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ForumsShowcase → Get outta my bar. You always cause trouble.
Get outta my bar. You always cause trouble.
2018-03-03, 7:47 PM #1
2018-03-03, 11:12 PM #2
it's beautiful
former entrepreneur
2018-03-03, 11:12 PM #3
what is it?
former entrepreneur
2018-03-04, 12:21 AM #4
The first room of JK SP recreated in Unreal Engine 4, most likely.

Fantastic work
2018-03-04, 4:14 AM #5
i... think i see dflt.mat
2018-03-04, 4:36 AM #6
Stop, I can only get so hard.
2018-03-04, 10:50 AM #7
It’s like the perfect amount of added detail. Enough to look good, but not so much that it ruins the clean aesthetic of the original. Very tasteful. This is what I’d want a commercial remake to look like.
2018-03-04, 11:41 AM #8
obligatory "omg is that jk"
I had a blog. It sucked.
2018-03-04, 2:01 PM #9
after over a decade of JK I've only now realised that neon thing is supposed to be a green fire-spitting snake with red eyes, and not a happy smiling dragon with three blue eyes and a very weird curved green smile
2018-03-04, 3:24 PM #10
oh yeahhhhhh
2018-03-05, 9:24 AM #11
Fantastic work, Thrawn. Jumping into wishful thinking here, but perhaps you could look at doing a project collection / collaboration with any other editors out there with a soft spot for this game to remake all of the levels from JK in UE4, similar to that Ocarina of Time project. Just a thought, but either way I love this so much.
Author of the JK levels:
Sand Trap & Sand Trap (Night)

2018-03-05, 11:43 AM #12
Yeah, what are your intentions w/ this? I've just assumed it's a bit of art, a bit of practice, etc. But I hope you plan to do a few other areas as well. Would love to see more.
2018-03-05, 1:56 PM #13
If it were still under Lucasarts rules, I’d suggest looking into whether a horizontal slice is feasible and bringing it to them. Disney and EA don’t entertain pitches unless you have an agent or you’re an established subcontractor, and even then those kinds of discussions don’t tend to go far. I’m not sure how realistic that kind of pitch would be even if you were a well established studio.

I was being serious when I said this is exactly how I’d want a commercial remake to look.
2018-03-05, 4:00 PM #14
Thanks everyone! Jon's correct, this is UE4. :)

My game plan here is to make the whole bar (and a bit of the ramp alley outside) as a portfolio piece. Time & the terms of my employment mean there's not much more I can do, but it's definitely a fun idea.

I actually am going to add some amount of additional detail--wall cables, door switches, etc. Mostly referenced from ANH and ROTJ. My target look is something that could fit into Rogue One or the Solo movie. But I definitely want to keep it clearly recognizable as the JK level.
2018-03-05, 8:14 PM #15
Lord Tiberius Grismath
1473 for '1337' posts.
2018-03-07, 6:19 AM #16
Looks great!

You make textures now, too?
2018-03-07, 12:46 PM #17
can't you make the whole level? :(
former entrepreneur
2018-03-07, 12:47 PM #18
Originally posted by ECHOMAN:
Looks great!

You make textures now, too?

Always have ;)
2018-03-07, 10:40 PM #19
omg that is jk
2018-03-14, 9:20 AM #20
Really beautiful work. I would love to see your take on the workshop in Kyle's homestead.
My blawgh.
2018-03-16, 1:03 AM #21
Some updates, with more details (apologies to JonC)


Not much more to add except for a couple of crates at the end of the hallway. Later on I'm going to come back and do some polish--decals, steam coming from the vents, animate the lights a little--but I probably need to get a move on to the vestibule & the main bar area.

edit - double posted two of them as attachments, can't figure out how to delete. sry
2018-03-16, 4:35 AM #22

It still looks good.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, but the bar for ducking it up with detail is also pretty low for remakes of this scene. This looks like a space humans would plausibly inhabit for recreation. That’s good. Usually they end up looking more like someone’s storing spare furniture in the jetting steam pipe room, under a mound of loosely hung, sparking wires.
2018-03-16, 2:56 PM #23
Haha, I've seen a couple that I didn't love.

For detailing I'm trying to draw as much as possible from Mos Eisley and Jabba's palace in the movies--a lot of videogame takes on Nar Shaddaa lean fully into the "cyberpunk with aurebesh" look but I really like slimy, ornate Hutt look that JK manages to convey with its textures.
2018-03-16, 5:33 PM #24
You could probably bring the lighting down 50% and skip adding any more details.
2018-03-16, 5:43 PM #25
Originally posted by Alco:
You could probably bring the lighting down 50% and skip adding any more details.

I could bring it down to 10% and it'd look like the opening cutscene
2018-03-19, 12:46 PM #26
The dark side? I've been there. Do your worst.
2018-04-18, 8:56 PM #27
Haven't had a ton of time to work on this, but in anticipation of needing to do the skybox later on I did some Star Warsy spaceship/building tiling textures:

2018-04-19, 7:12 AM #28
ahh.. it always lightens my heart to see a new post in this thread
former entrepreneur
2018-04-19, 7:13 AM #29
which is also to say: I can't wait to see what you do with these!
former entrepreneur
2018-04-19, 7:55 AM #30
so greebly. so star warsy.

I hope you get more time to work on it this month!
2018-04-21, 2:32 PM #31
Got some time to work on the little hallway area. I think I'm happy with it for now & going to move onto the main bar area, finally :)


One day I'll get day...
2018-04-21, 2:58 PM #32
SotD! Briaaaaaaaaannnn
former entrepreneur
2018-04-21, 3:00 PM #33
it's so beautiful
former entrepreneur
2018-04-22, 10:49 AM #34
Thanks Eversor!

Here is a Massassi exclusive: the beginning of the main bar area


I think this is going to be the trickiest area so far because the original level is super barebones--it's got a lot of unused space and not much to identify it as a bar. Any time I add additional detail I try to reference it from the original trilogy (e.g. the wall panels are all from RotJ) so I'm probably going to look at the Mos Eisley cantina and see what I can crib to dress up the space a bit. I already added some seating to the table in the middle, which seemed like it would make sense.
2018-04-22, 1:21 PM #35
Looks sharp!

What's the view out the windows going to look like?
former entrepreneur
2018-04-22, 5:50 PM #36
Good question! That's been on my mind a lot--I'm going to try to incorporate some of the design in the opening cutscene where we fly through the city, and Sine_Nomen's Nar level was always a favorite of mine so that'll probably have some influence. I'd like to add some ships flying around out there as well. Feel like I should probably get more done inside first, though.
2018-04-22, 11:04 PM #37
A little update on the windows--temp buildings made out of cubes behind a glass material I threw together. Not sure about it but it'll do for now:

2018-04-23, 11:46 AM #38
I like it a lot. That being said, I feel like the floor texture is far too perfect. Especially for a dingy bar in the middle of a bustling spaceport that's filled with crime and shady characters. I realize this is far from done, so I'm sure you're planning to do more. Maybe lots of worn scuff marks, stains (food, grease, and other unmentionables).

Also, something that might help make it feel more like a real bar would be having some sort of little service window to imply that there's food to be had as well. Makes sense for a location with a back room with a bunch of booths. Something kind of like this:


To keep it authentic you could make it some type of frosted glass or something with a bright light on the other side, so that you can't really see what's going on in there, but understand what it's implying.
Author of the JK levels:
Sand Trap & Sand Trap (Night)

2018-04-24, 2:18 AM #39
It's funny how the irrealism of the Sith engine concealed how totally unrealistic that bar is as a space... or at least as a bar. Why does such a large room have only one little table? And what about all those back rooms associated with the bar? What horrible things might people be getting up to in the back rooms?? And what about the fact that this one bar is at the end of long dead end corridor? I remember this level seemed large and expansive when the game first was released. It really felt like wandering around a space city. But now its so clear that this space is totally unrealistic, and one important the reason why it's so unrealistic is because level design and the mission structure are both linear.
former entrepreneur
2018-04-24, 11:05 AM #40

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