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recent purchases thread
2017-04-01, 5:34 AM #3401

I guess I could get the internal optical drive replaced since it's still under warranty, but since I've also had odd problems with the same model on my old computer.... eh.

Then again, going with ASUS again might have been dumb...
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2017-04-23, 11:20 PM #3402
So I just ordered some ridiculous stuff on eBay. A power cord and THERMAL ****ing PRINTER PAPER for a 30+ year old calculator. I'll post it when I get it. I also ordered Xbox Jedi Outcast and PS1 Dark Forces.
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2017-05-06, 6:02 AM #3403
[Unable to find specified attachment][/URL]
= 441.35 EUR

That's 484.635 Liberty Dollars.
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2017-05-06, 3:35 PM #3404
Is that a picture frame?
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2017-05-10, 2:14 PM #3405
I also bought both of the expansion packs.
And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.
2017-05-10, 2:30 PM #3406
2017-05-10, 8:49 PM #3407
soda, snacks, spray paint, Strafe
eat right, exercise, die anyway
2017-05-10, 8:52 PM #3408
Originally posted by Brian:

A glock?

I just bought one of these

for my birthday to finish something I have been piecing together for a while.
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2017-05-11, 8:13 AM #3409
Yeah I wasn't totally happy with my PF9 so I'm getting rid of it. The G43 is a little bigger and a little heavier and actually holds one round less (boo), but I'm hoping it will be a lot more reliable.
2017-05-11, 8:16 AM #3410
I assume you got the 43 over a 19 or something because you carry? Where do you stick it? Glocks are obviously some of the most proven guns on the planet no matter what some no plastic ever old dudes say, I'm sure you'll be happy reliability wise. I'm really wanting to roland special my 19 but i don't want to pay race gun prices for it.
Epstein didn't kill himself.
2017-05-11, 8:57 AM #3411
I'll tell you where to stick it. Or where I stick it, I guess. 95% of the time it's on a belt holster. I generally wear baggy clothes so it doesn't show. I've tried IWB holsters but I was never happy with them; comfort, pants sizing, ease of access were all issues for me. With the PF9 sometimes I left it in a neoprene holster and just carried it in my pocket. The G43 is bigger and heavier so I doubt I'll be doing that. I could actually only find one G43 leather thumbreak holster (desantis) that had decent reviews. It rides a lot higher than I'm used to so I'm not sure this is the final solution.

I also have a G17 and a full size Kimber 1911 but they're too heavy for EDC.
2017-05-11, 9:16 AM #3412
Just at 3-4 o clock I imagine? I am getting a ruger lcp as a pocket gun soon, but I have carried my PA-63 in a smart carry and my glock 19 in this holster that is awesome but unfortunately marketed in the current 'tier one ninja direct impingement action backflip technology' fashion, but allows me to carry a full size gun (practically) which I almost never need but is nice to have the ability to do without having to wear a coat. Also not sure where Keanu Reeves comes into the picture now. You definitely have to dress around all of those options though, like you say.

My next holster will probably be a raven concealment phantom because i hardly go anywhere and am really only interested in shooting as a sport at this point, past having that lcp in my pocket as insurance. They have adjustable ride height and can be own or iwb, but no retention like it sounds like you want.

EDIT:This is the other thing I was talking about. People carry these concealed. "Concealed."
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2017-05-11, 9:48 AM #3413
Originally posted by DrkJedi82:

What are your thoughts on it?
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2017-05-11, 10:48 AM #3414
Yeah, I need positive retention because I'm all sorts of active and I don't want any risk of it falling out. The retention screws/adjustments in a lot of holsters just make them tighter but I'm not comfortable with that. I need to be able to play basketball, skateboard, run, yard work, etc., without having to worry about it falling out.
2017-05-11, 7:59 PM #3415
skateboarding while carrying is pretty gangster man
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2017-05-11, 8:02 PM #3416
Originally posted by Spook:
skateboarding while carrying is pretty gangster man

frogs could be anywhere
2017-05-11, 9:33 PM #3417
Scar still there.

I have a 10yo son, he's into so much stuff and luckily for me, at this point he still wants his dad around. We got some longboards a couple of weeks ago and they are a ton of fun. Unfortunately this area has had record rain all years so we haven't been able to use them enough. I still do have a regular skateboard but I don't use it very often.
2017-05-15, 12:28 PM #3418
Couple of cables:
Some ere:

26.70 €. Hoof!
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2017-05-15, 9:05 PM #3419
Originally posted by Zloc_Vergo:
What are your thoughts on it?

i ran around, shot things, died a couple times, it doesn't properly live up to the feel of the games from the era it aims for... it's less strafe more backpedal to funnel enemies into a choke point

now i should mention i haven't played much (quake champions beta has been getting most of my gaming attention) and haven't played at all since the latest update which i hear made some improvements

also on the topic of shooting things....


first time i bought a brand new gun since 2006... yes... out of the many i own only two were bought new
eat right, exercise, die anyway
2017-05-26, 10:43 AM #3420
[Unable to find specified attachment][/URL]

~42 EUR with German VAT
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2017-05-26, 11:48 PM #3421
Found the vinyl version and ordered it as well.

~121 EUR with German VAT
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2017-06-11, 7:44 AM #3422
Red Lake @ Steam
0.50 EUR

Only bought it since it has one nice and atmospheric track in it. If I hadn't been able to extract it from the game files, I'd have just refunded the whole thing. Woo!
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2017-06-13, 9:41 PM #3423
eat right, exercise, die anyway
2017-07-21, 5:25 AM #3424
A T470 Thinkpad next to my older X230 (which is still a competent machine). Keyboard feels the same somewhat, but I miss having dedicated volume buttons. Upgrading the RAM was a lot easier on the X230 though. I've heard Lenovo may be circling the drain due to product flops so maybe the Thinkpad line days are numbered...? There's always Apple I guess.
2017-07-21, 3:51 PM #3425
I was considering a T470 or T470s for the extra resolution. Does anything stand out as supremely ****ty about it yet?
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2017-07-21, 4:47 PM #3426
Originally posted by DrkJedi82:

What cartridge? I really want one of those. How many watch lists do you think you are on?

I looked at their website and it looks like a .22lr? Tell me how you like it I want a single action .22 to take people shooting.
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2017-07-21, 6:18 PM #3427
Just got a Poweredge T330 as a cheap, minimally competent application server.

Now trying to find build and test slaves for it, but not having a lot of luck. Want them headless but still want to test GPU rendering, but I have no idea whether that's even possible. Game industry seems to be a dead zone for automated testing / CI / CD so there aren't exactly any industry best practices I can lean on.

Probably going to end up getting (headed) workstations, and roll my own tooling.
2017-07-21, 7:18 PM #3428
Interesting to see all these recent firearms posts.

I just picked up a CZ P-07 in 9mm. This one if for the wife...
2017-08-15, 4:56 AM #3429
PS4 games (digital downloads):

  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Inside
  • Mad Max

And a Thrustmaster 4 HOTAS, which should be arriving tomorrow.

2017-08-15, 5:02 AM #3430
Originally posted by Trigger Happy Chewie:
Interesting to see all these recent firearms posts.

I just picked up a CZ P-07 in 9mm. This one if for the wife...

Your screen name goes together with your post really well.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-08-20, 10:50 AM #3431

"Professional writers, like criminals, really live outside society: they have no regular jobs, they come and go as they please, they live by their wits."
2017-08-21, 1:05 AM #3432
Elite: Reclamation
by Drew Wagar
2017-08-23, 6:45 AM #3433
2017-08-24, 9:22 AM #3434
I bought some Evan Williams and Hennessy to start aging eggnog for Alban Arthan. Next up: a vasectomy.
Epstein didn't kill himself.
2017-09-07, 7:32 AM #3435
250 GB SSD because my laptop's HDD malfunctioned. No data could be salvaged. Cost me $98, including work and a pirated Windows 7 OS with Microsoft Office. :/

All my project materials -- gone. Dozens of story drafts -- gone.

Thankfully I have online versions of the 2 most important ones (my current / only paying project and the latest version of the Game Writing & Design Book in .pdf), but still, in a lot of ways it's like starting over.

Maybe that's a good thing. We'll see.
2017-09-07, 8:03 AM #3436
Also, my wrist hurts like a ***** from too much flying in space with the HOTAS.
2017-09-07, 8:06 AM #3437
ALSO: just got Infamous 2: Second Son for free from the PS4 Playstation Plus subcription monthly offer, played it for half a day today. It's like L.A. Noire facial animations meets Prototype (to which Infamous is very similar to) meets almost Uncharted 4 quality cutscenes. It's all right, but I've better things to do (like work / write that Elite Dangerous chapter / get my **** together).

Over & out.
2017-09-07, 9:16 AM #3438
Originally posted by Koobie:
All my project materials -- gone. Dozens of story drafts -- gone.

I hope you installed Dropbox or some other automatic cloud storage software first thing when you got your SSD installed.

Maybe your next recent purchase should be Dropbox Plus.
I had a blog. It sucked.
2017-09-07, 1:21 PM #3439
Huh, I have some important files on an SSD, I suppose I shouldn't be doing that.
2017-09-07, 3:11 PM #3440
I honestly just work from my Dropbox directory from habit now. Anything that isn't just a one-off afternoon calculation goes in the cloud. I also enabled 2FA on my account because there's probably enough info that if someone got into the account or the files leaked, they could do some damage? But I still avoid SSN/bank info/etc in it. That's all kept offline on hard copies pretty exclusively.
I had a blog. It sucked.

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