuity of NeS as a whole.
Religon: NeS Metaphysics
Beliefs: Good, period.
Fears: Evil.
Drives: His will is simply good; something he cannot change as it is his nature as a whole.
Social status: The Power of NeS allows him to own or have whatever he wishes.
Occupation: Hand of NeS
Family: Bahc is in a way his "Brother," and JKtW/Qwerty his parents.
Relationships: Bahc is his nemisis, along with his only friend. The many kirbys of NeS also follow his commands.
Diction: Mayaal bears a low, almost fire-like crackling voice with a british accent reminiscant of JKtW.
Hobbies: Watch cult classic movies while drinking alcohol on a floating yacht.
Likes: Cult Classic Movies, Yachts, 80's life.
Dislikes: Responsibilities and duities.

Potential: Mayaal is only limited by his own rules, and the rules Bahc makes.
Powers: NeS Magic, Light Magic, Plothole Cronomagery, amoung others.
Abilities: Strength over Agility.
Equipment: A caster-like pistol that breaks in a similar fashion to a shotgun, firing casings made with his own tears.

Concepts: I'm basically trying to build Mayaal into an immortal being that is so self aware that even he asks what plot he's part of. Almost as if he were a god asking about god.
Themes: Struggle, Good VS Evil, Responsibilities
Challanges: To do his job.
Who?: Just a hand looking for a cause.
What?: He's part of 1337
How?: Noble outlaw and I agreed upon Bahc and Mayaal when we were plotting our character's battle. They ended up being a fantastic way to move NeS along.
Why?: Because I love epic plots, and Mayaal is epic beyond epic.

Miscellaneous: Not really.
Notes: This space for rent.
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