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2019-03-23, 10:03 PM #1121
Originally posted by Steven:
Unless I'm mistaken, the reflections shows a character (appears purple) that doesn't appear on the game image. Is that correct? Is he using some hack that allows him to see through walls?

That's correct, yes. They're called ESP hacks or wallhacks.

Originally posted by Steven:
Also, I've never understand watching someone else play a video game, especially online. It's all the worst parts of having to share a nintendo with your brother, but you don't get to fight with him and take the controller when you get bored.

Me either. I have a hypothesis though. Online gaming in the era of dedicated servers, both for FPS games and MMOs developed a sense of community among gamers. With increased automated matchmaking and global servers, everyone loses a sense of identity. Since playing online games without any sense of personality is the worst experience a human can endure (/s of course), people latch onto streaming as the only way to make these hellscape games feel even remotely like a human experience.
2019-03-23, 10:24 PM #1122
I can sort of understand that; I used to play online games quite a bit with a group of regulars (about twelve years ago), but many games now don't have persistent lobbies, and games aren't really suited for teamwork. Even team-oriented game modes like capture the flag/hill/whatever don't involve working together so much as just shooting every one on the other team, and most players are just going for the high score. I look at my xbox friends list and it's people I either don't remember, or haven't played with in a decade. There's really no pointing in having it.
And now, with most games, missing even a few weeks of play time after a new release, or failing to get an expansion right away results in a significant handicap. My solution was to just stop playing games online. I played Destiny and Destiny 2 because my brother and brother-in-law had them and we would play sometimes, but I haven't played in about 16 months.

2019-03-23, 10:30 PM #1123
As someone who literally hasn't played any modern games ever, I've always thought gameplay streamers are some of the most depressing things ever made by mankind. Like, why the hell are you gonna waste your precious lifetime watching someone play a game you can play yourself? It doesn't make any sense, it's like liking porn better than you like sex. Maybe you personally like the streamer, maybe you like the porn actor, but still, I can't not see literally anything else being better stuff to do with one's free time.

Video games are depressing.
2019-03-23, 10:39 PM #1124
[]Eventually all life will be reduced to representation.[/url]

Games simulate what we used to actually do. Now we are simulating the act of gaming itself.
2019-03-23, 10:44 PM #1125
I wasn't expecting to see a link to in here. But yeah, JK, though.
2019-03-23, 10:47 PM #1126
I used to be an actual Jedi. Now I just simulate it by playing JK. :(

Who am I kidding, I don't play JK anymore: now I simulate it by watching FGR's videos on Vimeo. :( :(
2019-03-23, 10:51 PM #1127
Originally posted by Reverend Jones:
Games simulate what we used to actually do. Now we are simulating the act of gaming itself.

I know what you mean. I used to be a space marine fighting hordes of under-ground insects attempting to destroy the surface dwellers, but now I just play simulations of that instead. I also used to be an X-Wing pilot. Before that I was a theoretical physicist with a fondness for crowbars.
2019-03-23, 10:52 PM #1128
Wait a minute, I think I remember you! It's Barney
2019-03-23, 11:01 PM #1129
I think it's much more about simulating what we can't do in real life than about simulating what we actually do. In fact, I believe real life simulators are a much more recent thing. Doesn't change the fact gameplay streaming is depressing.

Like, I could watch someone playing through some SP levels in JK or MotS because I've played those games and think that it would be fun to see someone going through those levels and puzzles I know so well, just as I'd like to show a song to a friend and know what they think of it. However, I'd kill myself before watching a one hour stream of an NF deathmatch in Canyon Oasis.
2019-03-23, 11:04 PM #1130
Originally posted by Reverend Jones:
Wait a minute, I think I remember you! It's Barney

Yeah I worked the blue shift
2019-03-23, 11:09 PM #1131
Anybody been following Magic Leap and Hololens? Will there be a day when I can build an actual, physical scale model paintball course based on the geometry of Canyon Oasis, and then put on an AR headset that renders Jon`C's new texture pack over it, so that I can have a real-life JK multiplayer match with friends?
2019-03-23, 11:12 PM #1132
I feel like that wouldn't be a lot of fun since we wouldn't be able to do most jumps

Plus, we'd drown to death a lot
2019-03-23, 11:12 PM #1133
You could even make the abysses fake: you don't die for real if you wander off the "edge", but you'd get to simulate that you did.

Edit: not really sure what to do about water though. Before you drown you'd probably destroy your headset.
2019-03-23, 11:15 PM #1134
I mean, sure, force jump is out of the question, but on the bright side, video games would start to actually involve physical exercise!

That said, it would probably have to be restricted to an indoor course, since from what I've heard, the AR headsets coming out now don't fare very well in bright outdoor lighting.
2019-03-23, 11:28 PM #1135
Originally posted by Reverend Jones:
You could even make the abysses fake: you don't die for real if you wander off the "edge", but you'd get to simulate that you did.

That said... this is actually a really really really bad idea, because it would train people to think they can reflexively wander off actual cliffs with abandon and end up dying IRL. :(

Life does not have a reset button
2019-03-23, 11:29 PM #1136
Maybe by the time someone creates a lifesize replica of Canyon Oasis, someone else could have also created anti-gravity boots that could allow us to jump really high. It's still a possibility folks, let's not give up.
2019-03-23, 11:32 PM #1137
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2019-03-23, 11:33 PM #1138
Canyon Oasis doesn't make any sense. I mean, why is the water level different on certain areas? What is it that makes the water go so high on the sniper and that side area but so low everywhere else? Perhaps there's like a hidden hole or something in those higher areas where the water is coming from? Maybe those holes where the Light/Dark surges are located?
2019-03-23, 11:36 PM #1139
Maybe the devs ran out of time and never got around to writing a ladder cog.
2019-03-23, 11:36 PM #1140
I just had an amazing idea for a new level: Canyon Oasis But With Realistic Water

It would be the same as the original, but the entire lower area would be flooded
2019-03-23, 11:37 PM #1141
Originally posted by SMLiberator:
I just had an amazing idea for a new level: Canyon Oasis But With Realistic Water

It would be the same as the original, but the entire lower area would be flooded

Well once on the Zone we got hacked and a guy turned the entire level to water, which was cool. He also added some disco strobe effects.
2019-03-23, 11:38 PM #1142
Or maybe it's The Force[/b]!!!!!!
2019-03-23, 11:43 PM #1143
I wonder if people will try to hack the AR headsets of unsuspecting victims, and do mean things like extend the ground surface off the edge of a cliff. :(
2019-03-23, 11:51 PM #1144
Sort of the reverse of this: :P

Edit: holy ****

2019-03-23, 11:59 PM #1145
I... just figured it all out. Roadrunner is an NPC in Wile E Coyote's augmented reality (hence, only Roadrunner can break the laws of physics), but he's too dumb to figure this out because he is a coyote. :(
2019-03-24, 12:01 AM #1146
I feel like we could make much more terrible things by hacking AR devices, like simulating a robbery but there's no one there OR simulating a NOT ROBBERY but there's someone there. How'd we make it so that powerups respawn in our Canyon Oasis, though?
2019-03-24, 12:03 AM #1147
Also, it could be that Roadrunner is just an hallucination and Coyote is crazy. Or maybe Roadrunner is an old, late friend who Coyote desperately misses so he keeps daydreaming about him. It's sad.
2019-03-24, 12:03 AM #1148
Originally posted by SMLiberator:
How'd we make it so that powerups respawn in our Canyon Oasis, though?

If you're using paintball, when you run out of ammo in the game, your projectiles and their effects are erased visually. Although they still might hurt. :)
2019-03-24, 12:10 AM #1149
Last AR idea for the night: remote sex between couples, using proxies bodies (human or robotic) to paint the skin textures of your counterpart onto (so kind of like in the movie Her, but between symmetrically between humans, each with their own physical proxy to draw the textures on). Latency could make things awkward. Or your partner could reskin you (and vice versa). Maybe even swap roles between make and female if you're into that.

Edit: or turn them into C3PO

2019-03-24, 12:14 AM #1150
2019-03-24, 12:21 AM #1151
2019-03-24, 12:29 AM #1152
Originally posted by Reverend Jones:
Edit: or turn them into C3PO


that's it, I'm kinkshaming you
2019-03-24, 12:35 AM #1153
Originally posted by SMLiberator:
When it crashes that way for me it's usually a cog causing problems (either too long or too many conditional statements etc). Do you have any other mods installed? If you don't, try renaming the "cog" folder inside the mod folder to something else. Nothing will work that way, but I want to be sure if that's where the problem is.

Yeah, I put the files in JK\Resource and the GRTest files under a JK\mod folder and ran a .bat file with "-path mod" in it.

Didn't even start until I removed the COG folder from (so the one under JK\Resource\COG at that moment). So then I got in the game, and I guess the injected textures also work (ran the game with JK13 + injector):

[Unable to find specified attachment]


[Unable to find specified attachment]

(That one might need some of those albedo-factor 0,0,0,0s)
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2019-03-24, 12:37 AM #1154
Also, I guess the injector also doesn't/can't affect the distance issues?

[Unable to find specified attachment] [Unable to find specified attachment]
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2019-03-24, 1:16 AM #1155
Wait, so that's JKGR but no Cogs. Good to know that's where the problem lies, though. My guess is that the problem is being caused specifically by "skills_04.cog", as that's the largest one in the bunch and I literally can't change a line in it without making it crash the game. Try renaming specifically that one (or try renaming all "skills_xx" cogs if that still doesn't work). You (and the bots) won't be able to use some skills but everything else will still be there, including drivable cars and the inventory which includes the money you can get to teleport to the city where said driveable cars are etc.

I could be wrong, but maybe your machine compiles cogs in a manner different to mine, and the particular manner your machine compiles that specific cog causes the game to crash. What I could do to solve that issue would be to move some of the skills in that file to other skill cogs so that it won't be so unreliably long.

As for the "distance" issue, that's JK hiding objects that are located inside sectors that aren't visible. The problem is that said objects could very well stick out of said sectors, which is the case there. Most practical solution there is to either to completely change the sector shapes or just ignore the problem entirely, like JK devs did in a bunch of levels.

By the way, there's also one more part of JKGR which I haven't included which is the OGG music, and I haven't included it for obvious legal reasons. I still don't know what I'm gonna do about that - remove music altogether? Write lots of songs in many different styles and have all music being originals? Share music illegally and not give a f?
2019-03-24, 1:24 AM #1156
Alright, this time I got this far (after removing skills_04.cog):

I talked to the guy who told me to get rid of those imps, but I couldn't really choose weapons in the JK way and trying to access the "Force Powers" resulted in a somewhat common error where I didn't see the names of the powers and the icons flashed on the screen for like 0.05 milliseconds when I went through them. Eventually, through weirdness, I got a gun to show up and managed to shoot one of the imps (tho' not in the usual way you fire guns in JK) after which the game crashed. Also, at one point the sky seemed to disappear which once again made the screen look like there was a BSP hole in there (I swear, those things will haunt me to my death).

As for the music, I was going to link to the latest version of the FGR Funeral Procession but I seem to have removed it at some point. Oy.

I'd worry about that issue only at the point of a stable release, though.
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2019-03-24, 1:35 AM #1157
Originally posted by SMLiberator:
or just ignore the problem entirely and not give a f?

I mean, that's how I roll.
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2019-03-24, 1:36 AM #1158
Okay, apparently you didn't rebind the hotkeys. That's a very important part. JK's default fire 1/fire 2 hotkeys have been rendered obsolete and replaced with cog controlled hotkeys as I have more control over them that way. In that starting area, there's a sword and shield right between the guy and the blue orb to the left of the room. You can pick that up and use it to attack the imps, and you'll be able to block attacks with the shield when not attacking.

I have absolutely no idea why the game crashed.

Also, check out the readme, it includes some tips on how to hack your way into the most interesting parts if you're in a hurry.

Oh, and here's the music (illegal!!!) if you wanna check the whole thing out.
2019-03-24, 1:39 AM #1159
Ah, all that guff I gave to some people about not reading the TODOA TC installation instructions (and complaining about the sabers not showing up properly) and now I'm the one not reading readmes. Boh!

I'll give the hotkeys a shot.
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2019-03-24, 1:43 AM #1160
Then again,

1. Enable the "debug" option in HOTKEY_SELECT5.COG
2. Run JKGR and load up Aegenar
3. Choose your favorite Class by activating the big statue in the starting area

Doesn't let me choose anything in the menu after activating the statue, the arrow keys and the Cancel/Confirm buttons don't do anything.

I'm probably not doing this hotkey thing properly
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum

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